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Volvospeed iPhone App

Published on January 5, 2011 by Volvospeed

Volvospeed App


Easy access to your favorite Volvo Forum

With central login, you can check all your PMs from one loction.


Keep an eye on for sale

With the help of push notification, you can be alerted as soon as new items are posted in For Sale or any other forum for that matter.


Update your status across the net

The app allows you to update your status within the community, as well as Twitter & Facebook - all at once.


Push notifications

Get notified of new topics, personal conversations and much more via Push notifications. No more waiting at home for a shipping address or to get help with your installs.


Upload photos to the Gallery

Snap photos with the camera, or select others you've taken, then upload them right into your albums, or the public ones.


Streamlined forum view

The app displays the forums using the mobile skin - specially designed for mobile devices - so you can see content quickly and easily.


Easy sharing

On any page, you can hit the Share button to email a link to your friends and family.


Dowload from iTunes Today

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