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  2. Joined VS in may of 09... so 8 years? Co-owned a 240... bought and parted down a 960... on my 3rd P80 AWD wagon.
  3. Still for sale? Sent you a PM as well.
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  5. Thank you - I literally just came across this a few minutes ago myself: I think I may just cut a known good one from a junkyard car and solder them together...
  6. I've owned Samco hoses, FCP Sport hoses, and I just bought Do88 hoses after the G-Plus hoses don't fit. Just as a cautionary note, there are a number of sellers selling these silicone hoses on eBay: So upon trying to fit these, I noticed that they were loose fitting along all the hose interconnections, and decided to take some measurements. I started with this pipe: And measured: This is one sample measurement, but every pipe was at least .070"-.110" in diameter too large, creating a terrible seal.
  7. Volvo did not intend for the "ABS pump cap" to be removed. As you will have noticed it is more or less clipped onto the assembly and can be taken of, just not when mounted in the car. It is a good idea to remove it though to repair the damaged isolation on the wiring. You could try to cut the cap into two halves and seal everything upon reassembly. The cover is not integral to the function of the system, it just shields the top of the assembly. Can't find the correct pin for the connector (which should be P/N #976504) at the moment, but Volvo does offer a repair kit. This requires the old wiring to be cut and a new partial loom to be spliced in. Should be P/N #9442888 - repair kit.
  8. Coming up on 7 year. Took a year hiatus where I never posted but still was doing Volvo things. Started with a 94 850 but ended up not starting around 347k, threw some things at it to try to get it to start then cut my losses and got the 850R, will never sell it and it will never be done. It has currently been sitting for the last 7 months awaiting some love on the brakes and fuel pump. Just got an 06 V70R so I can work on the 850 and not have to worry about not having crazy pressure to finish stuff on it and I can take my time with things. Good to see you all post again, I do miss this place.
  9. Saff has been driving under it's own power for a while now, only recently stopped leaking it's own fluids all over though. I'm taking a year off to get/do a design internship. One year left of school after that then I'm completely and totally free!
  10. Thanks Daren! Good to see the Saff driving around under it's own power in your IG and FB posts! Hope things are well up there in the north! When I graduate we still have to take our Slovenia trip, I'm ready to go! Thanks! It is unbelievable the difference daily driving this feels to my 850... Still love my p80 and will never get rid of it but this is otherworldly in comfort and daily driving duty + the m66 really makes my commute much much more fun.
  11. So by default there is no such thing as logging in the original bins?
  12. yea - may be time to fix that and upgrade it at the same time;
  13. Stage 0 done. timing belt done. stock 16t turbo/cbv with standard bolt ons with hd ipd tcv and filter kit. I posted on another fb and they think its the factory intake flex pipe after the maf. It is heatwrapped by the previous owner so I will yank it off today and take a look.
  14. Give us some more details on your car and its overall health... What turbo/wategate/CBV are you using? Have you preformed a stage 0 lately?
  15. Logging only works when you use the modified 608 bin. There is a more generic xdf out there that also fits the LPT and a few others. You find it in the motronic 4.4 thread.
  16. Looking for some wisdom. During my trip to Savannah this past weekend to European Experience I noticed my car was not getting full boost per the rica tune. Its only running the 10lbs or so. I have a 98 s70t5 with a rica tune.When before that it was running the 15-17lbs. I did have a check engine light for system bank lean. (p0171) i think it was. cleaned the mass air flow and checked for vacuum leaks. swapped out the high performance ipd tcv with the factory one and went for a drive. as soon as i mash it I get about 15-17 lbs. this AM I wake up and drive to work and its at 10lbs again. no check engine light....... what is going on with my ecu? Update: p0171 code just came back on so I will probaly buy a mass air flow and check my injectors for leaks
  17. Went for a long ride after work yesterday, I'm really loving this thing. I already have a list of modifications for it though...
  18. Which color do you want, Saffron? I will do my best to add it as soon as I can :-)
  19. I just wanted to introduce myself. I recently purchased a 1996 Volvo 960 sedan. I am looking forward to gleaning any information I can to help keep my car on the road. Thanks for letting me join. James
  20. you looking for the whole thing or just the BT module?
  21. Looking for 0261 204 611 XDF. I try the rev 5b for 608 and it works, but the logging does not. It appear it is on different address. Anyone probably can help here.
  22. The Midsommar Volvo Picnic is being hosted by Ulf and Elisabeth Jonsson at their home in South Windsor. All Volvo & Saab friends are welcome!••• Pot Luck... There will be burgers and dogs on the grill. Please bring an appetizer, dish, dessert, or beverage to share! ••• Bring a lawn chair...and don't forget your swimsuit and towel !!!••• Everyone is welcome... VCOA members, non-members, and guests!Date: Sun. Jun. 25, 2017Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pmLocation: 100 Sally Drive, South Windsor, CTJoin us for a great time! Southern New England Chapter | Volvo Club of America
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