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  2. Hello, Since it appears you can no longer order these new, even aftermarket, I am looking to see if anyone has a working used one they are willing to sell. Thanks,
  3. Finally got the key fob remote from the previous owner and used my remaining new case to have a fully functional key fob for the new S70. Question, I have 2 spare remotes left over from previous S70s (all 98s) and would love to reprogram one of them to mate to this new S70 so I can give one to my daughter who is the other primary driver of the car. If I recall correctly I need someone with the ability to unlock the VGLA module and then pair it with the remote. Do I just need someone with VADIS / VIDA or is this a dealer only effort for a 98? Found this post, sounds like I need the PIN from the dealer:
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  5. My antenna is straight up, I did not know they made a bracket to be angled, this is the first time im seeing an angled antenna. Also I broke the 3rd brake light on the s70.... It fell down shortly after or during the roof respray and I went to check it today to see about putting it back up, the plastic disintegrated in my hands. So $50 at the dealer tomorrow I suppose.
  6. Water pump - Sold Safety net - Sold
  7. Selling some left over P2 items. S60 Grills - $40 + shipping -04 V70 Tail lights - $40 + shipping for all 4 (driver side upper has a crack) Asin Water pump - $140 shipped - SOLD 2002 Tan window switch (you can swap face plates - 09193383) - $40 Shipped 2002 Grey window switch (09193383) - $40 shipped Driver door handle assembly (Ruby Red) - $20 + shipping Black light switch control with fogs (04-09 8691753) - $20 + shipping Driver dash vent black - free with any purchase Misc trim pieces - free with any purchase Wiper arm cap 81433518 - $5 + shipping Blistein Rear Shocks - 24-193276 ($60 each + shipping so $120 + shipping for the pair) Center console - $100 + shipping Ball joints - Detroit Axle - $30 shipped for the pair Volvo Safey Net - $200 shipped - SOLD Volvo Aux light kit for front bumper various models - $200 shipped includes switch and plugs + blanks I made to keep water out when not in use Photos
  8. Volvo 850 R med TD04-19T. Jeg ser det går at få turbo med billet kompressor hjul er det noen bestemte kompressorhjul/ turbinhjul osv som gir boost ved lavere turtall en andre de finnes 9 blades 11 blades osv.Vid vilken turtall börjar turbon att öka boost?Finns det några delar, modifieringar som gör att den kan ge en boost vid lägsta möjliga turtall? Det är en byggd motor med sämsta H-profil stakar så ingen fara för hög boost tidigt
  9. Made it to the Dyno today with a few other Volvo guys. High level parts list: B5234T9 K24 japanifold Green Injectors N/A Intake + TB IPD Turbo back do88 intercooler Vast tune (COP and dual VVT) It's hard to find good info on these cars anymore. I'm very happy with the project, but curious if there's anything to be done with smoothing out the power band. Anyone know the consensus on the N intake manifold vs the RN manifold?
  10. I’m 99% I’ve got one at home. Ping me during the week to remind me to check. If I do, I’ll happily mail it to you no charge
  11. This is what my Nautic looked like.....
  12. Hmm, I think it actually is Nautic 417......doesn't look like
  13. Last week
  14. I'm thinking about a repaint for my V70 and digging this blue but can't say I've seen it in person on any Volvo. I had Nautic Blue (Volvo Dark Blue Metallic 417) so I know it's not that. Im thinking these are either Volvo Turquoise Pearl Metallic 422 or Volvo Aqua Pearl Metallic 431 Any help would be much appreciated. I was trying to use this as a reference
  15. Been a good while but the wagons keep rolling. Still have the black 98 project good grief that I RN swapped many moons ago, still 18T and ARD Blue Tune(lol, works great?), currently 220,000 miles, 70k on the RN swap build. Sold it to my buddy for a few years, got hit at a light and sat due to bent tailgate. I got it back two years ago and swapped XC bumpers from my old nautic xc, did a bunch of regular work to it since but mostly just drive it. The nautic xc died many years ago due to sibling neglect, she has been relegated to parts car. I bought a 240 for a simpler Volvo experience and quite love the contrast between it and the V70. Did a cheap headlight change, B Cam, new exhaust, got 2 M47s in the garage with full swap kit ready. Rebuilt my RX7 again, added a 2nd Gen Cummins Dually and Crossfire Injection Corvette!! Still tinkering with motorcycles too. I have a list of stuff to do to the V70, some routine maintenance, possible paint or at least dip, thinking about finally doing the M66 swap and big turbo build that I've been squirreling away parts for. It's an old car and shows, clear coat is falling off, a lot of quirks inside with doors, locks, windows,etc... But this thing still just runs, drives great and still hauls ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD, quite happy that it's held up to the test of time despite being used hard and put away wet regularly. Anyways just wanted to say hi, been reading around lately and really glad to see some of the same guys still here, some coming back after a while like me, glad to see that you guys don't stop rolling. Here is what it looked like when I got it back, pretty much the same. Tailgate and bumper swap
  16. Hmm, that is interesting. I'm pretty sure my 2000 had the angled antenna. That seems to be on most of them that I see.
  17. It's more curiosity to see if only the one O2 sensor can be reliably used. I've used the Spartan 2's on a couple MegaSquirt builds running WB control with no NB without a problem, but those were a little easier for an average enthusiast like me to set up. Using the WBO2 just for logging with the stock O2 for control is perfectly fine for one of the projects, as we'll probably not *need* to mess with the tune once we dial a few things in, so it will not stay on the car. The other project may be a bit more of an on-going project/tune, so streamlining the install might be beneficial.
  18. Hi, Haven't tried it but it should be possible. I would suggest to log the NB emulation signal (raw voltage) while having the standard NB still in place. If they behave similar in voltage at stationary conditions I would see no issues with that setup. Do you see any benefits by running WB sensor with NB emulation instead of WB measurement and/or WB controlled? I guess a real (stock) NB sensor is always the most trusted "truth" in the end. Rich or Lean. Nothing else. // Turboforslund
  19. So, my Google-fu is failing me. Working on configuring a couple ECUs for WBO2 logging with Spartan 2's. I have the details on the proper connections, etc for the WB signal, but have people made use of the NB emulation in place of the signal from the stock sensor? (So connection at A32?) I know the WBO2 can run in parallel to the stock one, solely for logging purposes, but is it possible to just run the single WBO2 sensor and use that NB signal TO the ECU?
  20. Today I learned that there are apparently two different brass brackets that attach the electric antenna module to the rear trunk panel of the car. Every S70 I worked until now the antenna exited perpendicular to the rear quarter panel of the car. The bracket for it looks like this: And the antenna looks like this: But apparently there’s another setup where the bracket lacks the hole in the middle that water evacuation tube goes through and instead is triangular and forces you to flip the antenna module around. It also means the antenna sits at something like an 80° angle toward the rear as it exits the hole in the quarter panel. Had me totally flummoxed as I kept flipping around the bracket trying to figure out how to attach it so the antenna would be perpendicular. When I finally found a picture of the bracket with the hole in the middle - which I had forgotten about I realized they were different. The nut secures the antenna to the top of the quarter panel also has an angle to it. And to prove it’s not a fluke here’s another S70 with same setup: I never realized this and genuinely curious on the rationale because I can’t find a product break / model year and all 3 of the S70s I’ve owned were/are 98s and two were T5s.
  21. they had nice aluminum trim in them too really nice car and ahead of the game in 2007
  22. Hmm. I bet you could! I didn't know the V8 Sport was a thing either until I was looking at them to replace the 04. but man i really like the upgrades that it offers over the old T6 we had.
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