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    Not technically "mine" but it'll be my problem.. Emmas new car:
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    Here's the story behind my new-to-me 2000 V70 R. Its gonna be a long post, and picture heavy too! This thread will serve as a continuation of sorts of my 1999 V70 R build, which can be read here: The conclusion to that thread will come later this summer, as I will be pulling all the modifications of my 99 R, and transferring them to the 00 R. Now, onto the details of my new Venetian Red 00 R! My friend sent me the for sale ad on Facebook: Here's a couple of the photos from the listing: After spending a few weeks negotiating with the seller, I bought a one way flight to Denver, packed some tools in my bag (I did, however, forgot to pack underwear ) and went to visit some friends before picking up a car and driving it 1900 miles across the country back to New York!!! I landed in Denver Friday evening (May 12) in the early evening. While there, I got to check out the murals of the Denver Airport, and see all the other bits that are the basis for a long list of conspiracy theories. Here's how it sat when I picked it up from the seller at a shopping center a short walk from my friends apartment. Shortly after taking delivery of my R, I went on a hike in up Golden with my friends. The views were stunning to say the least. After lots of fun touring around the Denver area on Saturday, I packed my stuff into the car and started driving back to NY on Sunday morning (May 14th) with plans to stop at my friend's place in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Here are some photos from the drive Sunday. Nebraska was wide open, flat, and very easy to drive through: Drove through miles of turbines in Iowa (despite the picture being of a singular turbine). There's a Don Quixote joke here somewhere.... Cruising towards Cedar Falls, Iowa and got to watch the sun set Sunday's drive was about 800 miles, which took about 12 hours, and the drive home was off to a great, relatively easy start. Here's how my car sat outside my buddy's place in Iowa on Monday morning When I left Iowa Monday morning, my destination was headed to Anthony's (@apeacock) house near Buffalo, NY. Monday held about 850 miles of driving, which was about 13 hours of driving. Stopped for gas in PA. I had a hard time with card reader on the pumps though.... Made it to Anthony's around 10pm, did a quick test drive, and immediately face-planted into the extremely comfortable bed in Anthony's guest room. Monday morning before I left his house, Anthony took a cool photo of my wagon with his two wagons (99 R and 00 XC) Made good time on my way back to Troy on Tuesday morning - at this point, 300 miles seemed like a short drive to me I got to enjoy some really nice views in the mountains in western NY: Here's how the odometer when I made it home: The entire trip was 1960 miles, and I managed an average of 26.8 mpg at an average speed of 70 mph. All of this was calculated from the trip computer. And here's how my two wagons sat when I got the office on Tuesday at noon: Earlier tonight I got it registered in NY, so now the build can begin. Stay tuned, this should be a fun project and I'm very excited to get working on it
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    It's been a while, (Staind, circa 2001 running through my head), didn't really lose interest in cars/the volvo lyfe, I started med school so my time perusing forums here is limited but I do miss the shenanigans and trolling. Picked this up a few weeks ago. Will update things/photos as they get done, bought this for a daily and so I can work on the 850 pretty regularly without worrying about not finishing things when I start them, and so I could sell my coral to my kid brother. 2006 Electric silver/Nordkap V70R M66 Kidding I also have about 100 pictures my father and I took throughout the weekend trip, once organized, I'll upload a link should anyone want to see them. Cannot say thank you enough to Tom, Nick at Re-volv, and celebrity mechanic Brandon for all the help with everything!
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    Melissa and I decided to take a 4 day vacation and drive all over the East Coast stopping by breweries along the way. This has been one of my favorite vacations. We had no idea what we were doing, other than driving and googling along the way. Packed and ready to go. Ended up putting 2k miles on it. In New York. I also got a speeding ticket. 2nd in my life. 80 in a 65. First stop for the night was Lake George in New York. Next morning we head out towards Vermont. And holy shit we found some of the best driving roads. Stopped at Fiddlehead Brewing. Mastermind was great. Never got licorice from an IPA before. MagicHat Foam Those were all in Burlington VT. Then we headed to Stowe VT for the elusive Alchemist and his Heady Topper. It is so damn good. Also brought back Focal Banger. Such a juicy dank beer. Next stop was Portland Maine to see the ocean and eat lobster. We decided to drive through The White Mountain National Forrest. When we got to Portland, not a single hotel room was found within a 40mile radius. So we found another brewery, got drunk, and passed out in the car with sleeping bags. Got up very early next morning and drove down the coast to Boston stopping by York Beach. There are breweries I forgot to mention. All in all, an amazing way to rack up 2k miles on an old Volvo.
