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    I also got rid of the pinstripes on my R. However, they were underneath the clearcoat. Between the repairs I had done in June and the last week, the whole wagon has been given a fresh coat of Venetian Red. I’ll post more details in my build thread soon.
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    Yeah, I was not pleased when I found out the stripes were under the clear. I’m so happy they’re finally gone. Once the fresh paint is fully hardened I’m gonna have the whole car polished and ceramic coated 😁 It’s currently parked outside of my apartment:
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    Finally went P2. Twice actually as the first was hit and totaled 2 months after I got it. Here is the current one. Pretty much where its going to be as I have a 98 T5M coming.
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    Andy your car gets hit like two times a week and it somehow still looks better than mine.
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    03 E39 manual that I couldn’t pass up... probably a flip wilson after I give her some love and drive a while. (Y)
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    It’ll fit... just spit on it
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    Thaaaaaanks for sure! That might have been part of it for sure. I picked up the copper ones they sell at Power Drive Inc. Good enough for industrial applications then hopefully good enough for this. No leaks after about 30 hours behind the wheel. Original size images here because it's cool! May or may not be aware I have some wheels for sale. But one set is for me! Got my new rims mounted up and wrapped in Pilot Sport 4s 215-45-17 tires. 10mm Eibach spacers are so well made and fit really well. I had some VIVA brand ones to start however they make there's with a 64.9mm center bore and these are 65.07~ Got them from eibachshop.com . They ship from Poland but shipping included was $150~ for the set and that's $50 less then any set of spacers I could find here in the US. The lugs are 45mm Eibach studs. They are longer but maintain the 19mm head. I thought I was going to need to cut them down but they all work at the original length. 27mm is what I had in there before. Sexy The big draw back was going to be rolling the fenders. When I had the rims on the back end it looked like it was going to hit the fender guard and need a little bit of work. Infact after talking with @andyb5 and getting his specs from the STI BBS wheels he runs, it these would line up to the same overall width and then need some level of rolling. Low and behold they fit on the car PERFECTLY. A miss is as good as a mile here. The ride quality is so immediately better with this taller sidewall and new tires. I had S0-4 Pole Positions before and I think the thinner 205-45 tire was just rather harsh. But really if you'd like a set of these for your wagon they are awesome and I've got more to sell!
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    The latest addition over the weekend, kaplhenke perches for the rear. Waiting on my Ohlins to arrive, but in the meantime, even with the nivo's still in place, the springs have stiffened up the very loose end of the car. The new shocks will be the final piece of the puzzle. They're a very simple install when you have a hoist and some transmission jacks - especially after working out how to tension the trailing arms and such just right to get the bolts all back in; the second side took me 10 minutes to put back together compared to the 25 minutes on the first side. Highly recommended upgrade.
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    Replaced my control arms. Not as bad as I remembered it to be, and it was definitely good to get rid of the old arms.
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    Soo it's been quite a while. As I've already sent to a lot of people, I had to get away from the forums and other volvo related stuff to finish graduating. I'm back again though, so time to catch up again. My engine build has progressed a tiny bit, but not much. I've been looking around for some valve buckets. The valve lash had become too small, as I had ground the seats for the three angle valve job. Those buckets are ~18 euro a piece, and I needed 13 new ones :P After looking around some I had found a webpage online where someone described machining the buckets to size. My uncle is a machinist, and fortunately he agreed to machine the buckets for me. So lucky break there, saving me a lot of money. When I get those back the engine is ready to be put together the rest of the way. I have all the parts needed on hand. Apart from that I've been busy cooking up a BBK to got with my increased power. I will explain it in a little more detail when my engine build thread gets de-archived (mods? :) ). I'm now in the process of getting back to everybody who has sent me a message the past few months. Feel free to ping me though.
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    Browsing CL Saturday morning... hmmm that's cheap. Saturday afternoon: Sunday afternoon: Need to find some old spacers.
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    Got most of my manual swap done this past weekend. M56 is installed and I buttoned up the interior yesterday. I've been busy the past two days with my brother's '92 Miata that we're manual/1.8 swapping after the 1.6 had a couple failed valve stem seals (because who fixes bad valve stem seals, pfff....) Anyway, I just need to finish assembling everything in the engine bay and it's good to go! I also need a new timing belt and some other engine parts, but the swap itself is just about done.
