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  2. imo cheapest way is xc90 calipers with 336 ate brakes disc
  3. Performance Clutch , help :)

    OT: how much do you think double pressure plate with stock disc could handle ?
  4. Pretty sure you'll need to make custom caliper brackets and possibly modify the knuckles to fit front S60R brakes. It has been done by a member here before, but I recall him saying it wasn't cheap
  5. Currently building a 98 volvo s70 glt doing an m56h stage 5 6 puck clutch sachs n/a intake k24 turbo ard tune green injectors and so forth i want to install r calipers in the front i dont want porsche or any other company i want s60r calipers what will i have to do ir make ?i want to swap subframe from s60r to s70 will it work? Has anyone tried it?is thier an easier alternitive that does not involve diffrent calipers?can i make something?or should i just figure it out myself?
  6. Performance Clutch , help :)

    Ceramic disc is thinner then OE disc . but my flywheel is machined, to get compensate that.It could be its machined bad. and gap gets to small to make perfect stretch. If someone knew right gap with new disc, i could edit it for right.
  7. Performance Clutch , help :)

    People use the 707 plate with the repined 850 flywheel and 850r clutch disc. I'm not aware of any gap. Could your clutch disc be too thin?
  8. Repairing my $500 newly acquired crashed S60 T5

    I got a core support from the scrap yard and my friend has a hood & bumper that I'm gonna fit today.
  9. PART OUT: 98 S70 T5

    Interested in the front bumper. PM me or email me at
  10. Repairing my $500 newly acquired crashed S60 T5

    Looks like a fun project! I didn't listen to the audio, do you have a donor car to swap the front end from?
  11. Performance Clutch , help :)

    700nm should be ok. I read here others using this pressure plate and holds more. maybe my gap is bad between pressure plate and flywheel. Any advise what gap should i use ?
  12. Venderbroeck's engine build

    I believe they are, but I'd have to ask. They are not mine. This is actually the first time I do this. My dad has done the same thing on his head though (the tools are his), so I have seen it done before. I like the low speed cutters, as they are quite controllable. These seats are hardened, so I want to remove as little material as possible. Also because of the solid lifters ofc. I expect the exhaust valves will need the same work, but I gotta clean them up first to see. For the valve lash adjustment I have a little trick up my sleeve which will potentially make things quite a bit easier. I will share it once I work out the details ofc, and describe the process.
  13. My friend has got me on the Volvo train! This popped up on it was on the way home with me the next day.
  14. PART OUT: 98 S70 T5 Car is located in central Fl 34446 1998 volvo s70 t5 with B5244T3 engine, automatic transmission -white exterior/tan leather interior -clean title -chassis has 226,xxx miles, and the engine has 126,xxx miles -ABM projector headlights with 5k hid's -17" neptune wheels could use paint or plastidip -215 45 nankang ns20 tires(6 months old/3000 miles). 9/32nd tread depth on all 4 tires, brand new is 10/32nds. 1 rear tire has a small bubble in it -lower control arms, sway bar end links, outter tie rod ends, both cv axles/seals, and shocks also done 6 months ago/3000 miles -rare 440/460/480 EURO side markers -touch screen radio/cd/mp3/bluetooth Everything on the car works 100%(ac, sunroof, all windows, locks, power seats etc.). The body is in damn near mint condition, besides the passenger fender. As for the interior, it's your typical 90's volvo, and comes with the ripped driver seat :) Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for looking!
  15. Venderbroeck's engine build

    Cool; DIY valve job! Are those neway cutters or something else? Last time I was doing valve work (Hmm; friggin loooong time ago) we used the stones. You've had good luck with the low speed cutters like this? I would think the exhaust's would need more refreshing than the intake side.., no? I used to work on motorcycles (again, long ago) with solid lifters, but they had cam bearing journals which were separate from the valve cover, so it was a much easier job to adjust valve lash; can't believe volvo didn't do that once they went to solid lifters.. don't envy you on that task..
  16. Blower Motor Gets Louder When Braking

    I have a NIB unit that I’m willing to let go for cheap. It’s for 850 models. PM me if interested.
  17. Last week
  18. Venderbroeck's engine build

    Almost, I would need to use metal polish to accomplish that, but that is going way overboard :p Right now they are oily / greasy so not quite so shiny. Both the pistons and the block where heated. We have good experience with this machinist, so I trust his judgement. I used the correctly colored bearings using the markings on the block and the crank. It turned out I needed all yellow bearings which was convenient. I didn't plasti gauge them though, but volvo's tolerances are generally quite good. About the valve job, it's funny that you should ask. Today I finished the 3 angle valve job on the intake valve seats. The process went a bit like this: First I inserted a (slightly oiled) guide pin in the valve guide: A cutter can then be slid over the guide pin, which centers it on the seat. Also notice that the cutting bits of this 15 degree cutter are adjusted such that they exactly reach the top edge of the seat. The other cutters are less critical, but they need to be adjusted so they can reach the surface they need to cut. This is the resulting 60 degree cut marked with the little blue stripe: After that came the 45 degree cut (red stripe). This is the actual contact surface of the valve seat. I put it at 1.5mm at the narrowest point, which is slightly above the minimum spec. And to finish off the 60 deg cut (little green stripe): To the right you can still see the original seat vs the newly ground seat on the left. After this I'll take a good look at the outlet valve seats to see if they need the same treatment. After everything is done I will lap them in, and check if they are leak free. As I have solid lifters I might have to adjust valve lash which is tedious with these heads unfortunately. I'll document my struggles when I get to that as well.
  19. There's something oddly satisfying about fixing a boost leak in the work parking lot during lunch, in below 0C weather... especially when you have to borrow tools from the production floor. Nothing super bad tough though, just the upper IC charge pipe popped out of the lower IC hose.
  20. Blower Motor Gets Louder When Braking

    It does have its squeaky moments. Probably worth replacing regardless. Thanks for the input.
  21. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Flat black the bumper!
  22. Blower Motor Gets Louder When Braking

    Our old 850 would get louder and actually squeak but only when turning right. We suspected the bearing was on it's way out. New blower motor cured it.
  23. I've never experienced this before and couldn't find anything on the internet about it. When I have the heat on in my car and as I'm in last few seconds of a stop, the blower motor gets louder (or something from that area), the second I come to a complete stop it goes away. I turned off the climate control and it doesn't happen, turn it back on and there is the sound. Any ideas? Something in the blower motor that goes bad?
  24. How Your Car Sits

    Everything is fine, Andy, thanks for askin' If Ah well, this is my exe's handi-work. I gave her the wagon many months ago, only to buy it back after she trashed it. Says the sun was in her eyes...hmmpf. And I'd definitely consider that the stamp of a 4"x4" post - at a pretty good clip. Had to bring it back into the fold. Even if I fix and sell it.
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