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    Hello All, I have decided to create a new thread due to how cluttered and confusing the other became. Old Thread: I am back, a college graduate and re-motivated and ready to get this beast running for real this time! Here is a small history of the car: Engine 1: Original Engine with 216K, oil cooler line popped off and sized the engine Engine 2: First fully built engine (pistons, rods, etc) - Metal left over in oil pan caused bearings to spin Engine 3: Second fully built engine - Oil pan oring got pinched because "Right Stuff gasket maker" pushed it out of the recess. Lost oil pressure, spun bearings Engine 4: Stock B5234 with h-beams. Didn't do a good enough job cleaning out the inside, pickup got clogged, lost oil pressure, spun bearings I am now on my 5th engine and will be having my machine shop assemble the shortblock and put on the oil pan. Specs of new engine are as follows: 82mm N engine block (original engine block bored to 82mm( 82mm Wisecos with teflon skirt K1 139.5 connecting rods RN 90mm crank Glyco std Sputtered rod bearings King .010 main bearings I dropped everything off at the machine shop on 5/19/2017. Yesterday, 5/24/2017 i ordered the rest of the parts i need for shortblock and oil pan assembly Oil pan orings Main bolts Volvo sealant Oil pump oring + gasket For those looking for the sputtered bearings i was able to find them here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262810037814?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT These are pretty much the only source I was able to find. For those looking to get K1s at the cheapest price on the internet look here: http://www.sparktecmotorsports.com/k1t-044dw21140.html At time of ordering there were 4 sets left and i know one friend who bought a set, so i think there are 2 left. They ship right from wiseco hence why they're so cheap. Lastly, I have been working on a MS3 Pro PNP solution. This includes: Coolant Guage driver Circuit PWM Fuel pump relay driver Full AC with idle compensation EVAP Onboard MCU with CANBUS controller for extension of different devices and built in 8 extra ADC and about 20 extra digital IO Expansion Header Onboard MAP and BARO USB Reverse Polarity Protection Main relay control Its literally plug and play... No hacking up your harness, no creating new wiring harnesses. No external circuits to drive the coolant guage, fuel relay, no switching fuel relays, etc. Hoping to get these out for manufacturing tonight. ~Matt
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    It's actually been awhile since I've posted on here on VS. Maybe like 4-5 years. What's been happening? How's Che? Hussein?
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    Thanks man, I truly appreciate the kind words! The new project will be a pseudo-continuation of this one. Lots of parts will be exchanged between the 2 wagons and my plan will effectively continue but in a new chassis. Greg, Mike, thanks guys. I'm not going anywhere, just wanted to move onto a more unique color and cleaner chassis to start with. Thanks bro, I really appreciate the compliments. By the way, I'm dubbing this the "Lucas" mod - refers to when you replace your silver R with a 00 Venetian and then M66 swap it! See you Monday night brah! I'm very excited for the next few years. Friday evening I hopped a flight to Denver to visit with some friends and earlier this morning I bought a Venetian Red 2000 V70 R with the 2 tone interior and a bunch of cool options. My ultimate plan is to swap the engine, transmission, drivetrain, suspension, BBK, and misc. other mods from my 99 R into the 00 R. So in many ways my 99 R will live on in my new wagon. The road trip back to New York starts in the morning, so stay tuned!
