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Sears Tries To Stick It In Your Butt?

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Sears loves to push their "Profession line" off compressors. The 19541 is their top of the line portable unit. It is build by Divelbliss and actually the same as the Portercable and usually cheaper. The rub is Sears advertises it as a dual stage compressor. Not a dual piston, but a dual stage. I purchased this compressor and noted the box had the 19541 item number and said "Craftsman 2 Stage Compressor". However when I got it out of the box I saw only one crank case and no intercoolers or cross pipes. Further investigation and I came up with this:

That doesn't look like

Two stage pump compresses air in 2 steps for more efficient and cooler operation

Which this page says:


Whats better is there are 72 review on this item and no one person in 3 years caught this. I went 5 years without shopping at sears and it looks like I will be going 5 more.

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