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  2. 18t turbo

    I have a good 18t. I dont have an r manifold tho.
  3. B5254T4 into my 01 XC. A few last minute ?'s

    Oh, no, not at all. I'm sorry if it came across that way :)
  4. Today
  5. Us Assault Weapon Ban **read First**

    Aaand he’s dead
  6. How Your Car Sits

    Doing springs on the R.
  7. 855R Parts Vehicle

    I know that you are interested in selling the whole thing but if you decide to part it out I am interested in several parts. Just let me know.
  8. What about the Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2? They were well reviewed in 2009, but I wasn't too impressed with them last year. That being said, my shocks and springs are shot anyway.
  9. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Peep mah soundcloud, Lil Dz.
  10. Galexie64's 1998 V70 AWD "R"

    I like manual cars but I have no plans to do that on this car because my wife can't drive a manual. I have my Mazda for when I want to drive a manual.
  11. XC90 V8 Catalytic Converter

    In a word, no. The cats on both engines are integrated on the exhaust manifold and the shape is WAY different.
  12. Carlisle 2018

    I am glad you are planning on coming this year. I think I'll be there Friday afternoon.
  13. Us Assault Weapon Ban **read First**

    Succession would likely occur first. TEXIT!
  14. I can ship for sure but the cost may be high. Send me a PM and we can try to work something out/figure out shipping.
  15. So you connected the exhaust solenoid to your wiring and left the intake solenoid unplugged? There are several comments about VVT hub behavior after just unplugging the solenoid. Some say it stays neutral, some says it starts floating and self-adjusting the timing.
  16. Whats the difference in VVT hub operation if the solenoid is replaced by the block of plate vs the solenoid is just unplugged? Block of plate keeps the hub dry of oil? Maybe anyone knows if there are any genuine VVT delete pulleys for the VVT cams on the market? This would be the correct solution of someone wants using B5254T4 in 850 and needs to block off both cams or me, who wants to use dual VVT head in ME7 setup and needs to delete the intake cam VVT
  17. 2018 Best Choices: Tires (P80)

    Continental SportContact tested on aquaplaning, track curbs and bad roads. I buy them new for track days and amateur racing, skim the cream on the racing circuit and then wear them off on daily drive car(s)
  18. Galexie64's 1998 V70 AWD "R"

    Dont wannabe a blasphemer but your R deserves a manual swap
  19. I actually removed my for painting on wife car their is no wire it's a metal slot with that plastic tab and it is a pain in the rear to get the tab through hole like a Chinese finger trap, Volvo calls it a quick release system but their is nothing quick about it
  20. Yeah, that is the newer style. The hole on the older style is fairly large to stock rubber grommet.
  21. That looks like the new style with the welded-on boss. the old style just has a hole cut into the tube.
  22. So what you're saying is... you're gonna get mad turnt off gin and start mumble rapping. What the heck, Daren...
  23. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Also did remixes of Bank Account, Panda, and Mask Off. All much better than the originals, he's close to being Twista fast. On topic, bottle of:
  24. Yesterday
  25. It was a few years ago but on mine I think the PTC hard plastic had to be trimmed to fit? I remember reading some instructions about that. I used a good knife and then a file to get it right.
  26. I received from SNABB a rubber grommet in the mail yesterday (thanks, Kristian!). It's different from the OEM rubber grommet on the PTC (I found a spare laying around). The SNABB replacement is circular all the way around, while the OEM has a flat spot on one side (25%) and is much thicker. Not sure what shape is the drilled hole on the intake tube (circular vs. having a straight edge on one side), but now I'll have two options for replacing the old decayed grommet. Will have a tube of silicone on standby as well, just in case.
  27. lol i know of that one too joyner lucas did that racist song too fuck mumble rap is right
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