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  2. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    I audibly hear the thing cycling though. When I disconnected it or when I installed a wrong one, it would also immediately throw a CEL.
  3. I have a black 97 R and a green 96 turbo in chicago i need to get rid of asap. neither are drivable at the moment. the 96 needs the radiator replaced (it is cracked) but i have a new one ready to go in. it also needs a front brake job, and i have the pads and rotors for that too. but that's not all!--the left rear window is busted because of some body damage. mileage is around 110k the 97 is leaking coolant and i'm not sure where, but it's not inside the engine as the oil is clean. front right wheel has a crack, engine work was done by vms forever ago. the body probably has 200k on it, while the engine, turbo, and trans are closer to 70k. other mods i can think of include: td06-20g greddy profec type s boost controller level10 transmission work (shifts noticeably faster than stock) all-aluminum radiator (no plastic ends) larger intercooler from eurosport tuning msd ignition, ss blaster coil, magencor wires 'reverse' intercooler plumbing with hks bov-- i also have the original plumbing with silicone elbows and another hks bov aquamist 1s pump, but it's not connected right now porsche 993 front calipers kaplhenke front strut mounts, kaplhenke a-arms, and coil-over suspension oil pressure, oil temp, and boost gauge on a-pillar. also have a matching voltmeter in the box not installed misc parts include new oil filters, cabin filters, cap, rotor, and spark plugs. used extras include qbm end links (need to replace a worn joint), another set of end links, strut tower brace, 4 pretty clean floor mats, at least 2 stock-size kn air filters, misc bolts, screws, chome lug nuts, odometer gear, 2 black rear spoilers (95+97), AND MORE! i also started making projector headlamps with an extra set of parts and didn't finish, so i'll thrown that in too- two projectors (maybe from an older X5), 2 d2s bulbs, ballasts, and unfortunately i only have one plain glass lens (no dot or e-spec fluting) to make the best use of this once assembled. ahhhhh i'd hate to see these cars trashed, so i'm hoping someone out here needs some project parts. the a/c did work on both cars when i used them last, but they have been sitting for quite some time. anyway, not looking for much money here, just would rather make a few bucks (literally) helping someone than sending to the junkyard. aside from the misc parts, i don't want to part out the cars. i'll post more pics tomorrow and anything specific requested.
  4. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Remember that the evaporative emissions routine was removed by Mercuric to make space for logging, mapswitching and other functions.
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  6. New member here, checking in & making a performance thread for input as I begin work on my 850R. I've read, searched, and have a very good general consensus of what makes these cars tick; and what is 'safe' for certain levels of performance tuning. I wholeheartedly plan on going Billet 19T w/ spool control, S60R mani, 3" full intake from VIVA along with big injectors WHEN I get my ECU tuned, along with a full exhaust. That being said, I've done an OEM timing belt w/tensioners, accessory belt, full coolant flush w/silicone pipes, Mobil 1 oil change, Iridium plugs w/new 8mm wires, new distributor cap, fuel filter, etc. Car runs great for 171k. I have a iPD TCV ready to go, and I intended to plumb a Hallman MBC in before the iPD valve, thereby giving me some control over boost levels. I have a boost gauge, and intended on setting the car at 15psi. This is the correct way to plumb in an MBC in conjunction with an aftermarket TCV, correct? Have the MBC coming off the turbo, and tie it into the iPD TCV? Just making sure. At the same time, I will be adding a do88 aluminum 3" pre-turbo pipe with a large ITG mesh filter.I plan to do this over the weekend, any ideas or suggestions on where to mount the MBC & TCV? I believe I will be eliminating my airbox in order to fit this filter, which will create a need for a TCV mount. I have the iPD one. Also, does anyone have a good template or mounting idea for the MSD Blaster Coil for our cars? I would have purchased the iPD one, however they were out of stock. Not looking for anything fancy as far as a mount. Just functional. Hoping these few modifications will open the car up @ 15psi. Any input on what I should expect? Besides some wheelspin!
  7. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Good stuff, thanks! In that case, in-depth analysis of the Accel tables is possible with the high-res data I have :)
  8. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Checked it in the bin: As for your question: "Is the "injection time" as logged (VTI) the actual and only injection time sent to the injectors? " Yes it is. It's the one and only signal passed to the chip that drives the injectors.
  9. Loose shift knob on s60

    I'm going to bet something inside the shift knob is broken, which is why it rotates. I think if you attempt to take it off your going to break it anyways. I think new shift knob would be the way to go here.
  10. 2003 volvo s60 2.4l base model

