S 80 Oil Change

From Bay 13

         The Volvo recommended interval for oil changes is 7500 miles, I would change it with no more than 5000 miles. If the cost of oil is not a problem I would also switch to a good synthetic 10w 30 oil at 5000 miles. The S 80 takes 7.3 quarts of oil, when adding the oil I would put 7 quarts in, start the engine let it run a minute or so, shut it off and then check your level to see if you need to top it off. Remember it is about 1.5 quarts of oil between the two marks on your dip stick. The oil filter used on the S 80 is the cartridge type, to remove the filter, IPD makes the best filter wrench that I've tried, it cost $28 and their part number is MST1275 you can order on the web at www.ipdusa.com . When replacing the drain plug be sure to use an aluminum crush washer torqued to 26 Lb. Ft. After the oil change you can rest your service light by; ignition key to position I, push in and hold the odometer rest button (use your left hand), move the ignition key to position II, wait until you see the service light blinking, then release the odometer rest button.

Remove the 12 mm bolts that hold the bellypan/coverplate in place.

         The circled oil filter housing is a hard plastic that is reused. The new filter insert comes with a filter and a new "O" ring for the filter housing. The small circle is the oil drain plug.