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  2. I'm running the C70 vert subframe with no modifications whatsoever, bolted right up. Here's a comparison picture I made way back that shows everything is there:
  3. EDIT: Fixed. Thanks Daren! The C70 subframe (with aluminum bushings) has the awd-style transmission mount and does use the 4 bolt control arms like the awd models. So it would fit without modification. With the M66, the 4 bolt control arm on the drivers side is harder to access. I wanted to get away from the 4 bolt arms, so I started with a FWD subframe to use the 2 bolt control arm setup, then had the AWD transmission mount bracket welded on. The C70 subframe with brace fits AWD models, Daren @quiksilver has one on his car.
  4. Didnt want to do the braced c70 subframe or does that not work with awd?
  5. I tightened up the e brake cable on the XC90 today. Used the “cheat” way of prying on the adjuster with a wrench while I clamped vise grips onto the cable sleeve. It holds the car still now while in gear if I push it all the way down, so that’ll do for now.
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  7. My car did the same thing years ago, pronounced clunk when in reverse and turning in one direction. Ended up being the Viscous Coupler. Rear propeller (drive) shaft center support bearing failure can also cause similar noise, but the fact that it only happens in reverse and when turning leads me to suspect faulty Viscous Coupler (torque tube).
  8. Ooofff that one is pretty bad indeed. no anti lag or such features?
  9. Weird for sure. I had an awd noise when going forward and backwards (just one time each way) that turned out to be the bushing at the front of the torque tube / viscous coupler. It would tension either down and bonk or up and bonk the cars floor. Was not continuous but worth a look. I always though CV joints made a click click click as they rotated when dead / dyeing.
  10. Time to inspect the front CV of the rear driveshaft. It’s just inches from the catalytic converter and the heat tends to bake the boot of that CV joint. It’s probably gone and the joint is failing. Good news - It’s not a huge deal to replace. 😎
  11. new tire rods, oil change. tried to have new Ebrake pads but turns out I need to new cables also. need to arrange an alignment
  12. Drained the catch can. Only takes about 10 minutes to disconnect, drain and reinstall.
  13. Hello ! I think a GT28/GT30/GT31 frame would suffice for 400HP...
  14. Doing research about larger frame turbos. After the 19t what's the logical progression to hit 400 horsepower on a b5234T9 motor.
  15. Couple months late to the party, do you still have this?
  16. Installed the new hot side today. Tuning starts anew. All I can say is epic fail; my guess is it's been melting down for some time..
  17. Make sure to use quality seats for the repair; there's lot of junk out there. Recommend the IPD HD seats or I believe the XC90 seats also work? You'll have to get a front end alignment after the job.
  18. Thanks a bunch. I have been worried about my struts all winter.
  19. I think we’ve clearly established that yours were not, in fact, black.😂 I am really happy with with H&R’s
  20. Upper spring seats. They wear out and make noise. You probably don't need to replace the upper strut mounts, just the seats. You will need a strut spring compressor to replace them.
  21. Volvo is superb for the strong weight and long running,,, check my one-
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