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  3. The first thing you need to do is send your transmission to Level 10 for a rebuild, then worry about performance mods. If you don't know what I'm talking about google "Volvo S80 GM transmission failure"
  4. Yes...just SRS warning light. The signal from crash sensor is on the same pin B3....but 70 series cluster use additional B5 and B15 pin for SRS light which are not used on 850 cluster. I'll take wiring diagrams,i allready printed ,to my car electician to see what he can say about it. If he can make SRS light to work on bulb check and if SRS system doesn't show a code for it after re-pinning....i'll install the cluster. Otherwise i'll sell it and buy odometer gears for original cluster.
  5. Ah, so it would have to be re-pinned to work properly. Assuming it's just the SRS light that wasn't working, that should be the only thing out of place, so it's an easy job.
  6. Finally finished up last night.. After getting it together and finding the thermostat housing was leaking like crazy. So pulled the ps pump yet again etc etc. After some gasket repair and couple more hours hoods on, axles nuts tight, and got to run it throught heat cycle. Was about midnight by the time I finished all in all took about 50 hours for full rn swap. Mind you was my first motor remove/replace ever and most my auto mechanical skills startes with this car in June. Was going ti throw on a 19t straight flange they have all over ebay but the 04 t9 motor came with a 60k mile 16t turbo. I'll drain oil tonight after few heat cycles add some more coolant and get some data logs for aaron. I ran wires from rear o2 to vvt solenoid since im not using any stock o2 and hust the wideband. Havent plugged to power solenoid yet til I get the correct tune. All in all wish i had taken more pics but im just glad it works lol. Thanks guys not this thread specifically but all the guys from this site inspired me and answered a lot of my ? Through reading problems of there own. Simply, Hussein, Sconeman, Aaron and few more all convinced me the volvo was the project for me...
  7. On the older Volvos, the non-OEM axles are notorious for being junk almost uniformly. Even though they have worked out for a few people. Guess why it's only $50 bucks? Getting one from a scrapyard is probably the most cost efficient way to go. So although boxpin's source may be better, personally I wouldn't mess with it. Driver's side and passenger side will show no difference in terms of longevity.
  8. Pinout on a connector B is totally different for SRS light on 70 series cluster.That's why it won't appear on bulb check and that's why it stored a code in SRS module. I discovered that today when i looked at wiring diagrams. According to Volvo....if any code is stored in SRS module SRS system is disabled. Yes...i do trust them since i bought the car new from the factory with special order. I'll report back if i manage to make it work.
  9. I had a srs light on in my 96 for years cause the dash pad was pulled and the car was started because it had to be moved. Air bags still went off in a front end. But do you really trust 22 year old air bags anyway
  10. Hi there, Noticed tonight the cord that is attached to fuel cap has broken. Can this be replaced without the whole fuel cap aswell being replaced? How much?
  11. Well....when check engine light is on engine management will not go in closed loop. Seriously...the code isn't stored in the cluster.It's stored in SRS module. All data i read says that when there is a code stored in SRS module,airbag system will be disabled....except on VW cars. The other example...when battery light burns out or if you remove it,the alternator will not charge the battery...there will be no output from alternator.
  12. Well, there's only one way to know for sure if it's disabled!
  13. It wont disable srs. think of it this way does a check engine light mean your engine dosent run? (well most of the time LOL)
  14. I put back the original cluster until i figure out how to solve the issue with SRS code for warning light i'm getting with s,v70 cluster. I'm not risking to drive the car with possible disabled SRS system.
  15. Check out Napa. They have pretty good new ones and of the 2 rebuilt I bought from there have been OEM axles.
  16. I recently bought an USA market 2005 Volvo V50. My first Volvo and love the little guy. At 165,000 the right side axle is is toast and have a new OEM ready to install, However, Upon inspection the boot/s on the Drivers side is torn and I don't know how long it has been that way. My Volvo mechanic buddy says he has rarely ever seen a drivers side go bad. All that said would it be OK to buy a non oem axle? Rock Auto has one for 50$ bucks (SURTRACK/TRAKMOTIVE) that would be almost cheaper and easier than rebuilding the oem that might be ruined anyway. Any advice will be appreciated or a non oem brand that is good. Thanks Bubba
  17. Hmm... that's odd. I don't think it will affect the functionality of the airbags, but I can't say for sure. Looks like you may need to check the wiring diagrams to ensure that the signal wires for the SRS light are in the same terminals on the car the cluster came from and your car. If they're the same, it's an issue within the cluster, which is probably repairable.
  18. I just got a 2000 s80 T6 Twin Turbo. And Iv been looking to upgrade some performance, does any body know where I can get a programmer or ecu tuned with out having to send my ecu to IPD? And can I use a electronic boost controller? What is the stock boost at and max out at?
  19. I found and installed s,v70 cluster into my 850 today. Everything works....but SRS light won't turn on with key in posII along with all other little lights. I thought...ok....burnt bulb....replaced the bulb and it still won't come on. Checked for SRS codes and got code SRS-127(SRS warning lamp OC or SC to ground). Looks like somebody tried to mask the problem with SRS(deployed airbags or something). question is.....can this code prevent the airbags from functioning? If it does....i'll remove the cluster(again) and take it to specialist to solve this problem. If it doesn't affect SRS system functionality...i'll leave it alone...for now(untill i wold have some extra time).
  20. They are these, exactly: I mounted them for a year to get more fenderwell clearance on my S60T5, which then met an untimely demise. They're clean but not unmarked. Not like you're going to see them, anyway. 😉 $30 includes Priority Mail shipping to continental U.S. Will take PayPal
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  22. Sent it to the shop Friday for a few things.
  23. Advanced Warfare edition 350 shipped , hardly used
  24. Thank you. I haven't had bad weather to really check it out yet. The kinds of driving where the AWD shone was on the Parkway I commute on - it's 2 lane greenway divided, and floods really badly on the edge of the fast lane, perfect conditions for telling if the AWD is doing it's job. In dry driving, it really makes a difference in higher speed ramp driving & long sweeping uphills where you can feel the rear pushing in a good way. I'm really happy with it. Annoying stuff is the software - I haven't got really agressive with it & you do have to remember to turn off the DSTC or you just get front wheel spin. Since I'm relying on Hilton for tuning, I really doubt I will ever go beyond the K16, but you never know.... The X1/9 will be fun, since it's gonna be around 220WHP in a chassis that weighs maybe 2000lbs :) The funky business with that is I have to raise & lower the car onto the drivetrain, no other way to install it.
  25. H! Man, nice work as always! I see the AWD is in your blood, sir. Curious of your impressions of that AWD setup vs the old XC.
  26. AWD has been functional since June, using the Gen 3 controller, so I didn't go further with a Arduino controller. May still investigate that once I'm done with the X1/9 work. I'd add pics in the C30 thread I had, but it's archived & no one responded to my unlocking requests.
  27. I can't say for sure being that we didn't get 10v cars here in the States, but I would think you could use it no problem.
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