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  2. Parting 98-00 X70 near LA?

    In need of some interior parts including a dash. What's out there?
  3. The White T5M

    jelly of the shop space, no home gym in there?
  4. fort lauderdale roll call

    What happened to this place? Is most everything on dickbook now?
  5. How to unprogram key fob

    You can't unlearn a fob because ... the fobs don't learn. You're not actually programming the fobs. You're programming the module in the car, it does the learning. So by reprogramming the car to only the fob(s) you want it to know, you can eliminate the other car's fobs. Been a long time since I programmed an 850 but did you try just turning the key 5 times, then let it sit without pushing any remote buttons? That should unlearn the car from the fob.
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  7. I'll be really interested to see how this project comes out......been hoping to see someone use a M66E in a P80 for a while. The M56 and M66 make no sense to me; not a wide enough ratio spread if you ever plan on going faster than 50 mph. I'll be importing a M66D for my 850R when that project finally gets off the ground.
  8. Sooo, at the end of the day I have one sweet M66 from 2005 XC70 136 KW D5, and another M66 with cracked body from 2005 V70 AWD, PN P9482341 They have identical gear packs, only different final gears. Looking forward to disassemble both and make a hybrid.
  9. DO88 intercooler cast iron?

    I have the very same DO88 intercooler and it has identical end tanks. They are cast aluminum, not welded from pieces of flat plate like snabb or china ebay Yes, its heavy but thats why we both bought the aluminum radiators ;)
  10. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Pulled the transmission out. My son was driving it and the clutch pedal went to the floor and didn't come back up. Towed it home and pushed it in the garage and saw brake fluid leaking out of the trans... so I pulled the transmission. Turns out... the clutch disc basically came apart, all the linings on the flywheel side came off (guessing this is what smoked the throwout bearing). Thankfully it didn't scorch my flywheel, that's still smooth. My son admitted he was doing some "spirited" driving when it happened, but nothing insane. And there's no way he was beating the car worse than I did when I took it to the dragstrip last spring. So now I'm curious why this happened. Granted, I'm not always nice to the car, but I've never seen a clutch disc do this before. I run a 97 850 SM Flywheel and pressure plate, and I used a Sachs SD693 clutch disc. Curious if I should just use that same setup again and chalk it up to a faulty clutch disc or an anomaly, or if I should spend the money on a S60R clutch setup. FWIW, the old setup lasted about 20k miles before this happened.
  11. How to unprogram key fob

    thanks. I know how to do program a fob (turning ignition on/off 5 times I think). Just wish there was a way to unlearn a fob without learning again. Even disconnecting battery doesn't make it forget. Oh well, looks like I just have to live with one FOB controlling two cars at the same time :/
  12. How to unprogram key fob

    They only way to un-program a key fob is to program a key fob. Because the car will "unlearn" all fobs, then "learn" the fobs you want it to learn. How to do that is well explained everywhere, including the owner's manual. A digital version of the owner's manual is available on the Volvo website.
  13. What Are You Listening To...

    not the best covers, but the best songs
  14. What Are You Listening To...

    probably my fav of theirs.
  15. So I have two 850s, and they're both programmed to the same key FOB. So I keep unlocking the one I drive, and accidentally leaving the other one unlocked at home. Is there a way to un-program a key fob? Thanks!
  16. So I have two 850s, and they're both programmed to the same key FOB. So I keep unlocking the one I drive, and accidentally leaving the other one unlocked at home. Is there a way to un-program a key fob? Thanks!
  17. The White T5M

    My wagon? Broke as fuck! :) Looking forward to this build though. Take care of those 19's. <3
  18. The White T5M

    Thanks Andy. Picked up some S60R seats from John (JVC) that I'm going to refinish for this car.
  19. Its all good, the car start but fogs the air and die. Got enem cams,maybe have them off.I bought one of those ard timing.. Either and or it runs like stuff and just gotta go back to basics
  20. Nick has a shop somewhere up there. Dont know now what it’s called though
  21. Last week
  22. I'm willing to ship anything as long as the buyer is willing to pay for it.
  23. What exactly are you looking to have done inside of $495?
  24. The White T5M

    Looks good so far, I'm excited for more updates!
  25. a wmi install..

    No, it’s the same parameter of which bit 6 is set when the pump is activated and bit 7 also is set when wmi-pressure is detected. So: 01000000 when the pump is activated and 11000000 when pressure is detected.
  26. a wmi install..

    Part 2: The pump ON LED indicator Again, this seems like a very simple topic, so why bother writing about it? Because there are some subtleties about wiring an indicator to tell you when the pump circuit is active that turn out to be important. To begin with, why bother with an pump ON indicator at all? You don't have to have one, but it turned out to be an indispensable diagnostic tool for me that I would not want to do without. I was initially debating its necessity, but when you order a float switch from DO (devils-own float switch), it comes with a 12v green LED. I assume they give it to you to use as wmi tank-low-on-fluid indicator, but since I am using the windshield washer tank (which already has a low fluid indicator on the instrument cluster), I didn't need it for that. So I decided to use it for the pump ON (active) indicator. Assuming you're going to install one, how to wire it up? My first thought was just wire it across the plus and minus terminals of the pump motor, so that's what I did. And it worked, for about a week or so, and then it stopped working. At first I wasn't sure if my pump and/or relay died or what happened, but upon trouble shooting it, I discovered the LED had burned out. At first I thought it must have just been a bad part, but then I studied the wiring diagram and the light bulb came on (no not the LED, the one in my head ). It was forehead slapping time; DOH! I should really have known better! If you haven't got it yet, the below link has a clue in it (pg 3). Let me know if you need me to elaborate further. That's how I came to wire it up the way I did; see the illustration 3 posts back if you missed it. Optimally I would have two indicators; one for the pump request, and another for the pump pressure switch being active. I actually have a pigtail for each that I can switch back and forth. That's how I discovered the revelation I mentioned two posts back. Next up, part 3: Hooking up the front Foglamp circuit to use it to power the whole wmi circuit. Why did I do this? Because I wanted a way to disable/enable the wmi from within the cab, preferably using a stock switch and wiring/circuit. I have no plans to add fogs to my car, so that made the decision to use that circuit easy. Little did I know how difficult it would turn out to be to actually hook up the fog circuit..
  27. FYI; ended up going with for the 4" alum mandrel bend tubing. They're a bit more expensive than, but their 4"diameter mandrel bends are a 4" radius whereas the siliconeintakes ones are 6" radius. The gentler curve would actually be better flow-wise but it takes up more room in the engine bay, which I don't have unfortunately. But did discover that carries stuff at a slight discount, so was not too bad.
  28. Wood inlay steering wheel and eggcrate XC grille. Steering wheel is in decent condition. The leather is good overall, with a couple spots that are worn. The top wood piece is in great shape. The bottom piece is peeling, but feels smooth with the exception of peeled edges. Originally came in V70XC SE. The grille is in great shape, all clips in tact. '98 style badge. Pics: $65 for the grille, $75 for the wheel. Prices include shipping. Paypal only, please.
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