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  4. Hi. Probably a well-worn topic, but I could not find anything that directly addressed my exact problem. I have a leak that results in water dripping from the "console" above the windshield. (Sunroof controls, interior lights, etc.) Two weird things though: This only happens when the car is parked with the nose down-hill in the rain. Even a gentle slope. When parked nose up-hill I rarely see a drop no matter how hard it rains. I have checked the two drain lines at the front of the sunroof and they drain just fine. I see no obvious problems with the seals, so I'm at a loss. Any pointers? Thanks!
  5. Hi people I’ve just bought a petrol 2.4L 2010 Volvo C70 5 speed auto in Australia and man is it hard to find parts or even information on it. I want to get the most bhp out of it that I can before I would have to upgrade internals. Can anybody tell me what figures I’d be looking at before it became unreliable and any good paces to buy the mods I don’t have a budget but looking to keep thing cheap. Also is there anything not obvious I should keep my eye Thanks guys
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  7. Aaaaannnddd that’s why I’m so thankful for Audi’s modular dash
  8. No, all of mine are from work. I work at a construction recycling facility and I have to use my car for work, so pick up random nails, screws, etc. In the 20 years prior to this job I have 1 flat that I can remember. I have had 15 in the last 2 years. I do get a tire allowance, but still a pain to deal with all the time.
  9. Nails? Potholes?.... I honestly expected the road to be better when moving out here. Doesn't help my work is next to a logging plant and we also run semi's down the road constantly too
  10. Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets I could add to myy blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates. I've been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this. Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward too your new updates. cafe khởi nghiệp vtv1 ( thẻ cào chiết khấu 10
  11. Dash mount repair time. Both passenger side mounts where done for.
  12. Blitz safe makes a unit that takes up the CD changer option on these head-units.
  13. You should be able to add four new scalars in tunerpro (right click parameter list and click "insert new XDF parameter") and set the addresses to 0xF3AB, 0xF3AC, 0x1F3AB and 0x1F3AC and name them IAC open fault, IAC close fault, IAC open fault (upper bank), IAC close fault (upper bank) respectively. They should all be set to 1, change them to 0 to disable the MIL coming on.
  14. Can't locate that in the hex edit ? Any other info on it !
  15. Are the splash shields under the front edge of the fuel tank in good shape? I'd be interested in both sides. Shipping to 46506. Thanks,
  16. I was over at the gas station by your house last week and I thought about you. You still in the area?
  17. . . This year will be a very casual and informal... Volvos at the Farm! *** The farm is open and providing foodservice and restrooms while observing COVID19 restrictions. Please have a face covering available and observe social distancing as required. *** All Volvos and SAABs welcome!! We're all anxious to catch up with our car friends and enjoy some outdoor Swedish car camaraderie. We hope to see you there! The Farm at Carter Hill is located along Route 66 in a rural country setting. It's a scenic farm with rustic buildings, general store, beautiful rolling landscape, and even animals for the kids to interact with. Food and drinks available on site. Date: SUNDAY August 2, 2020 Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Location: (The Farm at Carter Hill) 86 East Hampton Rd, Marlborough, CT Food and drinks: Food, drinks, ice cream, etc. available for purchase. FREE to all, but please patronize the farm! Southern New England Chapter | Volvo Club of America . .
  18. Sold. Meet a good group of people during this unplanned selling adventure.
  19. Hello all, I'm looking for a new or used 3" downpipe for 850, S70, V70, C70 with the straight flange. Let me know!
  20. Still need to shave and recess the front bumper. And shave the rear bumper. - changed the oil - changed trans-axle fluid - brake fluid flush - coolant flush - new spark plugs - new fuel filter Put the autocross wheels on it to see how they will look. Going to run square 16x8 951 rears. Got some cheap 225/50-16 RT615K+'s to run.
  21. I think I see a smudge on the passenger front fender Lee. Might want to clean that up.
  22. Sent you a PM Please check you messages and get back to me.
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  24. sn validas bielas y pistones para volvo s40 t4 1.9L? Is valid connecting rods and pistons for volvo s40 t4 1.9L?
  25. Our much beloved V70R (~110K miles) overheated on a family trip from Oakland to LA this week. It now sits at a dealer/service station waiting either for us to pour more money into it than we can afford right now, or for you to come and pick it up. Asking $1500, OBO. Then you can either fix the thermostat (and possibly head gasket) yourself, or part it out. We are the original owners, with complete service records. Right before this trip, it had a regular service and new front brakes done (but, ugh, not the thermostat). Needs to happen by Weds July 8, in Los Angeles. Paypal, Venmo works. (1st side facing pic is from this week, dash board & down facing pic from last year.)
  26. Yeah, I'm gonna be sure to keep a closer eye on my HF 20 ton press from now on. That must have been scary! Wish I could find a face shield, but those are unobtainium these days.
  27. Yes I did get very lucky. However I was standing as far to the side as I could With my arms fully stretched out which is why I think I avoided getting hurt. Definitely learned my lesson. It’s definitely opened my eyes up to slowing down a little and taking more time to think things through.
  28. Angle gear is noisy. Haven't pulled it yet but probably shot, been running FWD for a couple years presumably due to bad collar, and it just got noisy. Let me know if you have/see one, thanks.
  29. No need to open. Yous is with immobilizer This should be European model
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