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RE Audio XXX18

Published on January 28, 2011 by Volvospeed

RE Audio XXX18 18" Subwoofer
RE Audio's Largest Competition Subwoofer.

With thousands of subwoofers on the market, only a few names truly rise to the top in competition subwoofers. JL Audio's W7, MTX's Jackhammer, Kicker's Solo-Baric, and the RE Audio's XXX18 are frequent participants in this field. While the Jackhammer is a true competition sub, its nearly 400 pounds of mass precludes it from almost any daily driver. The W7 is a phenomenal speaker, it lacks the SPL many are looking for these days. At 100 pounds the XXX18 is no lightweight, but does fill the niche between true SPL competition subs and the sound quality oriented smaller counter parts.

RE Audio Subwoofer Speaker

At 2000watts RMS with 54mm Xmax, the XXX18 speaker is not likely to plug and play into any daily driver. Almost any amp necessary to drive this speaker will require 0ga wiring, dual batteries, 140amp+ alternators, or huge stiffening caps. As if that is not enough, the speaker also requires a four cubic foot sealed or a nine cubic foot ported enclosure for optimal sound quality. As one final twist of the knife, this sub is deep; almost 18" deep, and requires a 15" minimum mounting depth to be exact. When finally installed, you are rewarded with a speaker more than capable of shattering windows and sunroofs!  So why would anyone go to so much trouble for a subwoofer? If you are into dB Drag Racing the answer is obvious. For the other 95% of Volvospeed readers it comes down to tight, hard hitting, clean bass. If you want a no compromise hard hitting speaker, this is for you.

18" competition subwoofer

After a little researching, we decided the XXX18 would best suit our goals for the reasons listed above. After a call to Audio Saving and a short 3 day wait, a monstrous package showed up at our door, much to the dismay of the FedEx driver. RE Audio ships the speaker in a 1/2" thick MDF box that is covered in black carpet, and then places that into a heavy duty two ply cardboard box. Word of warning, don't trust the handles on the outside of the cardboard box.

xxx18 packed in its plywood box

So how much should you plan on spending on something like this in your car? Well assuming you can do your own work:

$850 For the speaker
$770 For an amp
$110 For a wiring kit

Depending on if you already have dual batteries, you may need to include another $200 for a second battery and misc components, or at the least, a large stiffening capacitor. Throw in another $200 for fiberglass and resin, and you are close to $2000. If this "no holds barred" subwoofer sounds like something for you, be sure to check out our intermediate DIY guide on fiberglass speakerbox construction.

Speaker intermediat install

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