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  2. Ard spool control wheel

    It goes whoosh. I'm quite happy with it. Seems to be working well in concert with a fast BCS and short hoses. Boost is hard but no spike, and progressively climbs. I'll let you know something less subjective once I get my car back on the road and a dyno run or some logging. It's likely the tune is most important for whatever the setup you go with
  3. So I'm ready to put my car back together. It's a '96 850R engine code B5234T4 (/w M59). I will be installing a DO88 intercooler + rad, condenser, new oil cooler lines, starter, dip stick tube, PCV catch can, NA intake manifold, and new style dip stick tube... Question is what order should I reinstall everything? I've gathered that I can put the oil cooler lines onto oil thermostat and then install and route the lines. However i'm a bit worried they might be in the way if I do this before installing the rad, intercooler, condenser. Removal of the lines was a huge pain but i'm fairly optimistic for getting this done in the next couple weekends.
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  5. 2000 C70 coupe (posted here since chassis is P80 still). I will be digging into this on Saturday. But, I have checked my spring seat from the top. Top nut does not spin or have any vertical movement when the car is bounced. I noticed this because that corner started rubbing my fender on bumps it never rubbed on before and I have less finger space on left than right. I am on IPD springs and Koni oranges. The oranges are gas charged. Would the car sag if one is blown as far as the charge goes? Car does not bounce abnormally. Any other culprits that would cause a mild sag like this that I can look for? I will post up after this weekend with whatever I find... or not find.
  6. 1998 V70 Xc From The Beginning... to the end

    The good news is photobucket is back up, albeit with a watermark on the photos now. If your account is still there, the photos will display like they used to in your posts. Nice work on the X1/9 body kit!! Love how it transformed the car I have a feeling that once you start playing with the K24 you’ll forget all about modifying Volvo’s...
  7. Lack of performance '96 850R

    Actually "temper tantrum" is wrong and rude! Perplexed is a great way to put it. But hey, civility is a thing of an age gone by right? Did I know this forum was dead isn't the best question considering I posted here. That would seem to indicate I didn't know. Car is in the title. ;-) '96 850R No tuning. 12psi is read from an aftermarket gauge. TCV is not in the picture. Plugged in, but not in the circut between the comp housing and actuator. And yes, the little hose that runs between it and the intake hose is present. CBV is brand new, as stated. Additionally, I no longer believe it's a leak issue, as I stated in the first post. The manifold is seeing north of 12psi but the car only feels like a strong N/A car? This isn't my first turbo car BTW. I've experienced what a leak feels like. The cars are often strong up to that pressure point where the start leaking. Unless of course it's big or sudden (like when you drive down the road after forgetting to tighten an intercooler hose and the first whiff of boost blows it off). BTDT If you have any ideas or thoughts, I appreciate it. If not, don't worry. I'm selling this ****er anyway.
  8. Lack of performance '96 850R

    "oh well" is a friendly bump or a little temper tantrum because nobody replied to your thread within 20 hours of posting? You know this forum is dead, right? what is the car? 850r or 98 v70r? auto or manual? what tuning if any are you running? when you read 12 psi is that on a stock gauge (if you have an 850r) or an actual boost gauge? what is the situation with your MBC and TCV? Are they in parallel? What turbo are you running? What is the condition of the WG and CBV... new hoses are great but what is the pre-load on the WG, is the CBV torn?
  9. Travel much? there are bad drivers EVERYWHERE its on you to be better
  10. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    That wheel!! <3 <3
  11. 1998 V70 Xc From The Beginning... to the end

    Unfortunately many of the pics went bye-bye when PB stuck us in the ass for $$$ server fees. The ones I did get to download have all had their meta-data wiped by the PB fuckers, so I really can't arrange many of them in historical order - esp all the permutations on IC / piping setups & motor work :( At some point I will start going through what I have & fix what I can. The last couple years have been mostly occupied with fixing a house for my Mum so she could move close by, work on my old house, and body work/paint on my X1/9. That car is my major project car now - next up is a Honda K24 install. The days of heavy Volvo mods are pretty much done, I'd have to say.
  12. Continuing in the spirit of these archived threads: Again, latest data backs up my original claim; portland oregon drivers are ranked 190th out of 200 cities in USA; down 3 spots from last year. Keep up the good work out there guys! Take it all with a grain of salt of course. Remember, there's lies, damn lies, and statistics.
  13. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    That looks proper. Thank you for the wheel Josh!
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  15. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Just a little something Ive had made whist Im unable to do anything else. Based on Razorx's design from a few years ago
  16. M4.4 + Ostrich +COP+VVT.

    Darn...that was fast!!!
  17. Thats cool. I enjoy shooting.
  18. where are you located mate? PM me....

  19. Been trying to sort out an issue with my R for some time now. Planning on selling it but I'd like to sort this issue first. Anyway, car has no issues making boost but the performance isn't there. It feels like it's pulling timing. It will steadily hold 12psi but once beyond 1 or 2 psi it doesn't get any stronger. So what have I checked/done? All new hoses for WG and CBV. New clamps and intercooler hoses from a known working car (T5) Brand new hd CBV from IPD Swapped MAF Swapped coil Checked and/or replaced all one way valves that I know of. The brake booster valve and hose is brand new. The valve on the way to the vapor canister is good. The PCV system was rebuilt with a kit from IPD. Shaft play is minimal NO CODES!!!! Cap and rotor have less than 10k on them Plugs have less than 15k on them The o2 sensor seems fine. Based on how eagerly the needle swept back and forth (watching this via Torque) I wouldn't say it's lazy. And once again, there are no codes. Also has a rebuilt ABS/TRACS controller ( but I really don't BELIEVE that would/could cause issue! ) I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something on that list. I don't believe it's a boost leak! And I know it's not TCV related as I'm running an MBC and the TCV is essentially plugged. It was running this way just fine this way for some time. Additionally, I'v dealt with boost leaks before. I ran 17psi on a 240 and remember when suddenly it wouldn't boost past 12psi. Turned out to be a crack in a hose that wouldn't open till it hit 12psi. If there is anything someone can add I'm all ears. I'm now at the point of trying to log ODBII data via Torque.
  20. Let me know what you think! My brother got a set for his S60R and love them but I'm not sure if they feel the same. I've been trying to keep my suspension stock for racing but tbh, part of me is kiiiiiiiinda tempted to do some suspension work. I was thinking of Bilstein HDs and maybe mixing them with the T-5R springs.
  21. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    ha, no but i would eat Filet on every meal if i could. I'm just in the we should collect everyones guns camp.
  22. Pew pew. Are you one of those "vegans".
  23. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Yes, do! Like both of those wheels, but yeah, comets are the best looking stock wheels IMO.
  24. How Your Car Sits

    broke ass punk ass
  25. Camshaft Followers

    Yes I kept them submerge .The worst of then I believe were on the exhaust side they wouldn't compress at all . I have them all free now and yes they do come apart but not easily .
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