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  2. It’s a pretty common swap on the RWD cars. DeeWorks sells a bolt-on adapter
  3. Recently I did an engine swap. I dropped in a 2003 T5 engine into my 98 S70. I've installed the 98 intake manifold but was wondering if anyone here uses the ETM style manifold with mechanical throttle body.
  4. Alright, thanks! I'll certainly look into that
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  6. I have a 95 volvo 850 wagon. Want to play around lift it about 3 to 4 inches and possibly make it an AWD. Not for offroad just something to do, it is a daily driver. Want to lift add bigger tires to give it and suv look. No idea where to start, if its possible I don't care about the time and the cost to put into it. Heard there Re issues when lifting these vehicles when it comes to the engine and transmission. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Oh cool. I like TC better but GR is nice. I have a customer in Wyoming. im up there a couple times a year for work.
  8. Brian. What part of Michigan?
  9. Hi there, First post here. I'm Jacco, from Holland and just got my hands on a B5234T5 engine. I don't drive a Volvo, my dad does though (850T5 and S70 N/A) and I'm planning to use the engine in a project of mine. Now, I have a question though.. I'm curious about the compability between the different types of engines. I searched a bit for differences between the engines, like the RNC's being more compact, VVT, coolant is different und so weiter. The thing is, are there people around here, or is there proof, that a N block has been mated to an RNC head? They've made the engines
  10. I havent owned a volvo in 2 years. Thats the longest streak since I picked up the wagon I painted yellow in 2006
  11. I've got a 17' Sierra. Clocking about 20-25k a year, just crossed 100k. Also, I've lived in Michigan since 2016 and I have enjoyed having a truck but am always looking to get into another wagon.
  12. Last week
  13. about 3/4 of my office ( suburb of LA) and has/had it the last couple weeks. It went around like wild fire and they tried to do the right things. Some were more cavalier than others, but it got most of them. Nobody passed away at least/yet......
  14. I was lucky that there was no covid in our family, although we were sick for a last month. We were told that this is not a covid!!! I was very surprised! At my work in the motor trader, many were sick, sitting at home in quarantine. As for me, you just need to take care of your health and everything will be fine, just when all other diseases and just the desire to stay at home are covered under the hood, while others work for you or sit without money at all, it's not cool.
  15. I think Kevin is rocking a Porsche of some sort Chuck still has his m5, C6 zo6, Camry Justin still has a Volvo or 2 laying around Grant is on like his 5 tesla Yang rocks a leaf Pras might be carless, but I'll let him explain that one lol
  16. Bring back all the OGs. WTF are you even driving nowadays? I know Danny has a 911.
  17. There are ways around the Nivo’s if that’s what you mean. I’m blanking the names, but the info is here. Takes adapters. It’s been years, but I was able to source some Nivos from Sweden.
  18. Check out For tunable ecms for volvo i have one in my98 V70 T5 and I know a few other here is Aus using them with good success. There is a wealth of knowledge and info on the internet regarding upgrading to motronic M4.4 engine ecm.
  19. Check out For an engine ecm I am in aus and have one in a 1997 V70 T5 and I know a couple of other who are running a VAST Ecm.. with great success there is a wealth of info on the internet about motronic M4.4 tuning and upgrading on 850s
  20. V70 AWD r 1999 ,I need to replace my rear suspension, but Volvo don't make the parts any more.does any one know if there's a company making anything that would fit.
  21. Selecting the auto function will cause the blower to go to high speed until the desired cabin temp is achieved. If you are only having trouble heating you may want to have a look at that heater core. They can become restricted and cause a poor heating concern. Becoming more common as these vehicles age.
  22. I just picked up a '99 V70 GLT, low miles, but many problems, and the first to address is the e-fan that is not working, no grounding to activate the relay. Does anyone know where the ground originates? I get a constant 170k ohms, whether the temp is at or above operating temps, not getting a complete ground, which I would assume comes through the ECM when it see the temp rise/ rate-of-rise to turn it on. ECM failure? New temp sensor and 87 deg t-stat, car runs fine otherwise, temps via OBDII show constant 87 deg F normal operating temps, using a manual switch on the fan.
  23. Trying to progress the poor heat and suspect my CCM is not working correctly. When I select any heat position and AUTO, the air conditioning bursts into life. What does yours do ?
  24. Yeah just go classic or antique. No one will bother you. I’m sure the stories of people getting bothered aren’t fully accurate. They were probably doing something that was going to get them pulled over anyway.
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