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  2. Sorry, I've should add I will be working on replacing vacuum lines next week since it is 20yrs old car, fuel pressure seems ok after pressing little nipple on fuel rail, Fuel pump relay has been replaced with one from the junkyard and same symptoms.more update to come.
  3. Yes, thank goodness that was all it was, as far as that goes. Problem is it doesn't run well at all. Idle surges & AFR's sweep wildly, so I haven't even run it to full warm up yet. Have some work to do to figure out what's going on
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  5. So sweet! Did you really find just 1 unpined wire? Kind of nice to have such a smoking gun in this case.
  6. We probably need to start with the basics here. Do we have any air leaks? How is our fuel pressure? Any history on the fuel pump relay?
  7. Just got 1999 V70R with 212k and car starts/idles fine for the first 10-15 min. and then begins to stumble/idle rough. Runs fine above 2000 rpms. No codes in on VIDA scan, also It has new XeMODeX ETM installed by previous owner and it was programmed by the dealer. Looking for help and suggestions and idea how to tackle this problem.
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  9. Cool. Cool man. That makes perfect sense. Thank you.
  10. I'm new to Volvo's. I have a 2004 Volvo S40 1.9t automatic. My transmission is starting to go bad. I would like to swap the stock automatic with a p2 M56. Would it bolt to my engine? What mounts do I need? Is there a conversion kit I can purchase? Anything else I would need to know or purchase for this to be possible?
  11. Took care of several things today. Finished cleaning up the mats Good enough for another year or so Bled the clutch. Haven't done the pedal box, but wanted to check if the pedal return spring faux-pas was the cause of my bleeding woes. Clutch bled in about ten strokes. Bottle with fluid attached to bleeder. Crack open bleeder, stroke until pedal firms. Check reservoir after each 3-4 strokes. Close bleeder. Clutch disengages close to the floor, but no matter it works. With that, I dropped the car & drove it out the garage under it's own steam Several problems. Engine runs wayyy too rich, and won't idle below 1800rpm. Youtube Worse thing - heater core is now leaking after I cleaned out the heater box drain Drip Drip Drip youtube
  12. I have used Bosch Quiet Cast pads front and rear on my wife's XC60 with great success. Very little dust and no noise. Not really used for anything other than a daily commuter.
  13. Used a S40 wheel arch liner to make a cover for the EMS wiring secured with one plastic rivet I'll cover it with carpet made a couple extra heat sheilds from some extra material from the S40 Have to add one more sheild for the rear body panel reworked the heater hose feed elbow, it was sticking out too far & causing the heater hose to hit the shift linkage all good now Got all the drivers properly installed - had to reinstall the app with the ECU connected & powered for it to work changed the injector sizing, but didn't realize the dead times had to be manually set - this is the stock 310cc times After taking care of the cooling system I started & ran the motor for maybe a minute, and saw that the WBO2 was reading 10 (!) so I shut it down. These are the dead times I should have switched to before running it I'll reload the tune tomorrow, hopefully it'll be all good now.
  14. yeah show us some more angles of this 'nanny' or 'mom'
  15. Engine wouldn't start - no ECU activation. Though it might be an immobilizer issue, but it turned out I missed wired the ECU base feed from the main relay instead of the fuel pump relay switched circuit. added the extra wire from the F/Pump relay feed fuse to E9 circuit, and it's all good! Ran it for just long enough to set the fuel pressure to 50psi and that was about it. Only ran it for some seconds - the garage had to be wide open at both ends as the hose would stay on the exhaust. Have two minor cooling leaks (water housng gasket I didn't bother changing, and pin hole in heater hose off T/stat exension housing) to address. No oil or other fluid leaks that I could see :D Tach works, etc. Have to set some parameters in K-Tuner, as the idle surged after start idle mode. I read that the TPS has to be calibrated in the software, so need to look into that. ODBII port is wired
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  17. Same here. There's actually a yard not too far from here in SC that has around least 25-30 P2s that came from a retired Volvo shop owner. Gold mine if you need P2 parts.
  18. Wow, this sure beats laying under a car that's up on ramps on a sloped driveway in the dark! 🙂
  19. Would you believe that it sat in the pull a part lot for 2 months? I don't know why nobody else took it... glad I got it!
  20. 2006 Volvo v70 (120,000 miles) part out list of parts below: Box #1 Steering wheel Trunk hatch carpeted trim Center console Box #2 Car jack and breaker bar red handle and tow bar A/C compressor Windshield wiper motor Accelerator pedal Fuel door lock solenoid Navigation Antenna Antenna amplifier (green or orange x2) Ignition immobilizer Ignition switch starter Turn signal stalk Sensor alarm Seat belt restraints (x2) Door sill plates (x2) Metal radio pocket Volvo plastic radio pocket Radio A/C control unit Side view mirror left Servotronic fuse relay Trunk latch Windshield wiper stalk Overhead light driver front Rear bumper trim (x2) Dashboard trim Instrument border Rear speaker covers Driver motor seat controls Passenger motor seat controls Gear shifter Steering wheel column cover Door speaker covers front (x2) Center console trim (x2) Rear carpeted trim panels (x2 one thin one thick) Front cupholders Rear cargo upper trim with dome light Master cylinder Box #3 Side view mirror right Wooden door handle trim pieces (x4) Fuel pump regulator Overhead dome light rear Windshield rain sensor Tan headrest with long spikes Tan headrest with brackets (x2) Rear armrest with cupholders Flip down sun shield left (red wire) Flip down sun shield right (green wire) Rear view mirror and wiring harness Power steering pump tank Right upper brake light Right lower brake light Armrest for front seats Driver window switch box Front passenger window switch Airbag sensor Rear speakers (x2) Box #4 Side airbags (x2) Spare tire Rear fuse relay box Rear third brake light Emergency brake with leather Rear trunk speaker trim (x2) Right rear trunk carpet trim Box #5 All 4 door panels Back hatch carpeted floor (x2 one thin one thick) Rear bottom single seat Single seat leather upper Double seat leather upper Left and right rear seat bolsters Right front carpet Left front carpet Drivers front seat Passenger front seat Rear trunk hatch trim Box 6 Braking systems (x2) Glove box Emergency brake trim (x2) Center console back plate Passenger lower dash cover Floor door trim (x2) Front door handles License plate frame Seat railing covers Box 7 Instrument cluster 163000 Radio trim Shifter trim Trunk trim (long back piece (x2) and shoulder piece Floor door trim (x2 longer pieces) Rain sensor cover Dash radio storage box Fuse panel cover Gas tank cover Front air bag crash sensor Rear air bag crash sensors Air bag impact sensor Headlight switch Hazard light switch Dashboard airbag Ecu Box 8: Miscellaneous On pallet not in box: Door pillar vents (x2) Torque rod Windshield wiper motor cover with seal Trunk pillar covers (x2) Left side skirt cover Right side skirt cover Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 longer) Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 shorter) Trunk trim with cut out for lock Trunk trim no cut out Dashboard Left and right trim railings (x2)
  21. Beste Maarten,