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    Time for an update. A few weeks back I hit a jeep, and further messed up the front of my car: Threw a stock headlight and ABM turn signal on while I assessed my options for fixing the damage. Ultimately, it needs a new headlight, turn signal, radiator core support, hood, and passenger fender to get back to the condition it was in prior the accident. On top of that, it desperatly needs new front and rear bumpers, a rust spot on the tailgate fixed, and a bunch of paint work on the passenger side to fix where it had been poorly repainted in the past (prior to my ownership) to be in good enough cosmetic shape that I'd be happy with it. So, with my dissatisfaction with the cosmetic shape of the car ever increasing, I did some quick math and realized just how much money it would take to get this wagon to a cosmetic state where'd I'd be proud of it again. I'd been contemplating buying another wagon to modify and move parts over to for the last 6 months to a year, and ultimately, it will end up costing less money and give me the opportunity to start fresh and avoid some stupid mistakes I'd made in the process of building this car. So sadly, this decision marks "the end" of this project. Odometer photo is from earlier this week: Here's a photo from the first night I brought it home (December 23, 2011) And from last weekend (May 7, 2017): So after five and a half years and over 70,000 miles, there have been plenty of ups and downs, and everything in between, but in the end, it's been a great car that is responsible for nearly everything I know about cars today. I'll miss it but I'm very excited for the future.
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    Yesterday mornin' yes. it got wet.
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    ErikS today is my actual 10 year Volvospeed anniversary... 3/1/07-3/1/17 and I agree with everything you said in your post haha and I am in the same boat lol Side note... I want to thank Volvospeed and the majority of its members for all the help over the years. I want to thank my mom, my dad, the academy, my manager. god. To getting this baby to Carlisle this year:
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    So I've been a member 10 years, and my one Volvo I've had the entire time is still not where I want it to be. I lack motivation, yes, and I am to blame. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem.
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    460 miles round trip to Carlisle last weekend behind Adam's 744TD on the way to meet Ryan, Nick up near Middletown Michael's great pic of my X1/9 on the field. Volvo got moved across from Fiat/Alfa/Lancia, so no dilemma as to where to park
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    Seeing all these OG VS'ers making an appearance makes me happy. :')
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    I'll keep you posted on a date for the swap! It was good to see you this weekend Hussein. Obviously, I didn't bring the new wagon to Carlisle. Thanks Brandon! Thanks Mikey - it was great seeing you this weekend! Thanks Greg, the drive was fun, I enjoyed seeing the country. I wish I had a little bit more time to stop and sight see along the way, but such is life. Thanks Lucas. I crossed 190,000 miles on the drive back from Colorado. Thank you, and I agree that Saffron and Lazer are both very sharp colors. Sorry for the slow replies guys, it was a crazy week and I didn't have any free time to sit down in front of my computer. Got a really good photo of me with my 99 R at Carlisle yesterday. It was a fun weekend and felt good to be driving this car again - it's much more engaging to drive than the Venetian at the moment. Photo credit goes to Melvin ( @aldebaran) Thanks again Melvin!
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    I'd like to say, I think it went well this year. Busier then ever, don't even think I got to talk to everyone.
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    Basically once FB got popular, the forum sloooooooowed down lol. Still prefer it here.
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    NO MORE DASH LIGHTS First time in years. Got all of my ABS issues sorted this weekend! No more service light, SRS light, or ABS and Tracs! Tested the brakes too a few times in the rain yesterday and all is well
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    Rolled over 168k mi the other day. Did an oil change and ATF fluid change last night. While it was draining, I re-polished the shiny parts that has gotten a little dull over the winter.
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    My first and last volvos.
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    Got an alignment and installed the new wheels over the weekend! Bremmer Kraft BR11. 18x8+45. with some 225/40/18 Contisports. We really love this setup. Completely transformed the appearance and drives better then I expected being 18". It already has a 10mm spacer in the rear, but I'm thinking about adding another 5mm or so all the way around to push the wheels a little more flush. Either way, here's some picture whoring. It has B&G springs on it currently, Thinking about switching to IPDs. Are they still the lowest springs out there without going to a coilover? The old Comets will be going on the V70R after getting new tires. Also got parked right next to a V70R during the install. It was running with the One Lap Of America event that was also going on at Tire Rack when we were there Saturday. I never got to meet the owner, but he was in a wheelchair and the car has full hand controls for the throttle and brake. Looks pretty neat. I also managed to hook the factory SC901 4x100 amplifier back up so that it works with the aftermarket Kenwood head unit. It took some finagling, and a couple of trys, but we got it working. It's still not a mind blowing sound system, but it sounds much more powerful and full then it did just running the speakers off of the stereo itself. I may still add a sub. We'll see. I'll detail the amp install if I can find my notes and diagrams..
