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Tops Ways To Know You Suck At Photography

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1. You use multiple exposures and your cameras not on a tripod. You're a digital poser retard. Put down the CS4 and learn your f-stops.

2. You do not view blown highlights as a digital camera problem. The sky is not white you tard. You shouldn't have to use an inverted wave or ocean scene to simulate the sky. Its photography not CGI.

3. You think 16 mega-pixel is huge. 16mp is NOT ok for 54" photos. Prints are not posters. 75lpi is not ok.

4. You think black boarders are cool. Black boarders make your shitty pictures look smaller not cooler. Get off myspace. Black boarders were used for enlargers and projectors. NOT web graphics.

5. You think lens flare is cool. Those blown out stars around anything shiny are not cool. They just show you have a cheap lens and are too lame to study proper use of filters.

6. You think gray cards are stupid. Seriously under expose your crappy pictures or over expose them. Don't manage to do both.

7. You over use white balance. See above. Seriously. Use a gray card damn it.

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