Hood Latch 850

         If after pulling the hood latch , and then going out to the hood to pull the tab to open the hood, you find that the latch is stuck and you can't get the hood open, the below procedures will show how to get the hood open and replace the latch should it be broke

         The hood is open part way, so slide your hand in and feel for three clips that are across the bottom. Normally you will be trying to slide the clips to the left. Take the three across the bottom slowly and carefully. Let the clips drop into your hand as you shove them off. Once the bottom clips are off the grill can be pushed out even though the top clips are still in place.

        Above shows the three clips you removed and the grill with the clips still in the top. Take them out to reinstall the grill.

         In this picture the lever is stuck, free it up with a pry bar, and then reach around and push the lever to release it and raise the hood. You might have to fiddle with it for a while depending on what's messed up.

         This shows the hood raised. The latch is held in place with two 10 mm bolts. The part number for the entire latch is 9133345.

           After replacing the latch, feed the pull knob through the hole in the grill and from the back (hood up) slide the clips into place to hold the grill.


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