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Snabb ARD Partnership

Published on October 2, 2011 by Volvospeed

Snabb performance parts and ARD Tuning are proud to announce a new partnership for the Volvo community. Beginning October 3rd Snabb will be offering ARD ECU tuning along side their existing product line up. This will allow customers to purchase both hard parts and tuning services all from one location with package pricing that makes it more affordable than ever.

Volvo ecu standalone piggyback


All ARD tuning is specific to each customer and their car setup, ARD tuning through Snabb will offer the same individualized experience. With optimized tuning for Snabb performance parts you can be sure to get the maximum gain from all your Snabb upgrades. Re-tuning services are also available so as you upgrade in stages you can re-tune your ECU accordingly.

Please check out our newest listings here:

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