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    Current news is that while the Elevate tune delivers in terms of nice power upgrade with the K16 hardware, drivability with the tune sucks ass. Cold start is a pita - car will stall / not start for a couple tries. Stumbles, hesitates, jerky throttle response until warm. Subsequent starts mostly OK, but some uneven behavior. On the road, holding a steady light throttle when crusing for example, gives a 'surge' that is really annoying. Progressive throttle results in boost which will suddenly drop out unless you continue to add more throttle. Boost transitions can be jerky. Overall, it really makes driving the car annoying. I would NEVER recommend Elevate afer this. He basically said it must be mechanical as software doesn't change. Not going down that road, it's akin to ARD's claims to ppl that the issues developed after using his tunes must be their hardware, not his tuning (talking about setups where the hardware is all known good, new parts, maintained no vac leaks, worn parts, etc., exacerbated by higher power levels). Paid for a Hilton tune on Friday, so that process is now underway. Very annoyed that I threw money away on the Elevate tune. I'll be driving the X1/9 to Carlisle, it's all flat black for now, after Carlisle, I'll hopefully have time top strip it back, fix the final imperations/details & prime it properly in prep for top coat in Volvo Passion Red 612
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    Lol yup. Picked up this munchkin yesterday. Meili is a purebred GSD. She is going to bed big. Probably going to outweigh bandit by a good amount since her paws are already the same size.
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    What I have gathered from the last few pages: -Tim (Timo) is gay for Mike -Mike is gay for bears and snow plows -John is gay for fire trucks and ambulances -Neu is just gay
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    Meili is growing strong. Probably about 70-80lbs already. Also Tirerack finally delivered my new tires after a 5 week wait. Comical how sticky they are. Last set this good was some Falken Azenis I had. Also took my dad out for some high speed karting for fathers day.
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    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Mostly just waiting on the machine shop at this point. I think they started this week, so hopefully they can get it done. They've been quite busy. So while im waiting for that i've been working on my MS3 PRO PNP boards. Here are some pics! Tested pretty much everything so its time to order my ms3 pro bare board module. Still have to solder on a few more things such as the CANBUS controller. Here is another board im working on. This taps into the radio speed wire on ME7 P80 M66 swapped cars so that the reverse lockout works on the shifter. ~Matt
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    2004 A4 Avant 1.8T 6MT Quattro 124k,1 owner clean carfax, dealer maintained with full service records, fully loaded
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    ^ Mud flaps should be painted body color... Trust me;)
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    Gave video logging a try today... I really like it.
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    11 years in Feb for me. Just sold the car I started with a couple weeks ago....but not to be without, I ended up buying another 850R a week later :) (Wife also has a 855R wagon as well, both are in Red)
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    I'm coming up on 15 years, but not with the same car, although I only had my 93 850 for a short time before I got the S70. The S70 is almost where I want it to be, just needs final tuning. I've just been preoccupied with my other cars.
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    I am coming up on my 10 year anniversary in April. 17 Volvos later.
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    ^that is a really weird looking C70.
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    Had to get the other side. Maybe I'll start driving it now.
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    Looks good! That passenger alcantara can likely be cleaned up with a white cotton wash cloth, small pail of warm water with some dawn dish soap. Scrub the alcantara with the damp washcloth. Work on the entire seat and dunk and ring out the cloth. Blot and wipe dry with fresh paper towels; repeat until the paper towels are clean. Alcantara is an amazing man made synthetic that readily cleans up. Run a fan overnight or park in the sun with windows down to dry. Feel free to call me if I can help.