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    a little pic update. IMG_2307.mp4
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    A lot of people say the RSR's or RSRR's get gummy after long stints but we've never had a problem. The RE71Rs are super fun/sticky but they marble up corners. I think everyone just knows its a cheater tire (no where near 200 tread wear). I just like the Federals for the bang for the buck. I'm sure everything similar is better (RE71, AD08, Rivial, RS4, V720) but for like $400 for all four tires. I can't complain at all. I'll take a .1 second hit for saving hundreds of dollars.
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    So in my old age Im interested in turning the Yellow as original as possible. I've put back in the Sc-811 with a Grom Bluetooth and a new factory amp. So im selling my Pioneer AVIC-F900BT head unit. Included with the head unit is the $130 Pioneer bezel kit and The attached Volvo harness that will fit 850's, S70's and v70's may fit the C70 as long as it didnt have they Dyna system Built in Bluetooth for hands free calls (even downloads your phone book if you want) Built in GPS and Navigation (I updated the maps in 2016) XM module (sold desperately) Parking brake feature is turned off in the firmware, no hacks or fooler wires I just cracked the mic mount taking it out but the Mic is fine.. Asking $300 Shipped in the Continental US Everywhere else pays shipping. SPECS and info from pioneers site ------------> AVIC-F900BT - In-Dash Navigation AV Rec...pdf
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    Yup. Also got the newer model RSRR's on the M3. I love them. For the money I can't think of anything stickier. Daily Firestone Indy 500's. Weekend toy Federal RSR's or the newer RSRR's
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    just a bunch of fucking numbers ^ nudes or gtfo (i know shit about cumputers haha)
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    Doesn't even list the specs. Pathetic. It's a hard knock life.
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    Mid-August I finally had time for a full exterior detail. Got a new Griot's orbital polisher which made things infinitely easier! I hadn't polished it for a year and a half, and hadn't waxed it for 8 months. Finally got rid of the pinstripes and IPD decal on the back too. Removed the front right trim piece and then realized it was double-sided taped on there, fixed that after the photos. 4 weeks later, the paint still looks completely fresh, compared to the last time I polished it when it started fading again within a few weeks. Then the next week I had to replace a wheel bearing, swapped in new struts and strut bearings, got an alignment, and hit the quarter-million km mark Now just shy of 5000km on the manual swap (Photo dump incoming)
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    I no longer have a Volvo, but I upgraded the oil catch can on my GLH to a ProVent 200.
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    Watch out for collapsed 5/8 hose under the manifold, if you didn't something heavy-walled kind like in tryingbe's writeup.
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    @TryingBe did a really nice write-up on this topic: http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/172651-did-pcv-and-still-fails-glove-test-and-smoke-from-dipstick-wtf/?do=findComment&comment=2416137 Sounds like you may still need to OH the turbo, but get the PCV sorted out first. Yeah, a qt every 500 mls is quite excessive consumption.
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    Always get the alignment sheet. I don't know the specs off hand. I want to see what their measurements are.
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    This is a great deal. I charged Matty $300 and a handy for them. Get em while they are hot. Dont agree on the handy as Matty is hung like a large elephant.
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    Good cuz i hate you...............a lot.
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    Updated the post detailing everything I can remember doing with the suspension.
