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Meatless Mondays?

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Meatless Mondays?!?! What next, WTF Fridays? For those who have not heard about this, Meatless Monday AKA every monday, is a day you are not supposed to eat meat because it will save the planet. How? I have no idea. Living in the south for many years has taught me something. It takes a lot less carbon to slaughter a pasture of cattle than it does to harvest two thousand acres of green beans. I digress. What you eat is your business. I frankly do not care, unless we socialize health care then you better all be eating solent green, but it is being taught in schools now. For those of you with children in school now, does the food pyramid now look like this?

I'm half kidding half serious. Lets take it a step further. Now some schools are stopping children from eating meat in school on Monday. Usually I would throw San Fran or some place in PRK(California) under the bus, but Baltimore is now on the retard turnip cart. Again, I don't care what you or your kids eat, but isn't this a big nutty?

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This is crazy. Like you said, the world cutting back on meat consumption will not save that planet. The only thing it probably will do is make our economy worse. This must be some Liberal thing.......

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carbon footprint from beef production is the least of our worries. if all of the the ozone in our atmosphere is going to completely deplete, we should start making our kids go to school in the dark, and make them walk 5 miles to school.

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