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Passport SRX Radar Detector

Published on January 27, 2011 by Volvospeed
Passport SRX

Do you dislike seeing wires hanging from your dash? Why not remedy this while obtaining the ultimate in radar detectors.

Passport SRX Radar Detector/ Laser Defense. Contact Volvospeed for information on where to purchase.

Rating scale is from 1 to 10. Low being 1 high being 10

Rating: 9.3
Performance wise, this detector is definitely in the top tier. Is it better than an Escort 8500 or a Valentine V1? It's very hard to say, as every test I have seen seems to say something different than the test before. What I have been able to conclude is that about all top level detectors perform nearly the same. Where this one shines is in its covert nature. If you are the type of person who wants the best in everything no matter what the cost, this is the detector for you!

Fit: 9
The greatest feature turned into its greatest weakness. The RJ11 jacks that the system uses are great for a rapid secure installation, but turn into a headache when you are left with ten feet of extra cable. I normally would have just cut and re-crimped the connectors to the correct length, but was advised not to do so, due to the calibrated nature of the unit. With that said, be prepared to deal with several feet of extra cable when it comes time to install.

Finish: 9
Finish is always an import aspect of any modification, but is often overlooked when it comes to radar detectors. It is assumed that wires will be hanging down. This kit address those issues with a very professional product. All of the components are extremely well built and all of the hardware is great. The only thing that detracted from the finish, was the mounting tabs on the front radar unit. They are made of very soft plastic that do not seem well suited to mounting expensive components. All other components mount with sturdy metal brackets that do not seem likely to fail when exposed to vibration, heat and UV light.

Performance: 10
We all want a detector that is sensitive. With the SRX that's exactly what you get. At 2-3 bars on the strength indicator the radar source is usually just coming into view. At 1-2 bars it is normally not in sight. I was at first concerned with a detector that would mount so low not being able to give enough warning, but the oversized antenna has no problem detecting distant sources of radar. This detector also tells you how many sources it is detecting. This is a great feature when you are traveling by a known false alarm, but notice there are two signals instead of the customary one. If laser is used in your area, this unit has the capability to defend against it until very close range. Test results can be found at

Note: I will publish any issues as they arise.


As with all modifications, please insure you are aware of your local laws and regulations regarding their use.


Member Price: $700.00

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