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BMW E39 E63 E83 Angel Eye Bulb Replacement

Published on December 25, 2011 by Volvospeed

If you own a BMW at some point you will go to replace a bulb in the angel eyes only to realize that the bulb will not come out of the socket. BMW will sell you an entire assembly for 50-60 dollars, but this is not needed. This simple DIY will show you how to do it yourself for under 6 dollars. All you need is a lighter, a piece of 14awg solid core wire, and a set of needle nose plyers. The part number for the bulb is Philips number 12082 or Osram 64113.

BMW Angel Eye Bulb

Because the bulb is captive behind the reflector, you will need to cut two small grooves to allow the bayonets of the bulb to pass by. This can be done with a small file or a piece of heated wire. I prefer the wire method as it is quicker and has less chance of damaging the plastic reflective coating. No matter what the method you choose, you will need to make two small grooves exactly opposite of each other as shown above.


First hole made to remove 540 angel eye bulb


Above you can see the first groove. Use care not to touch the bulb with the hot wire or it may explode. For this reason eye protection should be worn for this step. If you use a 12-14 gauge solid core wire, this process will go very fast and look factory when you are finished (Not that it matters as the bulb cannot be seen, but you know how nice it turned out).

Bulb removed


With both grooves cut, you can press the bulb down and twist it counter clock-wise. At this point it will pull straight out. Note the part number above. BMW/Hella 63126904048 is the complete light socket. This is the quicker route, but at 60 dollars the bulb replacement method is much cheaper.



This guide applies to the: 2001-2003 525i | 2001-2003 530i | 2000-2003 540i | 2004--2005 645Ci | 2006-2010 650i | 2000-2005 M5 | 2006-2010 M6 | 2007-2009 X3

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