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Installing An AWD Bevel Gear Drain

Published on February 3, 2011 by Mr. Winkey

The bevel gear,angle gear,transfer case what ever you choose to call it on an AWD Volvo has no written service interval from the factory other than to check the level and adjust as needed. This quick and simple tutorial will show you how to make a drain hole in order to change the fluid on a V70 XC.

Step one begins by taking the vehicle for a good drive in order to warm up the fluid in the bevel gear. This step must be done! Once you have a warmed bevel gear you are ready to change the fluid.

Angle /  Bevel Gear AWD

Start by removing the 13mm fill plug located on the rear of the housing.

Vibration dampner

Now remove the 3-13mm nuts securing the vibration dampener on the bottom of the housing and slide it off the studs.

Remove lower AWD stud

This shows the 3 studs on the bottom of the angle gear. You need to remove the middle stud (pointing finger). No fluid will come out removing this stud. However this is where we are going to make the drain hole.

Drill out Volvo hole

You will need an angle drill (preferably a reversible one) and a 1/4" drill bit. Apply a good bit of bearing/axle grease to the bit itself as the above picture shows. The reason we are doing this is to catch the metal shavings that come out while drilling.You will also want a drain pan under the bevel gear as when your drill bit breaks through the oil will start to run out.

Till it starts to drain diff fluid    

Insert the drill into the hole and slowly/carefully drill through the casing. Keep the bit centered and do not touch the edges of the casing while drilling. You don't want too booger up the female threads in the bevel gear casing.    

Empty Diff fluid

Once the bit breaks through, reverse the drill back out and allow the fluid to drain.

Prep the stud/plug

While it's draining, take your stud that was removed and wrap the threads with teflon tape. I also like to use a copper sealing ring as well.

Reinstall dampner

When it's finished draining take your stud and washer then reinsert and tighten. Slide your dampener back on and tighten.

Fill tool

For refilling I use a suction device as above. I suction the fluid out of the bottle and into the fill hole. Have your fill plug with NEW crush washer (same as oil pan washer) ready within reach. Keep filling until fluid starts to slightly flow out the fill hole then install the plug and tighten. Your fluid refill should be Volvo PN# 1161648 as shown below. You will use approx. a full container. (considering spillage, amount drained out, etc.)

                AWD fluid                

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