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Uv Index Wtfs The Point

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Ok so what is the point of the national weathers service's UV Index? Washington DC's UV index for tomorrow: 10+. Destin Florida's UV index tomorrow: 10+. Well we all know the sun in Florida is stronger than the sun in DC, so the scale must only go to 10 right? WRONG. The scale is linear and has no upper limit. For example parts of Nigeria tomorrow will have a UV index of 16. Yet the national weather service has it listed at what? You guessed it. 10+. Are we so simple we cannot handle a scale that goes above 10? Should a concept grasped even in Spinal Tap be considered too complex for the average person? Maybe they should re-scale so it maxes at 10? Either way why even have a number if you are basically always going to label it "Off Scale High". We should just have little lego men diagrams in the the UV column. If the lego man pictured looks darker than you than you are not allowed out side.

Tomorrows UV Index:

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Did you Photoshop the Lego guy to make him darker or do they now come that way? As a kid of the late70/early 80s, my Lego spacemen were cream/pink under their helmets.

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