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At&t Wireless Wants To Stick It In Your Butt Too



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Let keep this entry simple. Starting with the facts.

I have been an AT&T Wireless customer for over 5 years on a government plan.

I pay ATT just over 1800 dollars a years in bills on just phone, not aircards

I pay their monthly insurance fee

I have purchased 3 PDA phones from them over the last 5 years all with out new contracts. 400+ dollars per phone

My last phone is another HTC purchased less than 60 days ago

So today my phone has some issues connecting with the towers for voice only. On and off all day but data and everything else are fine. I don't even call and figure its temporary. Well then the bottom half of the touch screen dies. Reboot, no go. Hard reset, no go. Reflash back to stock, no go. Ok off to the store. After a 35 minutes wait in line I am told they they cannot exchange the phone in the store even though they are in stock that I have to file a report on-line/phone which they can do there. So rep calls headquarters and they tell me my new phone will be here the 22nd, 10 days from now. Of course I raise holy hell and ask WTF the hold up is. Apparently they are going to send me a re manufactured phone and that department moves slower than the department that wants my money. I ask if my bill will be adjusted down. I pay ~5 dollars a day for service, 10 days, 50 bucks in my mind. I am told no. At this point I tell them lets just do an insurance claim on it. I will pay the 125 deductible, retardidly high, and they can straight swap it. Well now they cannot do that because the warranty process has already been started. After some discussion they agree to ship the phone 2 day air after they charge my account for the shipping for a phone they have in stock at my store....... Fine whatever. Due to the weekend the phone still will not be here for 5 days. So I ask them what I am supposed to do. I have 2 other ATT phones but I also have 2 other ATT accounts. Im not trying to play sim card musical chairs. You would think they would have loaners or something. NOPE. Its at this point I am really glad I bought another back up phone last week that should be here any day. Despite that I am not gonna let this slide. I pay every month for insurance. I have a new phone they admit is broken under warranty. Yet I am supposed to go a week with no service. After some discussion, the clerk pulls a unit off the wall and gives it to me as a loaner. Do not get me wrong. ATT at the store were awesome. Their phone department and corporate policies where in my mind completely ass backwards. Had I not said anything, and the rep at the store been so nice, ATT was completely ok with me having no service while they billed me 50 dollars for a phone they admit was broken. So given this do you think it is ok for AT&T to expect customers who pay 2000+ dollars a year to go up to 2 weeks with no service with no compensation? Right now I am leaning towards no, but hey, I admit I am bias.


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After a 35 minutes wait in line I am told they they cannot exchange the phone in the store even though they are in stock that I have to file a report on-line/phone which they can do there.

:lol: Useless!

10 days to ship? Oh HAHA they want to give you a refurb even though you paid for a brand new one and THATS the hold up.

So much suck all around. And a $125 deduct on a $72/year policy on a $400 phone is absolutely insane.

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If it makes you feel any better, Verizon is just as bad or worse. I tried to add a fourth family member to my friends and family plan and was told I would have to upgrade the service offering to add a fourth. Like you we put up some resistance and finally after two managers, got the extra phone for the advertised price.

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Thats total BS, they need to give you a phone off the shelf if its in stock. Let them figure out the shipping etc. Their insurance plan is crap, I dropped it years ago, you pay a deductible for a reman phone ? Better off buying a used phone on ebay.

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att really, really loves taking your money.

as does everyone else, though.

i bought a car charger, had it for all of 22 hours, and the prong completely disappeared.

it didn't even get to leave my empty glove box,

it just broke on me.

stupid att shit.

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I've also been having some issues with AT&T. I pointed out that several of their services aren't competitive, and all they can do is point out services that they offer exclusively. Wow. I don't want an iPhone, sorry. No, unlimited text messaging isn't of interest to me. Anyway, I've been thinking very seriously of switching. Unfortunately I know Verizon is just as bad and Sprint or T-Mobile don't have the coverage here.

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face it, quality isn't there for what you pay for. And for the record, companies care less how much you spend on their product just that you give them more and more money.

They should def. take care of you as you're a good customer, but of course they will just give you the run around.

I have att and luckily (fingers crossed) everything has been ok service wise (and they offer a military discount ;o)

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