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Permacap Fuel Cap

Published on January 27, 2011 by Volvospeed

Need a replacement fuel cap?

Rating scale is from 1 to 10. Low being 1 high being 10

Rating: 5
With the cost under fifteen dollars at most auto-stores, I consider this to be a good investment if you lose your old cap. The reason I originally looked into this cap was because the OEM hanger, which the original cap hangs from during refueling broke off. While this cap is useful, I would not consider it a time saver. It falls more into the category of convenience, or peace of mind knowing you will never drive off with your cap on top of your car, or set off a check engine light from not tightening the cap properly.

Fit: 10
The cap is much thinner than the original and fits securely.

Finish: 10
The spring on this cap is much stronger than one would expect. Once the fuel nozzle is removed the spring reseals the cap. Additionally, on a pressurized fuel system, the pressure would assist in keeping the cap sealed. After speaking with many Volvospeed members, I could not find anyone that had a check engine light triggered because this cap was not properly sealing the fuel system.

Performance: N/A

Note: I will publish any issues as they arise.

Update: After about 8 months of use the spring in the cap rusted and fell off leaving the cap useless.

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