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Purple Glove Wearing Nancies Taking Over

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Its gone too far. What started out as a good thing has gone horribly wrong. Nitrile gloves for surgeons.... Ok sure that makes sense. Wearing them to clean a CV joint. Ok again I can see that. To change windshield wipers?!?!?! GTFO. Now its even worse though. This months Maximum PC has people sporting the trendy purple gloves to install everything from RAM to PCI cards. WTF is wrong with us. Have a look for yourself:


The same people who are wearing gloves to blow their nose, brush their cat, make their green tea, are probably the same people screaming "Think Green". I know how to think green. How about not using 20 pairs of rubber gloves each day between the time you take your morning leak and make your morning cup of brew. All you Howard Hughes MFers know who you are.

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LOL, I know what you mean. It's gotten alittle out of hand IMHO. Are they wearing them to lesson the chance of static charge possibly? I know when we install certain electronics in certain derivitive Bradleys and M88's we have a anti static pad and ground strap that we wear.

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Gloves make the static worse. But modern consumer components are not that sensitive to static anyways. As you pointed out wear a grounding strap if you are worried about it.

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I think it's primarily related to getting oil from your fingers on the parts, i don't see the biggy though. Just touch the outside of your metal case before you get started on poking around in your case.

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