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Dome Light LED Retrofit

Published on February 9, 2011 by Theshadow27 From

Shown below is an array of soldered LEDs. The LEDs you need are 1400mcd in a 3x3 configuration with 150ohm resistors for the front.

led dome lights

The resistors, wire and solder can all be sourced from your local radio shack. As for the LEDs, they are usually cheapest Here.

array of leds

Once you have constructed your array, you need to solder it onto the board as shown below. Clean solder joints are key here.

Below is the schematic for the front dome lights. For the rear I suggest a 3x2 configuration. The key is having 3 LEDs and 1 150ohm resistor on every circuit.

wiring solder

The finished product. As you can see the light is much brighter.

LED domes installed

The light pattern on the backseat.

LEDs in the backseat

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