    It's likely your front engine seals leaking. $700 sounds awfully cheap to do that job right... I don't know who in their right mind would put an engine in for $700 either.
  11. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    I'm missing the 1-way checkvalve between the purge-valve and my manifold. Since running higher boost I might have damaged the valve somehow, those things are wonky anyway.
  12. If you can find one, the same clip is used on 960s, S90s & V90s. I was lucky enough to be able to grab the clip from my local JY. There's also a PN at the bottom of that page, where the clip is listed; 1387247 ; 3516451.
  13. Alright, I'm at a loss on this specific part. It's #31 from the diagram in the attached link: It's the little fork clip that holds the e-brake cable to the knuckle on a P80 AWD. None of the parts diagrams that I can find call it out or give a part number. I'm assuming that it's been discontinued. I went to a couple different parts stores to see about universal brake hose retaining clips (since that is what this looks like), but every one I found was too big or wouldn't fit correctly. Any ideas? Has anyone found a solution? EDIT: per Quicksilver's below. the part number is: 1387247. I missed it originally. Still discontinued though..
  14. Off Topic: The Thread

    So is anyone on here having a kid or has had one in the last 3 months? We are cleaning out some of the boys things now that they are 3 1/2 and 2 and I found the set of red Volvo moccasins. they are brand new in the box. perfect for an upcoming winter to keep those baby feet warm
  15. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Thanks Andy! I'm mostly doing it so I can reference it later for myself if I need to, but hopefully it will help folks down the road too. Got the latest batch of parts from FCP yesterday. OEM wheel bearings: 9140844 OEM snap rings for wheel bearings: 914542. (I did have to take a grinder to these and chamfer the edge ever so slightly so that they will snap into place. The hard edge they came with wouldn't fit in the groove without a little tweaking) Also installed the freshly powder coated heat shields and some of the e-brake hardware: Hardware pack: Pro Parts Sweden: 51990722 Here are the rear knuckles assembled and ready to install. I'm likely going to wait until the subframe is mounted in the car to install these as the heat shields will crush against the ground the way it is now The odd bushing/stud thing that attaches the top of the knuckle to the UCA has been discontinued from Volvo and I can't find a good part number for them at this point. With some help from someone on the forum I was able to source a pair of aftermarket versions from ebay. Good luck finding this one. If anyone wants to chime in with more info about those, please do. Also installed a new FAG hub assembly and new bolts in the front left knuckle. I replaced the right side 2 years ago, so did this one for good measure while it is apart. I didn't grab the part numbers but they are easy to find anywhere. Lastly I installed the differential/VC assembly into the subframe and bolted the top part of the subframe back on. The old bolts were in good shape so I just cleaned them up and reused them.
  16. How to Find a Parasitic Battery Drain

    One approach totes are to utilize a test light, detach the positive battery link at that point put one end of the light on the battery and the other on the link. The light should go ahead. At that point evacuate one breaker at any given moment until the point Dissertation Help when the light goes out.
  17. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Then it has to be the evap system. I don't think it can be lost air, as a vacuumleak would cause a lean condition in stead of a rich condition.
  18. 850 Parts

    would you sell the boost gauge separately? where are you located?
  19. Camshaft rear seal

    Always OEM on seals. I've had good luck with RMEuropean for this type of part (they are $6.30 front / $5.46 rear for Corteco). Put together a few parts and take advantage of the free shipping at $65.
  20. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Logged some of these events today with a 10.000 Hz datalogger, measuring the pulsewidths on one of the injector control pins at the ECU, and I can tentatively say that the injector/ECU has nothing to do with these 'rich' spikes (unless there is a fault in the circuitry between the ECU and injector). I measured pulse-widths of 1.7ms before the rich spike, which actually decreases to 1.5ms during the spike. EVAP valve is indeed the number 1 suspect now. I also made an effort to log the injector pulses with radically different settings on the DK and K+L accel map. Gonna take me a while to sift through this data and do a proper analysis, I made several GB's worth because why not log at 10k Hz when you can :') Will follow up on this later.
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  22. im looking for some tips in fixing my Volvo s60 I have a oil leak from the passenger side coming out the crankshaft I believe its a seal but not really sure mechanics are charging me about 700 plus labor to fix this I was doing research an I could get a whole new engine for about that price I'm from new york
  23. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Jason, incredible work and you've done an impressive job documenting everything for the rest of the forum!! This is thread I most anticipate updates to each time I log on here. Keep up the great work sir!!!
  24. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Interesting theory about the Evap system messing with things. I would guess that the Evap mixture correction is only reactive and not proactive as the ECU does not know the concentration of fumes in the charcoal canister. But I don't know how to read the code so I'm not the most useful in this situation. On on an unrelated note, changing the ZWB1-ZWB2 value to be 1.5 or so does seem to change throttle response and overall feeling, As does changing the ignition delta table and the deceleration leaning to pretty much cut all fuel above 3500RPM. This makes the RPM drop off faster and engine braking begins sooner. Im trying to avoid using the bigger throttle body because, while it does make the throttle feel more responsive it decreases resolution and makes the last 10-20% of the pedal travel feel dead.
  25. Where did you finally find those?
  26. WTB: 850R WAGON Rear Seats

    Charcoal preferably but would consider tan.
  27. WTB: 850R WAGON Rear Seats

    Charcoal or Tan?
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