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Haven't been on this forum for awhile, but this is all correct. My 1998 V70 T5M was totaled a couple years ago (100% other driver's fault). I contacted VCNA to get numbers I could use to convince the insurance company of the rarity, because I felt their initial offer was too low. They gave me the 127 number, but emphasized that it was not "official" i.e. they would give it to me on the phone but not in writing. Take it for what it's worth, but I believe that to be an accurate figure. The insurance company ended up giving giving me $9k for the car (even with over 160,000 miles on it) and then sold it back to me for $500. I parted out the rest for another $4k+ and came out way ahead, but was sad to see another V70 T5M off the road. At least the M56H from that car lives on somewhere in Texas. These T5M's are truly great Volvos, especially the '98s, so take good care of them!


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