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    Maxxecu, Love it
  3. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    I had a friend help me, but with no vacuum bleeder. It was a process of pumping the pedal 12-15 times with the bleeder valve closed, open the valve, close the valve and pump, and rinse and repeat until there were no bubbles. We probably repeated that process 20-25 times, and there were definitely no bubbles by the end, but after all that, we collected maybe 100-150mL of brake fluid.
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  5. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    I didn't route mine through the air box and never had any noise issues. Also, my experience was the best way to bleed the clutch was with 2 people. A vacuum bleeder didn't not do it.
  6. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    What are you saying the stack height of the clutch/PP would affect? I didn't feed the clutch line through the airbox because it seemed to route just fine without it, and I didn't want to mess with taking the master/hose/slave assembly apart to do so. I could check if it's moving or rubbing anywhere. Here's a video showing the clutch engagement required to get the car to creep slowly without throttle. Notice at the start of the video, the bit of slack that I can lift to get the pedal to fully return. If I have the pedal fully depressed then take my foot off of it quickly so the pedal springs up on its own, it will go all the way back up. But when my foot is letting the pedal back up, it doesn't fully return and has this bit of slack. I think what I really need is a vacuum bleeder for the clutch...
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  8. GM 3 BAR MAP Formula

    Now we're getting somewhere.. but before we continue, I should explain; I said above when x is 0 on my gauge it's reading -21.7 psi, that's in terms of boost, not absolute pressure. That's the way my AEM gauge is designed; to read pressure relative to ambient. Keep in mind ambient pressure around sea level is generally about 14.7 psi. This GM part is an absolute pressure sensor. From your link: 1 PSI = 2.036" of Mercury (HG) 1" mercury = 0.4911541 PSI Formula for the GM 3 Bar MAP sensor is (V*8.94)-14.53 This formula appears to be in terms of boost also, and in psi units. So now you need to decide what units you want to log: psi, bar, kpa, etc. and in terms of absolute pressure or boost? Since this is just for logging, I would think you'd want to have the output in terms of boost? Going to also assume units of psi too, so we can use above. If you want other units, you just need to convert all the static terms in your equation. Assuming so, then you have to convert the voltage input to x (0-255 byte value) form. The way I like to do this is ratios: V/5 = x/255; => V in terms of x => V(x) = 5*x/255. Sanity ck: when x = 0, then V is also 0; when x is 255, then V is 5v. So I think this should work: ((5*X/255)*8.94) - 14.53 You could multiply it out to simplify terms if you want. Sanity ck it using the endpoints (x = 0 and x = 255) and also at 0 boost (14.7 psi or about 100 kpa). Per the table from your link, 100 kpa correlates to about 1.6v. So what is that in terms of x? Again, i would use ratios: 1.6/5 = x/255; solve for x to get about 81.6; plug that into above to get about 0; again in terms of boost this looks correct.
  9. Downpipe

    Great. Thank u I will use the setup...Ferrita 3" turbo back/downpipe - sport cat - 2.25" original S60T5 piping-resonator - muffler Hope not creating too much back pressure As for muffler is there any good internal design with low sound? I know straight piping muffler usually noisy But to use S flow muffler, wouldn't it decreases the gas flow and still got back pressure? Maybe i was at other planet...i didn't update on S flow design that have great performance without noise... Thanks
  10. Downpipe

    You will notice the largest increase in performance if you upgrade to a larger cat-back, but a 3” downpipe into the stock cat-back is a good starting point because you’ll be removing the stock downpipe which is the biggest restriction in the exhaust system.
  11. Hi Volvo S60T5 , 2.4 version .Automatic transmission is Aisin AW55-51 SN. 5 speed. Plan to do ecu tune for increase performance. In the ecu tuning package , the tuner will adjust and reset the transmission limiter on 1st and 2nd gearshift. For 1st gear and 2nd gear will set boost at 1 bar boost. 3rd, 4th and 5th gear boost is set at 1.4 bar what are your comments? Will this effects the transmission reliability and damage the transmission? AFR My car use Ultragauge multi info display. Ultragauge tap inputs from ECU. Im concern about AFR, but the ECU and Ultragauge don't have wide band AFR display Ultragauge only have Lambda reading. Is Lambda reading same with AFR reading? Mostly lambda reading 1.000. When lean the Lambda reads above 1.000. When rich Lambda shows below 1.000. I think Lambda is narrow band Do you think Lambda reading is useful to read AFR ? Or i need to buy dedicated AFR gauge? FUELVRON After tuning ecu, is it compulsory to use higher Ron fuel full time? My place only got Ron 95 and Ron 98 Most of the time i drive leisurely at speed 80 km/h to 100km/h. Boost is negative/off boost.For leisurely, relaxing drive, is it okay to use Ron 95 ? I only use Ron 98 when driving out station because got clear and wide highways. Usually on highways i drive 120kmh to 160kmh. Thanks Thanks Thanks for any advise
  12. Downpipe

