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  2. Ride quality just a bit more bumpy then normal but keep in mind bad or worn suspension will just make it more noticeable.
  3. Back, up and running okay, new radiator. Thank God it survived. My plugs and ignition are all on replacements. I zip tied my crank sensor not long ago before this thread. My LTFT is much lower now with the new MAF on the ARD tune. Currently its=3.1 so changes are taking place here. My average gas mileage seems to drop quite a bit now, it kept climbing down more and more . so im wondering if the O2 should be swapped also at this point. Haven't tested the turbo control solenoid. And my fuel pump relay if that's what your referring to is original.
  4. andy , sound wise...lets just say OMG... more 2.5 inch past the dp restriction thats for sure...boost went up by 5 psi.
  5. Interesting concept. I'll be very curious to see how it functions and sounds!
  6. babies and gents , a cutout designed gentleman style/ dougy's style, opening at 7 psi hehehehe,
  7. Nice; I'd say you're back on the mod wagon!! Good for the rest of us too.. Curious, what's the covering on the alum gauge substrate?
  8. Moved the knock sensor to the other side of the motor, lower down on the block. Wasn't ever registering any knock in old location, it was suggested it was too close to valve train. Had to make an M8 - 1/8" NPT insert for the coolant drain port Got a M14x1.5 base VDO 5bar sender to use for the OP gauge, so I could remove the 1/8" NPT Volvo/VDO sender & use that for fuel pressure Adding a fuel pressure gauge to the X1/9. Using a Volvo 5bar OP guage & sender on the rail I made. Already had fitted WBO2 and Oil Temp, so had to make a revised gauge holder allowing for 4. The Oil temp guage is white face, only thing I could get at the time, wasn't really an issue with only two gauges, now it looks a little sheisty
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  10. A set of used S60R Nordkap front and rear seats, driver door panel, and armrest. Front seats are from a 2005 and are non-heated. They do show some imperfections for the age with the most being the driver side outer bolster. No tears, deep scratches, or stitching issues. From a non-smoking car and have a great leather smell. Clean and ready for install. Rear seats are in overall good condition. From a non-smoking car and have a great leather smell. Some minor wear due to age, but are clean and ready for install. Also from a 2005. Driver door panel is in overall nice shape. Some of the padding underneath the Nordkap leather has flatted out near where some would put their elbow. From a non-smoking car. Clean and ready for install. Center console armrest is very nice and ready for install. From a non-smoking car. If you're interested, for additional cost I can refinish any imperfections or worn areas with excellent matching Nordkap dye/paint. Local pickup only. Located in Columbus, NJ. Price for seats/armrest/door panel as-is: $450 Price seats/armrest/door panel refinished: $650 Please PM if interested. Thanks!
  11. I got some of these... like them so far.
  12. That's the only downside to the DWS, with tire width > HP (245 vs 225) I have a hard time breaking them loose too.
  13. I had a coworker put them on an X5 (20" if I recall correctly) and said nothing but good things about them as well - if I ever have to buy a set of all seasons (somehow the cars I keep buying have good all seasons but no snow tires) those will be the ones
  14. No. The car was sitting in a showroom and I bought it as is. Also some people advice against ceramics when a car sees a lot of gravel. The driveway of the new house is gravel and I have a lot of issues with the Polestar brakes where stones get behind the dust covers. Besides the horrendous squealing these stones can wreck ceramic rotor surfaces.
  15. Don't see this working out well.
  16. Dws are the shit. I was parallel parking over mounds of snow in Philly in my s70 while a Prius was sliding backwards down the street. I don't think I can break the tires loose in the rain either. Not that that's saying much with the s70.
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  18. Actually a good question; I just assumed it was, but looking here, it's not technically mentioned. Still any mod that effects emissions could be construed as a violation..if they wanted to. Just the same, I like the underhood view to appear as stock as possible. So yeah, was planning on some kind of weather protection and I didn't think the hot engine bay was the best place for it. Does the pump itself generate much heat; i.e. enough to melt plastic say? Wouldn't think so given it's mostly H2O running through it.
  19. Glad you were at least able to make the event. Very weird about the slave cylinder. You would think the opposite would happen if it was getting hot or something... binding up. Instead of dead pedaling. You're kind of confirming that our projects aren't worth to others what they are to us. If you do part her down, let me know... but a piece of me is hoping that doesn't happen.
  20. Love the DWS 06 on the BMW. We had two small (1-2") snow days here but it was the wet slippery stuff and the tires were great. Nothing compared to a dedicated snow. They are also pretty quiet and grip well in the dry/wet. I'm not so sure how much of that will translate over to an SUV though. DicountTireDirect may have a good sale for the 4th. I think I got ~$200 in rebates when I ordered mine between the sale, Conti rebate, and DTD credit card rebate.
  21. thanks to all for the input i truly appreciate it. i'm well on my way now but mainly i'm just grateful for the learning & experience about working with rusted bolts/nuts, as well as this forum and you guys of course. rad will be off & new one in place in no time! best wishes and Slainte! jeff honnold
  22. Hi Everyone, Hope you are well, staying cool, and looking forward to the 10th Annual Swedish Day at IKEA this Saturday, June 24th! All Volvos and Saabs welcome! The local meteorologists are forecasting the heat wave to continue on Saturday, with the peak heat arriving around 4:00P, so a few reminders and quick tips: Before arriving at the event, please: -Consider wearing light weight and/or loose fitting clothing. -Bring sun protection (a hat, sunscreen, long sleeve shirt, etc.) and plenty of water for yourself, your family, and your pet(s). At the event: -Same earlier start time as last year: 8:30A (to help beat the heat!): Cars & Coffee Meeting Time: 8:30A IKEA Parking Lot, Row D Lunch / Planning Meeting Time: 11:00A – 3:00P IKEA Restaurant, 2nd Floor Google Map (will open in new tab / window): -Please drink plenty of water and monitor yourself, your family, and your pet(s) for signs of heat stress. -Shade can be found near our designated parking area (row D) under the IKEA building overhangs. -On Saturdays, IKEA opens at 10:00A and the IKEA restaurant opens at 9:30A, serving breakfast from 9:30A - 11:00A with lunch service beginning at 11:00A. [You will need to cover the cost of your own meal(s)]. To RSVP: Contact Jeff Molander, Event Coordinator Full Details can be found above or at any of the following links: Event Flyer: SacVCOAFlyerIKEA_June17 (Google Doc at Google Drive): Event Flyer Web Page: Event Facebook / Discussion: See you all this Saturday! Take care, volvie!
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