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  3. Sold. Thanks VS !
  4. Made a baffled expansion tank for the X1/9 drilled & tapped T/stat hosuing fittings for 3/8NPT vent (10 AN fittings) & 1/2NPT feed (12 AN fittings) almost done
  5. Greg I would check out Kaplhenke for coilovers
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  7. Look through the website they have a few different TDR's. Different color and size options. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me but the only issue I see with what they have is the center bore???
  8. Kev what did you even do to this car??? You don't talk to us anymore
  9. Its getting there, Going to blast the inlet and starter motor supports then have them plated. I just bolted them up temporarily so I could sort the wiring loom out Here is the link
  10. I'm looking to get away from iPhones since I keep killing my iPhone 6 (shuts off randomly, dies at 60% battery, overheats, etc) What phone would you guys recommend for someone who is a heavy mobile gamer?
  11. That would be my choice. Have heard same thing about k24 shaft being weak with bigger compressors and need to upgrade to k26 shaft.
  12. I have no experience of K24 slightly larger than TD04, heard a lot of rumors though, like don´t upgrade the stock turbine shaft with larger compressor wheel, the front axle is to weak for high boost and larger compressor wheel exducer.. I have heard they don't like higher boosts at all, and the limit would be like18 psi. I was recommended to use the K26 shaft, but it is heavier. There are company's that offers ceramic coating, not cheap but, it may help exhaust house from cracking.. I have hardly seen any TD04 without cracks either, as long as the waste gate doesn't leak it doesn't matter a lot. I also believe you see a lot of turbo that been run hot, by to lean A/F at high loads and rpm, due to poor mapping, or engine management systems. The Hybrid I got, is basically a K26 upgrade core with a billet compressor wheel, in a Volvo K24 exhaust and compressor housings. It will definitely have a later spool up than a -20T as it is noticeably larger and heavier.
  13. looks good, and your engine is super clean. Link to parts?
  14. As usually, you are right.. There's an article from GFB:
  15. Grapjas Not for the time being. It is a great car but I have been having serious issues with the brakes. The car received it's third set of discs today. Maybe the only modification I want to do is to make better air ducts for the front brakes. All other the car is fun. Just started exploring the suspension adjustment capabilities. Currently the car was a bit to understeering for my liking. Or a bit to heavy turn in better said. A bigger blast to drive compared to the 6 cylinder. Decided to trade the V60 btw.
  16. So when do you gut it and cage it? lol
  17. I hear you but it's Shake Shack, not a concourse event.
  18. This is code for "I like my VW better"
  19. Good deal, I see so many wheel options for the k24 its silly. Whats your opinion on the exhaust housing crack that seems to always form. Is there a way to prevent that, or is it really par for the course?
  20. Im loving it.. Fast, great screen, really good cameras and the latest mobile radios so I have almost full bars everywhere I go. I used to have 1 to 2 bars in my house max, now 5 all around. There is a surprising small amount of bloatware which was easily removed, which was a big change from the bare-bone android of the Nexus 6. the curved corners on the screen are a nice touch and I love how its a flat screen unlike the pixel or S8, but you like the edge screen so the S8 may be better for you. so far its very comfortable and I am definitely happy with the purchase
  21. Anybody know where to get all the torque specs for a 2012 Volvo C30? No Haynes books out there. And most is online now. Resource?
  22. A sloppy lap, And some fun "scaring" Emiel in another lap,
  23. Lame. I can guarantee it's in better shape than my wagon, and I'll be at Carlisle for sure.
  24. Looks good being actually put to use. Any video from that?
  25. I'm planning on doing KW V2 coilovers finally and wanted to go with a 17" wheel with PSS at the same time... 225/35/18 isn't fun and never was haha. I want to be able to drive this car soon... and not have a fucking Frankenstein 850 wagon that only works 'sometimes' haha
  26. It's just not where I want it :(
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