Volvo 850
By paulr, 07/07/2007
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  1. Ashtray Gauge Pod & Autometer Gauges  

    The custom ashtray gauge pod was around $80, and was made for me by Owned.<br />The gauges were around $160 - I have a boost / vac gauge and ammeter. <br /><br />The gauge pod was custom made for me, and while I need to pretty up the mounting of it somewhat, it's been doing the job great (allowing me to mount two gauges without an attention-grabbing ricer pod on the A-pillar). Adam (Owned) really knows what he's doing and the pod feels like it's strong enough to use as a wheel stop. <br /><br />The gauges are nice. I've heard heard some complaints about autometer gauges, but I haven't had any issue. The boost gauge has been working fine and is about as accurate as my LMA-3, so no complaints there. The ammeter is amazing, and I reccomend it to anyone who thinks they have the need. I have it wired between my battery and all the loads in my car, so it represents the draw of everything (ECU to headlights to amps). It's allowed me to manage my power more effiecently for my audio gear. <br /><br />At some point I'll get rid of the gap that's visible (I need to use double-sided tape, right now it's just wedged in there).

  2. IPD upper torque mount  

    Stock one went bad. Blue looked better and supposedly helps suspension better than stock. Mostly did this because with it bad, there is apparently more wear on the other engine mounts. Done March 2008.

  3. Breather Box Replacement  

    Supposedly necessary to help prevent headgasket problems or something. Required taking off the entire intake manifold, quite an ordeal. <br /><br />Done Feb 2008 by Friend at dealer.

  4. BMW / Volvo Adjustable Endlinks  

    Purchased & Installed Feb 2008<br />Purchased these because the boots went bad on my stock endlinks, and these were the same cost as OEM. Handling is better, but I can't really thrash the car had enough to take advantage (too much crap in the wagon flies around).

  5. Ohio Generator 200A Alternator w. voltage regulator  

    200A Alternator from Ohio Generator (on the right in the photo). Has a slightly smaller pully for better low-RPM performance, and an external voltage regulator for quicker responses to sag (more wear on the alternator, but better for the amps). Set to 15.2 Volts which my Optima Yellow Top & Car Electrical system seem to like just fine. Noticed a difference in clarity at higher volumes with the higher line voltage. Only 200A at high RPM's, closer to 95A at idle which is much better than stock (which is 100A at high RPM's and 50A at idle), but I could use more power.<br /><br />Rewired with 0GA when I installed this alternator. Purchased January 2008, Installed Feb 2008.

  6. Magstar Racing Plug Wires  

    Increased higher-RPM performance a bit, and look nice. <br /><br />I've had these in my car probably 3 months now, and just remembered they were a "mod"... I really can't remember what I paid for them, but it was under $100.

  7. EU700 x4 running as subs  

    I had planned to install these in the front doors. However, I haven't had the time and don't know if I ever will, so I threw together a quick box for them in the rear of the wagon. They don't go terribly low, and have a lot of falloff below 50hz, but they provide a lot of midbass and upper bass. They're great for Rock, Techno, and some hip-hop, but you want a little more with rap, bass tracks, etc. They'd be perfect in the front doors like I planned, but don't quite cut it as dedicated subs.

  8. Axle (New) driver and passenger  

    My CV boots went and it was cheaper to buy new axles and install them ($100 each + 15 mins labor) then it would have been to have the CV boots repacked. I don't know why "Stage 0" is a mod, but, if it adds to my total spent...

  9. Powerslot Rear Rotors  

    Guessing on prices. Had almost a year. Just occurred to me they're also technically a "mod" as opposed to a maintenance item because they're an upgrade over stock.

  10. Tint  

    Had Tint forever (almost 2 years). I never really thought of tint as a "Mod", seeing as it's basically necessary in Florida, but, the vehicle didn't come with it and I paid for it, so, I guess I can add it.



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