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    Rechecked engine: compression was 190-194 across the board. leakdown was less than 3% block test repeatedly stayed blue.. head gasket is fine. turns out I had air trapped in cooling System and a couple electrical gremlins that I worked out.. this makes me happy
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    Not getting used much but still have her
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    Hello to all of you! Even if registered here some time ago, for one reason or another I lost my account registration and since I changed almost all in my life -except Volvo!- I come back only now. Sorry... but happy to be here again. Except of you, I live in Old Europe, in northern Italy to be more precise, so I'm out of your maps.... Going on... I own 2 Volvos: - my95 855T5R B5204T engine with M56 gearbox in not-so-common metallic dark grey that I'm finishing setting up: upgraded perforated disk brakes F+R, upgraded brake hoses F+R, IPD antisway bars, all Powerflex polyurethane bushings, Bilstein B6 shortened and hardened by Bilstein itself to join the EibachPro springs, IPD front upper struts supports, MSD coil, IPD silicone spark plugs set, custom made 60mm RIPkit (IPD has a smaller one for sale), all aluminium do88 intercooler, IPD short ram air kit, custom-made sparks-cover, front+rear strut bars, everything new about the steering in the front, HID on custom-modified headlights, all LED bulbs, front IPD chrome+black grille, rear spider-lights to come next week, 3x52mm instruments on A-pillar in IPD plastic support, wideband, exhaust digital temp sensor, IPD TCV, both driver and passenger 4-points large Sabelt belts in blue, MPRE gear lever shortshifter, and the latest works on this care are the ones giving me more joy+pain (we still have to definitively fix them): Walbro fuel pump, Bosch green giants, 3K k24, V72R exhaust manifold, 3" downpipe and 2,5" after kat, 4" exhaust end. The point is that it seems we need to put on a 4bar fuel pressure regulator. I was quite forgetting... safety-car lights inside the front corners + rear door lightened windows switches and "R" aluminium IPD door buttons... but these are smaller and just aesthetic things. - my75 242DL B20A engine with M40 gearbox in dark blue with red interior that I'm now restoring... 102k km all original and certified, it had just a few minor scratches and a small stone-mark on the windshield plus 2 small holes (less than 0,5") on both fenders just rear the front wheels. By now it has everything new under the car (new exhaust sfter the manifold, all new bushings, almost all new for the steering compartment, all new brakes -disks&pads + all the hoses-, new brake-pistons seals, new torque rods with polyurethane bushings, and all new-sprayed), beside this I have a complete Simons exhaust NIB ready to be fit on, then NIB headlights (I have the single rounds on) and a complete my79 front with square headlights to be fit "when I like to", new IPD all white front corners and a couple of USspecs used front corners in white with orange reflective elements (EUspecs are half white and half orange), NIB Hella FF500, OEM louvre, then a couple of red+white rear tails and a USspecs quad-lights headlight complete set (I don't even know whether I'll fit it on or not..), then some small nice parts such as reservoir tank to be fit on the right side of the luggage, some deep and not-deep beauty rings, NIB wheel nuts bought from IPD, both upper&lower front strut bars, and some light alloy wheels (by now too many, sincerely) including a set of Virgos, a set of OEM Polaris, a set of FWD-Titans with spacers and some more. This car still has its temporary swedish number plate since it was driven here directly from Sweden by a great friend of mine. This is almost all... oh no.. I even have an OEM Volvo dealer front-office front-desk in real wood, almost 6,5x4 feet with blue plastic VOLVO letters on. It's sit in my garage and my wife doesn't know this Soo.. really happy to join you, if you will accept me even from this side of the world.
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    I think that was the most active / most fun periods VS had...at least in my 10 years
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    OR.... hookers and keys in the trunk
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    I've owned Samco hoses, FCP Sport hoses, and I just bought Do88 hoses after the G-Plus hoses don't fit. Just as a cautionary note, there are a number of sellers selling these silicone hoses on eBay: So upon trying to fit these, I noticed that they were loose fitting along all the hose interconnections, and decided to take some measurements. I started with this pipe: And measured: This is one sample measurement, but every pipe was at least .070"-.110" in diameter too large, creating a terrible seal.
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    Coming up on 7 year. Took a year hiatus where I never posted but still was doing Volvo things. Started with a 94 850 but ended up not starting around 347k, threw some things at it to try to get it to start then cut my losses and got the 850R, will never sell it and it will never be done. It has currently been sitting for the last 7 months awaiting some love on the brakes and fuel pump. Just got an 06 V70R so I can work on the 850 and not have to worry about not having crazy pressure to finish stuff on it and I can take my time with things. Good to see you all post again, I do miss this place.
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    First thing I do when I get in it is turn off the traction control.
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    agreed. slowed down since the creation of the VS FB page but I still prefer the traditional forum layout