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South Beach Diet Is For Dirty Hippies



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South Beach Diet....... WTF is this nonsense, and why does it seem to reappear every few months. It was bad enough 3 years ago when all the goofy little hippie restaurants opened here with the south beach menu. Now its apparently back, only this time slightly revised. Who eats this crap? Its not even that healthy if you are an even moderately active individual. The whole plan lacks a reasonable supply of sodium, carbs, potassium, and.... OH YEAH, TASTE. Its amazing. It takes things that should taste good and then denudes them of all flavor. In addition it blends things into the most god awful textures ever. Quinoa pasta al dente.... I think not! Then there was this beast featured under quick breakfasts.

1 Mini pita

2 Slice tomato and place on top of pita

3 Sprinkle with spinich

4 Top with 1 egg

Bake 5 minutes at 350

5 Top with Feta

Pita..... yup tasty


Spinich.....goes well in things

Egg....incredible and edible

Feta.....makes it betta

NOPE. Pure crap. Had no flavor what so ever. At least its healthy. That would be the case at least assuming you can choke it down. Egg over easy, filled with chunks of tomato pulp, spinach, whole wheat pita, with just a hint of feta chunks..... It feels like what embryonic stem cells look like......... pre-harvest. With that my list has been amended.

Michael Moore

Agatston - author of the south beach diet


are now the top three people I most want to punch in the face. So congrats to you hippie boy. You now officially annoy me more than Oprah. Fat women and hippies all over the world will see through this some day and will be angry. Hell hath no fury like a fat ladies scorn.


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Fatasses need to recognize moderation and exercise and ignore faddish diets. It makes me sick when people talk about starting a "new diet". How about avoiding all the trash food, and just eating normally in moderation, and take a walk once in awhile? It's always worked for me, and I can pack on 40lbs in a matter of months if I chose to.

The Atkins crowd cracked me up the most. People eating the nastiest, greasiest food and skipping any carbs. WTF?

Then the idiots that get a salad for lunch, lay on a gallon of dressing and suck down a 32oz soda, then praise themselves for eating so healthy.

People are idiots.

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Its funny. Normal 7 day caloric intake for me is averages to ~6300 calories per day pretty much April-December. If I do a south beach diet is... yup you guessed it 6300. Taco-bell yup about 6300. Only time it really creeps is if I am out of town and more active than usual. In africa there were several 10000+ days. People think africans are starving. They really probably get 5000 calories a day. HAHA. J/k but its nuts how much you eat at altitude when you are working in 120 degree heat. Thats gonna be my fad diet. The african diet.

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