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Service Light Reset 1993+

Published on February 2, 2011 by Bay13

1993-1995 Volvo

The above picture shows the "A" and "B" diagnostic connectors. Connector "A" the one on the left is the box used to reset the service light. First step is to put the ignition key in position II (engine not running).

Remove the top to diagnostic connector "A", note the yellow arrow pointing to the jumper that will be used. With the top off remove the jumper and insert it into the socket labeled Number 7. With the jumper in place you will begin to communicate with the instrument cluster. Depress the button circled in pink 4 times (about second on the depression time). The red light to the left of the circle will blink once, now depress the button once, the light will blink once, depress the button 5 times, the light will blink once, depress the button once, the light will flicker. The flickering is hard to see some times, but you are now finished, remove the jumper and replace it to lid. The numbers you need to remember are 4 - 1 - 5 - 1-----, some use the phrase "four shots of 151 rum". Think if the dashes between the numbers as the light communicating with you.

Some 850's have a rubber grommet just to the left of center on the instrument cluster. If you remove the little rubber grommet and push in on the reset switch behind it you can reset the service light. If you have the rubber grommet then the above reset procedures do not apply.

The above procedure will ONLY work with 1993-1995 850s.  If you have a 1996-1998 850, S/V/C 70, then an expensive reset tool is needed to reset the service light.The reset tool can be purchased from:
1. Volvo
2. IPD at
3. Baum tools at .

Allmodels for 1999 and on can be reset by; Putting the ignition key into position I, push in and hold the odometer reset button (use your left hand), move the ignition key to position II, when the service light begins to blink,let go of the odometer reset button.

Additional methods for the resetting of the light are: With the S80 I have had to go through the procedure several times on some cars before the light would reset. If the service message light doesn't blink, it will not reset. Try doing it this way. Before you start the procedure notice the trip meter milage, (you have ,T1 and T2) doesn't matter which one is showing. You will notice that when you start the procedure, key to position one, push in the odometer reset button, after a few seconds the mileage that was in the trip mileage window jumps to "0", thats when you should move the key to position II, then wait for the service light to blink, it will do it about 5 times, don't let it get to 5, I usually release on the third blink.

For those that have a 1996-1998 Volvo, you might ask the dealer to set the counters to 12,500 miles, 1000 engine hours, 18 months, should you want to keep the service light off as long as possible.  The resetting of the counters is done with the Volvo Scan Tool (VST) and if you are having a service done, they should be more than willing to reset the settings for you.  Should ignorance be claimed, the VST is used, in the electricial section under programing.

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