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  2. exhaust manifold

    How much hp are you looking for?
  3. Burnout FWD auto guys?

    mine at wot spins pretty much ant any speed so im not sure what you do for the track. but whatever you do be careful out there...
  4. intercooler
  5. exhaust manifold

    tubular? = yes if you want to push high hp safely.
  6. Tritons Over a BBK

    Excellent good to know. Beefy brakes by the way! What tires are you running? Cars low to a point with the IPD springs on it but I'd rather not touch the fenders.
  7. Tritons Over a BBK

    I have 340mm 6 piston wilwood brakes with Tritons. I run 20mm spacers in the back and 25mm in the front, but they would clear without them.
  8. Yesterday
  9. map light from 850

    Need map light from 850 sunroof car. Gray is preferable but will take other colors if price is right.
  10. How Your Car Sits

    not the picture I was expecting when you said it 'rolled over' ... ha!
  11. Tritons Over a BBK

    Just unsure if it's possible. Would be for my R with 330mm discs front and back if they fit that. Or for the new p2XC if they don't Borbets have been fine but looking for a change. Anyone have experiance with this? - Anthony
  12. Microsquirt 1985 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo

    Dynoed it. Microsquirt, Intercooler was changed to a more efficient one, a V-trim turbo was put in instead of the 50 trim, and a baffled muffler instead of straight thru. Less boost, more power, even running on E54 instead of E85.
  13. Venderbroeck's engine build

    Just a normal headgasket. I don't see a reason to swith to the mls gasked, as I'm not aiming for 400+ hp. The open diff, and the local crowded road network would make that a pointless exercise. It also requires a perfectly flat/true deck, and can fail if it is not. I will be measuring the deflection of the head with a special straight steel stock and some feeler gauges. I don't expect it to be bent though, as the engine hasn't overheated, and the gasket that came off it was in good condition. I read the guide on cc polishing here on VS (among many others) which also mentions this. I tried to smooth the meat around the spark plug best I could, but I didn't want to remove too much material, and lower compression more than necessary. For detonation suppression, I don't think they don't play a huge role due to their proximity to the spark plug. Stock seat on the right yes. The lowest angle is uneven on all the ports. This is not a huge problem as there is no contact with the valves there. For flow it might matter a little, but I don't see an easy way to correct it. The valve seat inserts don't seem to be perfectly perpendicular to the valves themselves. So none of the ground surfaces are even (although they are perpendicular ofc). For the contact area width measurements I used the smallest width on the seats.
  14. Galexie64's 1998 V70 AWD "R"

    I did son more investigating of the saffron. It has a k&n air filter and ss brake lines. The front sway bar is about 22mm so it's stock. The rear sway bar is about 23mm vs my awd being about 20mm. Ipd lists their bars at 25mm front and 23mm rear.
  15. Last week
  16. Volvo 850 Strut Mounts and Spring Seats

    I may have a set for you Gabe, but I won't be able to check for a couple weeks.
  17. Volvo 850 Strut Mounts and Spring Seats

    Someones gotta have something!
  18. Venderbroeck's engine build

    The stock seat is on the right? The deepest angle looks uneven.
  19. Allen L Cramer

    Hi Allen, not sure what car you own or which cam sensor you are having an issue with. There is some "play" in the cams, whereby the cam gear can be moved a bit in relation to the cam itself and the sensor can still put the cam where the computer wants it. If the timing belt were put on a tooth off it might be pushing the limits of the correction it can accomplish. I would suggest taking the car back to the shop that performed your timing belt job and tell them to check their work. Bet you ten bucks they didn't do it right...... Likely a tooth off.
  20. Venderbroeck's engine build

    Very interested in progress on this front.. please keep us updated. +1
  21. Venderbroeck's engine build

    What head gasket are you planning, regular or MLS? Will you resurface the head? When I did cc polishing of my previous version I removed that meat around the spark plug. That was like a trend back in 2010 :)
  22. How Your Car Sits

    The Mrs's S70 just rolled over; she wanted to share.. Guess "Insert Image from URL" is not working again; come on VS.. Had about 50K mls on it when we got it.
  23. imo cheapest way is xc90 calipers with 336 ate brakes disc
  24. Performance Clutch , help :)

    OT: how much do you think double pressure plate with stock disc could handle ?
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