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  2. I need a bellhousing for my standard conversion. The one I currently have is broken at the slave cylinder.
  3. If it helps anyone in the future mine is from passenger to driver side yellow w/black orange w/black blue w/black grey w/black and yellow w/red all started and running the no start was from throttle body sticking cleaned it up and it started . Unfortunately we drove it yesterday and it started leaking I believe from the front of the exhaust cam not sure why yet .
  4. Looking to buy a set of oem titans. Located in WA state.
  5. I have the same problem actually. Water has been getting into my e code turn signals and it's pissing me off.
  6. From your references, I'm assuming you're talking about the engine oil cooler lines. I would definitely NOT recommend deleting them. I find it very odd you've gone through two sets in 169K miles; these were new OEM volvo lines? I rebuilt both my engine and transmission oil cooler lines for less than $60 or so total and wasn't that difficult either. Dry as a bone ever since. Full credit to @tuner4life who was my inspiration. Related post about when I did the trans cooler lines:
  7. It was an issue I ran into after the tune. I was running 750cc injectors and the fuel rail could not keep the 4.5bar pressure needed to feed them enough fuel over 4k rpm, and the engine would stutter and stall. When I installed the 450cc stock injectors, it was fine.
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  9. Hi Guys, Just saying hello to all. From the UK Currently driving a Volvo 850 T5 Manual. Hoping that i will be able to source some decent parts from here.
  10. Pics or GTFO 🤣 @flyfishing3 the guy on LinkedIn runs a window washing business. I mean seriously? I guess I’ve been spending so much time in Australia lately where they kind of give you a funny look if you don’t have a tattoo.
  11. Brother in law has chest and both arms full sleeves, his line of work though lol if you didnt have tats you'd really question him - drug/alcohol recovery coach He was smart though, they end a few inches above wrists so no way of knowing with long sleeves for me, i just have an "850R" tramp stamp
  12. would be preferable to get a pan and waterpipe from a 99 or 00 car with the oil cooler mounted to the back of the pan
  13. So i worked for a volvo dealership for 5 years and saw the transition from the 5 cylinder and the 6 cylinder to the new 4 cylinder. The 6 cylinder had a lot of oil consumption issues etc. The 5 cylinder was definitely their staple engine for a very long time but still did have some issues of their own. Every manufacture is going with the smaller boosted engines now. Smaller engines with closer tolerances and boosted. I work for Kia now and all the sedans are starting to switch over to a 1.6 liter turbo engine without changing the weight or body style much. Its just the sign of the times in the vehicle manufacturing industry. I know that Volvo did make the statement a year or so ago that no of there model lines will be straight gas engines any more. they will be going with hybrid or full electric drive trains. so the small engines do make sense for hybrid vehicle because the engine will be primarily used for charging the battery or for heavy acceleration in tandem with the electric motor. I am sure the engineers are always discussing different and better ways to get more power with better fuel economy. I do agree with a lot of your points. Only time will tell.
  14. I think people can do whatever they want, we all make decisions that affect our life. But if you turn people off by having a bunch of TATS, don't be mad at anyone else. close minded, maybe. But a person doesn't have to like what you like. We are a relatively small company. Plenty of Customer service people have ink. Only 1 outside sales person has a Tat and you would never know he has it. He worked for the company like 13 years before the owner even knew about it.
  15. So i have been dealing with the oil cooler lines on my 1998 V70 Awd Turbo for a while. Vehicle has 169,000 miles or so on it now and since i have gotten the car i have put two sets of oil cooler lines on it. I have used the OEM lines each time with new seals etc. Well the second set is now leaking again from the connection at the rubber hose to metal clamping as the usually seem to start leaking at. I dont want to have to do a third set of lines or have these ones rebuilt. I was able to get a hold of the NA motor oil cooler block off plate that it uses instead of having oil coolers. Does anyone know if that would cause a big problem if i decided to put that on instead of new lines? The car is daily driven to work and back about 2 miles on local roads. Never take it on the highway etc, we use the wifes newer mini van for that. I am just worried that iuf i do the block off that the oil might be too high a temperature and burn out the turbo etc. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated?
  16. We almost fired our design guy once. He walked in in a short sleeve shirt and the owners saw his tats. He just doesnt wear shot sleeves any more. Germans, whatcha gonna do, its been the major deciding factor in me getting a tat. Id rather keep my job lol.
  17. Is this a thing for all the x70Rs or just specific to your car? Been away for a while, not sure if that was a tuning issue for you or something.
  18. What a mess... At least the 3" think Intercooler will ride again (my design). It's a big mother. Built by BEL Intercoolers of Texas. Getting close now. Just a few more items to work out. O2 Sensors are missing, so need to buy new ones. Vacuum lines need refreshed, same with battery cables. Running without an AC for now. I'll get to that once it's on the road again. Oil Cooler is fitted, as is the pass side axle. SO, the pass side suspension is also complete. All engine mounts are in as torqued to spec.It's down to just checking and rechecking things. And the Intake plumbing and battery mounting, etc. Might be ready for a first fire up soon. Lots to do in the Interior and Exterior, but those can wait until its under its own power.
  19. Hello, I’m Lan Anh. I from in Thanh Hoa. Now, I am 25 years old. And I’m studying at ABC University school. My favorite hobbies are listening to romantic music in my free time and sometimes. Nice too meet you
  20. Because @flyfishing3 (Mike) has a thing about tattoos. Did this guy steal his idea from you and then publish it on LinkedIn?
  21. I don't think the fuel pump is the issue either, what I'm saying is that the ECU is anticipating the 2.0 injectors, but the engine is running 2.4 injectors. That will certainly cause rough idle issues.
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  23. Anyone know the best way to clean the crud out of your turn signal lenses? Got a nice pair of jewels having this issue. The only way I know how to pop the lenses off is to let my gf back the car out of the garage... 😆
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