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V70 S70 C70 Door Trim Removal

Published on February 3, 2011 by Bay13

To start with the removal of the door panel I use a plastic tool to pop the top of the trim around the handle loose. Find something similar and note the way I'm twisting the tool to pop the trim loose. The bottom will still be attached, don't worry about that when you finally pull on the bottom of the door panel it will break the trim piece free without breaking it, as long as you have got the top to break free.

Next pry off the plastic cover that hides a 25mm torx screw underneath. Remove the 25mm torx screw.

Next remove the interior trim that's inboard of the side mirror. Gently pry this cover off, it is held on with three weak standoffs

With the above "stuff" removed, you are ready to pry the door panel off the door. The above picture gives you and idea of how it's attached. All of the yellow arrows are pointing to the clips that are actually holding the panel to the doorframe. I use my plastic tool to slide it between the door panel and tug out, you will hear a few of the clips let loose and then I have enough room to fit my fingers in to get a good grip to jerk out. You are jerking about 2-3 inches, enough to get the clips to unsnap. Notice the lower left of the door panel is missing a white clip, it stayed in the door. Some of the clips will stay in the door or break and not be reusable. The white clip is part number 9182897 and the red clip is number 9451812. I'm not sure the difference between the red and white clips, I've used white ones in place of red ones and they worked. You might want to have some extra clips handy; I've never got away without breaking a few. Once you have the clips broke loose, pull the bottom out about 3-4 inches and push up on the bottom to get the door panel out of the top channel by the window. I use my knee to gently push up on the bottom of the panel to get it to slide out of the top channel. Once the panel is free you have a few items to disconnect in order to set the panel aside. The blue arrows point to the window switch connectors, the red arrows are pointing to the gas door release and mirror connector. Don't forget to connect the gas door release when going back together, it's forgot a lot. It's rare but sometimes the inside of the door panel will come unglued. If it happens a hot glue gun will take care of the problem.

With the door panel off you have access to everything on the door. Bottom right is a clear plastic cover that will allow you into the bottom of the door. Top left has a black plastic cover piece that will allow access to the lock assembly.

When putting the door panel back on, connect all your connectors, feed the door lock pop up through the hole and then line the top up and gently tap it into the grove that holds it in place at the top. Slide it left or right so that the handle is centered and then with the butt of your hand bang the door panel so the clips will snap into place. Notice the white clip still on the door, it didn't come off with the door panel. Sometimes you can get them out and reuse them but usually they get destroyed. (Have extras handy).

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