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V70R S60R Driver Side Air Vent Removal

Published on February 18, 2012 by Che_Moderator

Start off by first opening your driver’s side front door and locating the fuse panel cover on the side of the dashboard. Remove the fuse panel cover and set aside.


Driver side air vent V70r
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Once the cover is removed, look above the fuse panel and locate the rear tube portion of the air vent. This is connected to the face of the vent assembly as one piece.


S60R Vent trim removal
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Locate the two plastic depression tabs on the bottom, inside edge of the air vent. These tabs will need to be lifted upwards with the flat head screw driver. This is where a flashlight will become useful in finding the tabs when working in low-light conditions.


fuse box S60R
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While lifting at least one of these tabs (usually only one tab needs to be lifted to release the face of the vent), use your other free hand to simultaneously push from the rear vent tube outwards. Once the face of the vent has released from the dash, you can use your hand to grab the front of the vent and pull outwards.


Gauge pos vof S60R
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It may be necessary to slightly turn the vent assembly counter-clockwise in order for the air flow-control arm to clear the inside of the dash components. The vent should then come out of the dash with minimal effort and you’re done!


Boost gauge install S60r
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With a little time and patience anyone can do this.


Volvospeed volvo repairs
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