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Your Moment Of Zen



I got sucked into watching "Whale Wars" on animal planet tonight. It was amazing to see such a complete stereotype. I bet there is not a single bar of soap on that entire ship. But I digress. The quote of the day.

From Cpt Paul Watson.

I want a crew with passion, I don't want a bunch of professionals running around

God forbid you have anyone on the fail boat who knows what they are doing. The highlight was the helo pilot who did not know how to use a GPS and sent them 20 miles off course. No wait. It was the 2nd in command who cannot read a chart and does not know bearings. No no. It was...... I cannot pick. There was too much fail. Whats important to remember guys, is if you are ever leading a dangerous expedition to the end of the world, don't select you crew based on skill. Pick the guys with moxy!


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Why don't the Japs just harpoon or ram those idiots? I'm not saying whaling is cool, but the effort and money spent could be better used on a vacation to Bermuda, a Hobie Cat, and a couple cases of good vodka. Dumb hippies...

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