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  2. Problem flashing M4.4 tune

    Are you getting 16v with the power on? Have you double checked device manager to verify your USB port #? There's a "test connectivity" button in TunerPro - forget which menu off of the top of my head, but I can find out.
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  4. Copenhagen roll call?

    The VS FB group, if you haven't already, would be a better place to search.
  5. If your only concern is rubbing the fender liner, you can cut and space out the liners themselves.
  6. Discs have nothing to do with what type of calipers your running. The 993 calipers are compatible with 330mm s60r discs as well.
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  8. Ecm-720a on mother's day

    I will be continuing to check wiring this weekend I have changed all coils and plugs and I have inspected the wiring from all the coils back to where it joins the harness above the trans
  9. ecm-3300 ignition coil cylinder 1 signal- signal too low ecm-3310 ignition coil cylinder 2 signal-signal too low ecm-3320 ignition coil cylinder 3 signal- signal too low ecm-3330 ignition coil cylinder 4 signal-signal too low ecm-3340 ignition coil cylinder 5 signal-signal too low
  10. New s60 with an option I have never seen....

    I was gonna say it looks real aftermarket/amateur before seeing Brad’s link
  11. Ecm-720a on mother's day

    If you’re blowing fuses then yes it’s electrical to an extent, the electrical load is clearly greater, the question is why? 1. you could have a line to line short, I.e two nicked power/signal wires crossing voltage 2. a line to ground short, one or more nicked wire contacting metal. 3. Something internally at fault in one or more of the coil packs causing the overload. i’d check The integrity of the ignition wiring harness very carefully and maybe swapping some known good coil packs in to start and go from there
  12. Quaife Helical Diff "preload"

    Sounds like the quaife is working as it should.
  13. Hi! Before assembling my hybrid M66 I was checking the compatibility everything vs everything and once I inserted both axles from each side and tried to turn them with respect to each other. I couldnt even slightly turn them. Neverless the helical gears were unlocked and even had a bit of rattle due to small play inside the diff housing. So, do you know if there should be any torq preload in Quaife diffs? I know there is such in plate type limited slip diffs, but helical diffs as Quaife should be "open" unless locked due to torque difference, isnt it so?
  14. I'm seeing CPO S80 T6's as new as 2015 in the low $20k's. Haven't driven one, we own a XC60 T6 (which has been great). Reviews and road tests leaves one with the impression that the S80 handles like a pig. Could one improve on that via Bilsteins and a rear sway (all I see offered at IPD)? I do like our XC60 T6 especially when fed premium gas but I have heard oil consumption horror stories about the T6. Ours has been excellent on oil, now with 54k on the odometer. My wife has taken over the XC60 thus I need another vehicle thus my query re. the S80. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  15. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Messing with the spirit of ODB like that it may not 😶
  16. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    C'mon guys I know what the words are supposed to be! I thought it was funny considering who knows if I mess up this whole thing and the car never runs again lol
  17. Project Blackt5

    Well, just update all the links and host it somewhere else! lol Still glad to revisit the thread and see your work.
  18. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    That’s just sad 😔
  19. Project Blackt5

    For a limited time.. fuckers
  20. Problem flashing M4.4 tune

    Try flashing with motronic suite.
  21. Not sure about that. How would I see which disks I am running? I do like Titans a lot and don't really want to switch to anything else, but which ones would you recommend?
  22. Team Dynamics Volvo 850 BBK

    and post pictures of the set up too! :)
  23. @ CCCP: Are you running 330x32 discs from the s60R? Then you are probably on 996 Turbo Brakes, which are min. 2mm wider than the 993 Turbo ones. Take some other rims, way much easier.
  24. Team Dynamics Volvo 850 BBK

    No problem. I ordered some PRo Race 1.2 in 7.5x17 ET37 with the 5x108 and the 65.1 center hole =) As soon as I have them, i'm gonna tell you how it works ^^
  25. Project Blackt5

  26. Project Blackt5

    f-you bucket says (direct quote): "We have listened to you, and significantly lowered the price of the Photobucket plan offerings. For a limited time all of your 3rd Party Hosted Images have been restored." What a surprise that their new business direction didn't turn out as well as they had hoped.
  27. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    This one's for @quiksilver
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