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S40 V40 Volvo Cabin Fan Fix

Published on December 11, 2011 by Ping23

If your cabin fan is acting up in your Volvo S40 / V40, there is a good chance that you need to replace the fan transistor. Classic signs of this issue include the fan running in high speed when auto all of the time, or the fan not working at all. Total cost for this repair will be around 80 dollars with common tool and requires about 15 minutes. To start, remove the passenger side kick panel which is held in with two Phillips screws.


Volvo S40 Kick Panel


With the panel removed, now locate the two bolts holding on the lower dash. Using a 10mm socket, remove the both of thse bolts and set them aside some place where you will not lose them.


V40 kick panel access


Not if you look under the glove bow, you will see another phillips screw holding in the metal support bar/brace. Remove this screw and pull the metal bar out of the way and set it aside.


Remove S40 Volvo brace


With the bar out of the way, you will have a clear view of the cabin fan transistor. Unplug the harness and tuck it out of the way. Now remove the two screws that hold in the S40 V40 cabin fan transistor. With the screws remove the transistor can be removed by pulling it straigth out.


Locate cable going to cabin fan transistor


The new transistor will go back in the same way. It is Volvo part number 30864189. You can order it here for ~$80 shipped. When you install the new transistor, make sure to clean all of the contacts before reinstalling.


Remove and replace cabin fan transistor


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