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Custom Pillar Pod Part II

Published on January 2, 2012 by Boxpin

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Apply a coat of resin thick enough to completely saturate the cloth. Try to avoid excess if you can, but the important part is that the cloth be covered completely. Depending on the temperature and resin system now allow 2-3 hours for the resin to set.


sand down gauge pod
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Now apply some fiberglass matt  for added strength. You can again use another coat of grill cloth for this if you do not have any fiberglass, but for just a few dollars I suggest you user some fiberglass. The next picture is after it has dried and had a rough sanding.


resin on the bod
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With all the rough sanding complete, apply a light coat of Bondo and start the shapping process. You want to sue several light coats before finishing with just a skim coat to assure there are nor pinholes or rough spots that could show through the primer.


bondo and sand
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After applying primer you will find more spots that will need touch up with glaze or more bondo. It is important to address all of these spots now, as they will show through later ruining the look. Repeat the prime and sand process until there are no defects left.


primer the gauge pod for your honda
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Here comes a very delicate time consuming process, getting the texture back on the pod. Doing this takes some tricky feathering of the paint can. You want to paint your pod with the spray can spitting. You barely hold it down so it spits out paint in blobs not a mist. Here are a couple pictures of the process. Do this over and over and over and over to get your texture. Let it dry between spittings.


sand and re prime
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Below you can see the texture starting to take shape. Since you will have fairly thick layers of paint in these steps, be sure to allow plenty of time between coats. If you do not wait long enough your finish will not hold up and you will have to start back from scratch.


spit paint for texture
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Almost there. A few more coats and the pod should start to look uniform. Once the texture is correct you should set the pillar aside over night to allow the paint to cure before applying the final color coat. Depending on your paint I would say at the least 8 hours.


keep building texture
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After the color coat is complete, I suggest waiting atleast 8 additional hours for the install as the paint will be soft and fairly easy to damage at this point in time. An 8 hour wait is better than having to start again from page one. Be patient!


finished custom gauge pod
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