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No Boost Until 3800 Rpm Volvo 850 T5

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I recently brought my car out from storage and after driving it i notice that on the boost gauge it will not build boost until very high RPM's (3800-4000) and when it does it is only reading 3-5psi and it doesn't seem to hold the pressure at WOT the car has a full 3" turbo back exhaust big flow cats and mufflers, and the turbo was upgraded to a 19T any thoughts would be great,

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Could be a couple things, potential boost leak somewhere... pull the cold air off and get a silicone boost leak tester and put air through the pipes and see if air leaks out anywhere. and i found this out the hard way, but there's a little hole on the bottom that suppose to be there.

another common thing is the waste gate is internal on the 19t i believe. it could be out of place or loose and it may not be completely covering the hole and not building until high RPM and making little boost.

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