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  2. Correct, lose a front axle the car doesn't move.
  3. Would that be the case with an AWD? If you lose a front axle you lose the whole thing? I snapped an axle and lost all gears, but I'm special. 😛
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  5. This for sure, have had it happen before when my pass side popped out.
  6. Make sure both of your axles are firmly seated. One of them might have come out.
  7. There was some fan function discussion 10 pages back. Has anybody made some investigation in these? I discovered that one of the cars i have uses speed 2 postition which is 115C by default, its 98 LPT. All the other cars i have touched use speed 1 102C. Thats very weird seeing car running at 115C degrees. It also blowed one of the coolant hoses recenly. I reduced speed 2 and now fan kicks in before. But still i can't understand how this can be. Was the same with original ecu and the remapped custom 608 bin. Can it be bad temp sensor? I will try to replace it with known good one.
  8. Hey everyone, I have a 2004 s60 2.5t awd auto trans, while coming home from work this week I came to a stop sign, as I pulled away from the stop, about 3 feet in I suddenly started coasting backwards. All gears may as well be neutral. Didn't feel or hear any odd sounds etc it just happened. Didn't see any pieces on the ground. Transmission has shifted perfectly since I've had it, no flares or slips like my 02 2.4t had. Coasted it back into a driveway and had a buddy winch it on a trailer an haul it home. Upon jacking her up, I can spin the driveshaft by hand easily, rear wheels don't move while doing so. When you attempt to put it in park, makes a horrendous grinding sound as if you slammed it into park while driving. I basically have 7 neutrals.
  9. Sweet, good to know! I've been trying to track down a new tailgate module since this one has been dead since he got it. The whole lock and latch setup in these is garbage. Otherwise, they're great trucks. The 2UZ is freaking bullet proof!
  10. Visually inspect the belt, it could also be an accessory pulley or the tensioner squeaking. Pop the hood, turn the car on, and see if you can locate where the noise is originating from.
  11. I have owned the V70 and S70 line of vehicles for many years. My 1998 S70 T5 is hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned. After owning one, and wanting a second T5, I drove over 400 miles, round trip to pick up another one. These cars are built exceptionally well. I have never had one leave me stranded. Every vehicle requires maintenance and an occasional part.
  12. thanks lowkey turbo I was looking for it too all over the internet
  13. Interested in the air filter kit if you've still got it
  14. Adjusted the ride height bit on the SR. Put the adjustable burly boy rear sway bar in it. Not sure of the brand but was several mm thicker than OEM. Wide angle makes the rear wheels look all tilty boi.
  15. nice! my uncle just bought a new one... i never see the new ones on the road. must not sell as many anymore or just not in my area
  16. If you join the facebook group TSOR - Toyota Sequoia Off Road, theres a member by the name of 'JoeJoe' who sells OEM parts at a steep discount. He only accepts Friends and Family paypal 😬but so far, so good, and no sales tax saves me a bunch. I pay with credit card through paypal for some protection.
  17. My dad's '04 Sequoia needs a rack... fortunately an easy job on these trucks! Upper ball joints couldn't hurt either, I was towing my buddy's new G35 with it last weekend and it was a little wander-y on the highway.
  18. 2" lift, buying 32" tires and some wheels for it. Didn't want to mess with cutting up pinch welds and body mounts to fit 33" Funny that people mention car lifts, originally this work was to be done at a buddies house with lift but he got busy. This weekend I plan to use his lift for the p/s rack and ball joints.
  19. Earlier
  20. Same. I thought VS was running VBulletin, I know it was mentioned years ago but yeah same boat. 😕
  21. If I knew that, I would be much closer to the answer. I probably knew at one point, but don't remember now. PHP based, but I don't believe it is phpBB.
  22. Water is clear unless its not. On one hand, dont tell me what to do! On the other hand, just trying to get my post count up higher to try and unlock that next lvl lmao. What does this forum run on? I don't remember lol.
  23. Yeah, I wouldn't sell the townhouse, it would be a rental if I bought something else.
  24. I wouldn't make that assumption.
  25. Oh yeah, the housing market is ridiculous. Great time to sell, but good luck finding anything that will be cost effective.
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