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I Love Google

Posted by Che'_Moderator, 18 November 2011 · 1,195 views
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I Love Google I love google. All seriousness I know they do tons of stupid moves. Most recently the delayed launch of google+ for business comes to mind. Before that there was the whole no google+ access for apps users. All of that aside, google is an amazing company. Look how much information they sort on a daily basis. I tell people all the time, "unless...

Never To Take Something Or Put Something In Their Mouth When They Are Not Sure What It Is

Posted by Che'_Moderator, 23 March 2011 · 575 views
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What could 10 year olds be putting in their mouths? Coins, glue, dirt, keys? Nope! This could mean so much, but in Washington DC this is what you tell 10 year olds who are caught doing blow at school. Cocaine, not just for mommy and daddy anymore.
Thomson Elementary School Principal Albert Dupont sent a letter to parents last week asking them to...

Proud To Be An American

Posted by Che'_Moderator, 10 March 2011 · 528 views
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Ok, for this you will need to read the back story here:


Let me start by saying, I am as American as the next guy. I come from a military family going back 4 generations I know of. I worked on base here for years, and was employed under an anti-terrorism agency. But stories like this annoy me. For two...


Posted by Che'_Moderator, 21 February 2011 · 429 views

Remember when you could watch a video without having to sit through a commercial?
Remember when music videos were uploaded by users and not VEVO
Remember when all the info was to the right of the video?
Remember you could rate a video 1-5 stars?
Remember the famous yellow subscribe button?
Remember when the users...

No Shit

Posted by Che'_Moderator, 06 February 2011 · 434 views

Law And Order Channel 110
Episode 172
-> More Info

Description: Detectives suspect man of murder.

No kidding! Thanks for NOTHING TV guide channel

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