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    Hello everyone. I figured I would post some videos my friend took while logging some pulls for mister hilton about a while ago. I would love to post a more thorough build thread with pictures, but I don't feel very motivated to do that until I do the manual swap and get those solid delta links in :^) Here's a basic rundown of what I have starting with the goodies: SC-901 radio with oem amp in place of dolby box yatour bluetooth audio system (had a lot of trouble with the grom unit) beltronics sti-r birch? trim i got from spain via ebay c70 grill euro clear corners (and stealth auto clear turn signal bulbs all around) led license plate bulbs vdo boost gauge powertrain: Hilton tune S60 R exhaust manifold K24 turbo with forge CBV 3" downpipe with a rattling race cat that i wanna remove EST exhaust (excellent sound, reasonably quiet) K&N apollo closed air filter plumbed to the stock air pickup behind grill S60 R MAF DO88 turbo inlet pipe for S60 R DO88 RIP kit DO88 drop-in intercooler walbro 255lph fuel pump five o motorsport injectors polyurethane torque mounts all around shell rotella t6 5w40 and mahle filter every 5k 93 octane always wheels and tires: 17x7 bronze team dynamic pro race 1 205/45/R17 michelin pilot super sports brakes: your standard porsche 993/S60R big brake kit (painted the calipers black of course) stainless steel braided brake lines castrol SRF racing brake fluid chassis and suspension: eastern aerospace (lol) strut brace (looks identical to the oem volvo one, especially after i debadged it) delrin subframe bushings BC racing coilovers with swift springs (I used the standard spring settings they recommended) kaplhenke spherical bearings in place of control arm bushings IPD 25mm front and rear sway bars 16mm spacers in front, 4mm in the rear I've tweaked my suspension settings quite a bit and I finally feel it all coming together. I'll try to detail everything I did here: When attaching the spindle to the strut, there is a bit of room to play around with the angle that they attach. I tightened it down such that the arm of the strut would be as close to the tire as possible (increasing static camber assuming no adjustment at the strut tower) When attaching the strut tower mounts to the chassis, there is just a hair of wiggle room with how they attach. I tightened it down such that the strut towers are as far to the rear of the car as possible (increasing caster by a hair) When attaching the control arms to the chassis, there is even less of a hair of wiggle room with how they attach. I tightened it down such that the control arms are toward the outside of the car as much as possible. This one does practically nothing, but I believe it should at least help widen the track width. I then adjusted the "camber adjustment" at the strut tower to reduce static camber to about 1.5deg I then set the front and rear toe to zero I also set the front sway bar to the stiffer setting Damper settings are 18/32 front and 28/32 rear I bumped up the tire pressure in the front a bit because after observing my tire chalk, I realized I was rolling onto the sidewall in low speed corners (this might be an inevitable consequence of our cars at least on a streetable setup) Finally, I found a balance between front tire pressures and static camber such that I wasnt tearing up the outside edge of my tires. I believe I settled on 38psi in the front and 40 psi in the rear. And now some media :^) This is the only picture I could find on my phone. Wheels are super dirty haha 3rd gear pull some kids in a dodge dart that were following me around
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    Replaced the AWD collar on the XC70. Angle gear was ok thankfully. This is the first time I’ve ever been in car when the collar went, it’s quite the sensation.
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    If you don't have a problem with it, leave it alone.
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    19t :) Whenever I'm on the fence about fixing something I usually just spend thousands of dollars to upgrade it so I don't have to worry about wondering if it needs to be fixed or not.
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    Respectfully disagree. What's commonly referred to as LMS is simply the cylinder(s) have been washed down with fuel removing oil from the rings and cyl walls lowering the compression. Dumping oil in there may be short-term fix (if you don't foul the spark plug) but the real issue typically is fuel diluted engine oil. Suggest next time you experience this to sniff test the dip-stick and bet you'll smell gas. Maybe the engine is flooded, maybe have a leaking injector, etc. Fix the fuel problem and then do an oil change. But again, with 0 psi compression, you've got a valve problem; no amount of oil is going to fix that. On that we can agree I hope..
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    I love those cars. My dad has a '99 528iT Sport, but it's auto.
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    i like^ i forget where i saw another picture of yours recently but it reminded me i gotta get down to charlottesville this fall - its so beautiful down there
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    Bye-bye pinstripes and IPD decal from the PO. Helloooooo beautiful
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    Just picked up a 2009 Infiniti FX50S. Got tired of driving a 20yo stick shift Volvo wagon in LA traffic. Now I get to sit in traffic wishing I could put the 390hp V8 to better use... Anyway, it's awesome :)
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    No you cannot retrofit. The older style ETM is part of the high speed network. The later Bosch units were slaves to the ECM.
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    Why is everything RGB now?! Good thing you can't see that garbage with the side panel on. Ryzen 7 2700X, 16GB DDR4 3200mhz, Vega 64 GPU. The rest is the same from my old build.
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