OMP Strut Tower Brace

Does your car handle like it's on rails?


If you are seeking a little more agility through corners then you should look into strut tower braces.



Steel OMP strut tower brace from Motorspot

Rating scale is from 1 to 10. Low being 1 high being 10

Rating: 7
The overall rating is misleading in some regards.  The rating would have been much higher if not for some installation related problems. This is an excellent upgrade for any Volvo owner.

Fit: 4
The installation of this product had some snags.  Nothing that would stop me from purchasing it, but something to consider before you start out expecting a 10 minute job. See here for complete instructions.

Finish: 6
The bars were made with performance in mind.  There are no flaws in construction that will hamper performance or longevity.  The finish leaves the impression of average.

Performance: 10
The difference in handling can only be described as inspiring.

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