850 S/V/C 70 Rear Brakes

From Bay 13

         Above is a set of new pads and the shims that go with this particular set of pads. Not all pad sets are the same, some (newer Part # 272407) have a shimming built right into the pads, others have a cut out type shim. When buying from the dealer ensure they are up on what is required for your vehicle. Generally if you had shims then clean them up and use them again, if you have cut out shims do not use them with the new pads get part # 1359772. The punch and hammer is used to knock the pins out (green arrow) Below shows the silicon grease applied. First grease the pad backing, then put the shim on and then grease the shim.

         Above is the left rear rotor. Notice how blue the rotor is, more than likely brake vibration would be felt from this car when braking. Start by knocking out the two pins (green arrows), the spring backing held in by the pins can get lost when knocking the pins out. Do it slowly and you can control the release of the spring (blue arrow), its not that powerful. After you get the pins and retainer spring out of the way you can work the pads out.


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