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Gt30 Must Go... On...

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I've had plans to change my R's turbo to a GT3071R for some time already.

My house has been rebuild between August '04 and Februari this year.

In Februari all the furniture and stuff had to be moved back. Also a lot of small things to do in the house.

Late last year I decided to buy an old Datsun for a new tuning project.

During the winter I have been working on the engine, suspension and drivetrain while prepping the car for approval. Last monday the car was finally approved so now I can start with the engine transplant..

While working on the Datsun during winter time I didn't have much time to work on the GT30 project. Also the Demon 850 didn't receive the attention it should have had..

Maintaining 3 cars isn't that easy when married with 2 children.. rolleyes.gif

I prepared a new B5254Tx manifold to fit the GT30. Made an exhaust flange to fit an external Tial 38 mm wastegate. The oil return and feed lines were made to fit. Some small things like intake CBV etc. have been prepared also. To finish the project I need to remove the downpipe from my R and make it fit the GT30 exhaust flange. This means I will not have my daily driver available for some time. Since the Demon has been fixed up lately I think I'm going to use it for daily drive now and start working on the R. If all goes as planned the project should be near finished by the end of this week or the week after.

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