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Custom Pillar Pod Part I

Published on January 2, 2012 by Boxpin


Resin and Hardener Tomtom GPS Window Mount Bondo Sand Paper
T-shirt or Grill Cloth Color Matched Paint Primer Misc Parts


In this guide we will show you how to build the A-Pillar pod shown below in just an afternoon for under 50 dollars. This will give your vehicle a truely custom look while saving you money. It does not matter if you drive a Honda, or a Volvo, this DIY applies to all cars with plastic A-Pillar trim.

how to custom make a gauge pod
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In this DIY we are using the TomTom window mount because it is the perfect size and can actually be mounted directly to the pillar making this whole process much easier. For the 15 or dollars this piece costs, it will save you a lot of time.


use a tomtom gps mount
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Take the ring off of the mount and start to get an idea of where you want to position your pod and at what angle you want it to face. This is important as you do not want to finish with a pod that has a lazy eye look or even worse cannot be seen by the driver.


Cut gauge pod
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The ring is then mounted with its own screws to the pillar. Notice in the picture I ground around the mount point so I could move the plastic to get the ring in just the right place. I used a heat gun to do this, but if you do not have one a lighter can be used.


align boost or AF pod to face you
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Then grind away the paint and roughed up the surface for the resin to stick, but continuing with the shape. I used a Krylon paint cap that is tapered and cut the bottom of it off so it sat on the pillar. This will be the final shape of the pod. It is held on with hot glue.


custom gauge pillar pod
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You should now be able to start seeing the pod take shape. Before you go to the next step make sure the pod is in the position and alignment you want. This is the point to identify any mistakes as after the resin is applied the reversal process becomes much harder.


pod thing for your honda
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Next, stretch grill cloth or a cotton t shirt over the ring and cap until you get your shape. I used a zip tie and some wire to hold it in place. If you see any ridges sticking out through the cloth, identify them and correct this. This will save you a lot of sanding later on, and will keep the pod looking as OEM as possiable.


stretch cloth over the rings
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