How to install a sub/amp (Page 1)

Special Thanks To AnthonyR

Well, I promised some of you I would throw together a guide to installing a sub and wiring in an 850 so here goes...
BTW, I am doing this from memory so please try to bear with me, sorry there are so many pics (17 total) But I wanted to make it easy to follow.

Tools Needed:
10mm wrench for battery terminal, allen wrench for tightening fuse holder to power wire, Small flat bladed screwdriver, small phillips screwdriver.

Step 1 - Prep work
Well first off you need you, your car, and the sub/amp and wiring kits.


Step 2 - Running the power wire thru the engine bay.
Do not connect the power wire to the battery until it is fully run thru the car and actually connected to the amp. Failure to follow this tip can cause damage to the car, as the entire car/chassis is grounded and you will see a nice array of sparks if you come near bare metal with a "live" power wire.

I recommend either running the power cable around the outside of the airbox (as I have done) or you can run it on the passenger side of the airbox, doesn't really matter.

Find a place to mount the fuse box. For now mine is just kind of setting between the battery and the outside of the car.

I used some cheap wire loom from Autozone to make my install look a little nicer. You can see this in the following pics. You will also need to find the engine bay side of your firewall passthru (look under the brake fluid resivoir for a small wire loom piece with a rubber end on it. Remove that rubber end and start to feed the power wire thru. ***Note*** You will need to remove the rubber cap from the fire wall passthru that is on the inside of the car. See pictures below.
This is where my passthru runs (with my added wire loom that is circled in red)

This is an illustration of where the passthru actually "passes thru"

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