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Why Is Nothing Easy

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So on the group ride today my front derailleur decides to commit hari kari and rip out one of the pop rivets. 18 miles of chattering later I am back at the shop and pull a nice shiny m771 XT derailleur out of the case. This should be a 5 minute install so I skip installing it there and go home. So 5 minute job right...........

1. Bottle cage and pump are in the way. Easy fix. Remove them and carry on. Now an 8 minute job.

2. 48 tooth chain ring is in the way. Ok, now I need a right angle 5mm key but I have some around. 10 minute job.

3. Cannot find the keys, 15 minute job with time waste.

4. Remove clamp and tire, move the derailleur out and remove cable of the bike. 20 minutes.............

New derailleur is up swing old is conventional. Ok so its an upgrade, but why does the clamp have to go right over the braze on.

5. Make a plastic filler plug for the braze on, drill out the spacer, and FINALLY mount the derailleur. 35 minutes.

SHIT. Now the cable is too short.

6. 23:00 at night drive across town to the bike store to pick up a new cable. 1 hour 20 minutes.

Whats worse is I did this same job on a Ibis last week and did not even think about it. I should have known I would have to do the same to my frame.

Moral of the story. Nothing is easy. To all you people who think you can drop and rebuild your engine for 1k in a week, FORGET IT. Murphy will not allow it. I'm just not finished and all I have to show is a working derailleur and one less waterbottle.

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Agreed. Every time I go to do something simple to my lawn mowers, it takes longer than necessary. And a 1 week rebuild? I think it took a week to take care of all the balancing that needed to be done.

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For an 8 hr workday I allow 1 hour for Murphy. Really. The average hours lost by a misplaced tool, missing screw, or stud in the middle of your speaker hole that keeps your install from being symmetrical (todays episode). It's unreal.

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