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1997 850R AWD

1997 850R AWD
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Volvo 850R, the latter of 1997, year of release. According to the complete assembly is not enough electric passenger seat and heated rear seats, as well as electric corrector headlamps ... Everything else is like it is. This year the car should get a second life. And if more specifically, seeks to bring the car to its factory state, both the external and the technical side. Plus some technical improvements. Okay, that actually will do with the car:
1. Painting the body, with the full dismantling.
2. Replacing the optical round + grille.
3. Replacing the steering wheel on the original from 850 T5R 1995m.y. (Different from erochnogo that Alcantara inserts at the bottom)
4. Replacing the selector knob to the original PPC 850 T5R 1995m.y. (Made of wood, not skin, as 850R96-97m.y.)
5. Replacement cladding and doors of the seats in the new original.
6. Replacing the front struts to the original.
7. Installing the rear struts.
8. Install wheel drive system from the V70R AWD 1998m.y. + As a consequence of the rear suspension on it also.
9. Installation of M58 manual transmission V70R AWD 1998m.y.
10. Clutch Spec Stage 3 +
11. Install an exhaust on the two sides (probably Simons)
12. BSR chip
13. Install enhanced brake system ass + before (maybe 330mm discs + calipers on S60R, but more and more inclined to something more serious)
14. Wheels HEICO SPORTIV VOLUTION ® V. 8h19 'for the summer.
15. Wheels Volvo Pegasus 8x18 for the winter, if necessary, will only summer operation.
16. Nozzles 1000ss
17. Fuel Pump Bosch 044
18. Turbine Garret GT3540-R
19. Replacement of suspension on the KW Variant 2


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