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A Week With The Gt30

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Made a few more miles with the new setup. All in all I think near 500 miles or so.

Had some minor issues like a wastegate gasket blowing out and a few bolt coming loose but most has been sorted out now.

The boost curve needs some a djustemnt. I will receive a new chip tomorrow with higher boost settings over the mid rpm band. This way the torque will be back on the level where it was with the T3/T04 turbo.

The higher rpm band is extreme. The car just keeps pulling all the way to 7200 RPM.

At this moment there still is a small boost dip near 5200 rpm but after that the boost just keeps building up to 18 psi at 7000 RPM.

Made 2 round trips into Germany last week and had the cat flatout for over 20 miles on a nice piece of Autobahn called the A31. End speed was 174 mph before I had to exit the Autobahn. Was held up by a BMW Bangle 530d doing 152 mph for some time but managed to overtake and leave him behind in the mirror.

So, now I hope the midrange will be on par again with the new chip.

Oh, forgot..

ordered a rear spoiler finally after experiencing some lift at higher speeds.. laugh.gif

So, to solve the "between the ears, problem I decided to install it regardless.

Unfortunately the car loses a bit of it's sleeper image.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

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