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(P2) S80 V70 S60 XC90 Window Slider Replacement

Published on January 12, 2012 by Sacrifice

If your window has dropped into your door or is crooked there is a good chance that the window sliders have gone bad. Volvo will usually suggest replacing the entire regulator while will be hundreds of dollars.  With this simple guide, you can fix the problem yourself for around ten dollars. This guide will work on Any P2 Volvo | 1999-2006 S80 | 2001-20009 S60 | 2001-2007 V70 | 2003-2012 XC90.


volvo window slider new and broken
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Call your Volvo dealer and ask for part number 3509416. Or you can go on-line and order a couple. I suggest getting four if you order on-line to help off-set the shipping and you will be prepared for next time. You can order these here for under 5 dollars. On the left is the good part with the clip and on the right is the broken one.


alt view of s60 v70 window slider
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To remove the door panel start by removing the small triangle sail panel in the corner of the door. It is held on by three plastic clips. They tend to be brittle so be careful. Now remove the two torx screws hidden underneath the interior door handle. Use a bone tool to remove the handle cover. On 2004 and older the handle splits in 2. On the 2005+ there is a plastic inlay in the handle. Next, remove your door panel. It is held on by 8 push pin style clips. Use a small screwdriver to push the center of the clip in and pull the clip out. Remove the grey clip, green clip, and door handle cable and set the door panel somewhere safe.


Door opened up s80
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With the door panel set aside you can now remove the foam door insert to gain access to the window sliders. It will just pull out and away from the door. Use care as not to tear it, and set it aside with the door panel.


Window slider s80 volvo
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Now you need to position your window so you can replace the broken slider. With the door already appart, it is suggested to replace both sliders. The rear one is easier than the front one (in relation to when the door is closed). The rear one can be accessed through the big opening in the door. Here is a picture of the regulator arm without the blue slider on it.


Close up of volvo p2 slider on window
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Apply a coating of white lithium grease and put the slider back on the track. Pull the arm slightly away from the track, line up the slider and pop the ball on the arm into the slider. Now put the little black clip on the slider. The rear slider is now done.


door window slider
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Now move the window so you can access the front slider. This one needs to be replaced through the tiny hole by the speaker. Remove the foam circle and set it aside. Now try and maneuver the slider into place just like the rear, and pop the clip on. It helps to use a small pair of needle nose pliers to get it started due to the lack of room.


s60r window slider repaired
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Use some double sides tape to secure the foam pieces back on the door. Re-install the electrical connections and door handle cable, and pop the door panel clips back in. The clips go in by removing the center pin, installing the big part of the clip and then pushing the little pin back in. Now make sure your window works. That's it! Stand back and smile knowing you saved yourself hundreds of dollars.

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