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ARDVARC Real Time Tuner

Published on July 15, 2011 by Volvospeed

Active Research & Development Volvo Advanced Real-time Computer upgrader. It’s a mouthful so they called it the ARDVARC. They created the ARDVARC to provide a user controlled ECU upgrade process. No longer will you need to send your ECU to tuning companies across the country or around the world to have your ECU upgraded, re-tuned, or adjusted. Using ARD’s proprietary ECU, cable, and software you are able to use a windows based computer to load upgraded tune files to your ECU directly through the OBDII port. Applicable to both M4.3 and M4.4 models from 1994-1998.

ARDVARC Tuner For Volvo

Once ordered from ARD, your new ECU simply replaces the original unit and is identical except for the inclusion of a programming switch. By depressing the switch you can activate ECU program mode. Then using the ARDVARC cable, you can load the ECU via our two click software interface. No drivers to load, no complicated software to navigate. It’s plug and play! For future upgrades, adjustments, or re-tunes you can contact ARD and they will create a custom tune specific to your vehicles modifications and your preferred driving style. They will also email the upgraded file to you so you can install it via the ARDVARC cable into your ECU through the OBDII port. It’s as simple as that!


The ARDVARC will also be avaliable for ME7 models (1999+) in the coming months. Keep an eye on ARDs Facebook page and right here at for the latest updates on ARDVARC development. They are still finalizing the program so now is the time for the community to weigh in on what they would like to see in the final product. Their prototypes in the field have been performing perfectly so they are excited to release it to the market, however there is still much work to be done in the final coding to create the widest range of compatibility across numerous operating systems and platforms.

First Offical Teaser:

ardvarc cables
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Round 2 Teaser

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Work on the user-interface is now well under way,

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