    Thanks Will using 2.25" cat back system from original S60T5, will it creates big back pressure? Because turbo downpipe 3" and taper down to 2.25"...big gap of diameter size
  13. GM 3 BAR MAP Formula

    This is it. The 3 BAR one.. I cant understand it
  14. GM 3 BAR MAP Formula

    You'll need the transfer function for the sensor; i.e. for a given pressure, what's the signal voltage output. Usually given either as a table or formula (or both). Didn't see it on your ebay link. At minimum you'll need the dynamic range (lowest pressure it can read, to highest). Did it come with any documentation? If not, you'll have to characterize yourself by inputting a known pressure and reading/logging the signal voltage out at each pressure point. Would hope it's linear but don't know. Regarding the wiki, I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but my guess is it's confused; at x = 0, the output is 14.5. err psi? When x is 0 on my gauge it's reading -21.7 psi. Keep in mind x is a byte value so its range is 0-255. Please, if you're going to document an ADX formula, specify for what sensor it is relevant.
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  16. How to open ECM box on S70

    They're on the Australian cars too. I cut a slit in the screw to unscrew it and then remove the whole thing once I have access.
  17. P80 Brake Pads

    PBR gone, just the one set of rears left.
  18. How to open ECM box on S70

    Update - it is a screw and I was able to unscrew it by using pliers. Thanks all for help!
  19. GM 3 BAR MAP Formula

    Hi All, I hooked up a GM 3 bar MAP sensor to my Tank pressure channel but the conversion formula from wiki does not work. Does anyone have a conversion formula that works with the GM 3 BAR map? Let me know! Thank you! Maybe @gdog you can come to the rescue again? haha
  20. Volans

    Hey guys I see all sorts of opinions on wheels, some like Pegs others say Volans , try Googling theses Volans, Maratus Volans
  21. Off Topic: The Thread

    Says the guy with two VWs Is VS Tapatalk compatible? I've only ever browsed at a computer...
  22. Summer Road Tour 2018 | SUN 7/22/18

    Forecast looks like rain will taper off just in time for our road tour... I hope AM rain doesn't keep anyone away!
  23. Off Topic: The Thread

  24. Downpipe

    Turboback>Downpipe>catback If you are trying to keep to a tight budget, the downpipe is the best bang for your buck if havent already gotten a tune. An upgraded dp will add power and some nice noise :)
  25. P80 Brake Pads

    New in box: 1 set rear: Volvo OE 30793802 Galfer/Italy 20.00 1 set front: PBR Semi-met D796RM 20.00 1set rear: PBR Semi-met D141RM 10.00 For 850 @ 70 series up to 2000. Shipping: 5.00 per set, 10.00 for 2 sets. PM or email:
  26. Downpipe

    Hi It's 2007, S60T5, 2400cc , K24 turbo, automatic transmission Regarding turbo downpipe / turboback including high flow cat. Should i upgrade turbo back first, or cat back first ? Short of money , need to do by stages. Some people advise to upgrade to 3" turbo back first because turbo back upgrade would unleash more power by giving extra flow of turbine gas to escape. Then temporarily after the cat, i will use original S60T5 2.4 full cat back including muffler. I know there will be back pressure with this setup. But how bad is the backpressure considering from 3" turbo back to smallish 2.25" cat back... I did test drive my friend S60T5 2.3 , TD04-16T that use the setup as above. Low to mid range rpm is good but poor top end Thanks
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