    Ik ben binnenkort eigenaar van een 2003 v70r en zou graag zelf de ecu willen mappen. Kan u mij hierbij helpen?

    Met Vriendelijke Groeten,

    Cedric Van Roeyen

  22. Picked up an M66 for $100. It was fun to pull...
  23. Oh I already went through every album. I'm not even really fan of metal! but I heard cemetery gates one day and I was like ok this is one of the greatest songs ever made. After that I wanted to listen to it all and now I'm hooked.
  24. You definitely need to listen to Far Beyond Driven if you like those.
  25. Over the past weekend, I went up to a friend's place who is also into Volvos.. Met up with Dan Maley and let the Saffrons have a little quality time together ;) Nothing much else to note at this point. Winter mode is still in full effect, I pulled my annual stunt of ripping the rear splash shields off in a large puddle again. Salvaged the right side and am in need of another left.. Upcoming summer plans are going to include: -Stereo system -Tweak rear springs (currently on cut R springs and Euro Nivos with drop bolts. It's a litttle bouncy, I want to try Trimmed XC springs and see if it's a little smoother) -More maintenance and chase pesky little issues -Jewels or ABMs if I'm feeling frisky.
  26. Only started the Volvo today. Work closed because of snow. Installed a new aluminum radiator into the spider, along with new hoses, thermostat, cooling fan and a few temp sensors.
  27. Finished the 8 pole spade bridge connector only the OBDII port left now. ELD circuit wired to this point. Just need to figure out a feed that is not live in crank reconnected the battery - nothing caught fire or turned itself on, so it's looking good - so much wiring I wasn't sure I wouldn't have an issue reverse lights are fed from the ECU, they work Only thing I see is that I have the trigger for the ECU fan connected to (30) feed instead of (15) - it's not supposed to be live with key off. Have to get some gasoline, check the fluids, and then crank it over & see what's what :)
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