Polestar Volvo Engine Tuning
by Che_Moderator
Published on November 5, 2011


polestar tuning

With the sale of Volvo by Ford, several have predicted more after-market support. With todays announcement there is a good chance these prodictions are true. Volvo announced today that dealerships would be selling factory tuning options in the form of ECU or Chip upgrades. This could be the factory suport for after-market parts the Volvo performance community has long awaited.

So far they have confirmed options for the following models:

Even better news is that the upgrade is not simply an overboost option. Polestar confirmed that this chip effects both fuel and ignition timing, as well as throttle response. With promises of 25 extra horsepower and improved torque, this could be the magic bullet for those wishing to keep their factory warranty.

Read more from Polestar here: www.polestar.se/en-us/start
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