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    The Saff got some love in the Speedhunters feature on the NeverLift 1/2 event I attended Saturday in Coalinga, California on my (circuitous) trip home from Denver. The photographer, James Lipman, used to own an 850r and an fwd (m59) p80 V70R, so the car caught his eye. He also got a chuckle out of the Volvo wagon there amongst million dollar supercars, lol. 🤣 http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/04/god-bless-america-never-lift-day-one/#_presentation-431146
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    More Saffron!! Quick little driveway shot:
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    This page needs more Saffron. Rolled over 170k mi on the drive home from Cars and Coffee.
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    Hi Guys, It's been a while. figured I'd update those who still use the forums. I bought a 2013 S60 T5 AWD, with only 38k miles on it back in October and have been adding parts to it for Carlisle 2k19. The other day I got my set of BBS CIR's on my S60 and painted the calipers gold. A few other mods include R-Design rear diffuser, Magnaflow custom axleback, R-Design trunklid spoiler, H&R Springs, K&N filter (if that even counts..), a few other things. But it's so comfortable and It's my favorite car I've owned so far. Pictures attached.
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    Not out to pasture yet.
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    Aaron wrapped up the final dyno tuning on the Saff today. Still kind of in shock. VAST, ftw.
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    As of 2 days ago:
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    There will be more details later, but short: ’98 V70r, M58, built (Wiseco 81.5, RSI rods) b5244t5, gtx3071r gen2 (IWG) .82ar, tubular manifold, tastyVAST downpipe, 950cc injectors, custom 3.25”? iD maf housing, iPd intercooler, do88 radiator and random rip kit pieces, custom intake, NA tb, dw300, non-stock fpr, stock fuel lines (with fuel to spare), E85, COP, dual VVT... that’s the basics. *stock m4.4 intake manifold
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    So, I've been tinkering with my M4.3 for a while, trying out some different stock maps (mainly 627 and 134 in my originally 074 T5), and have been getting pretty good results. The 627 and 134 seem to be exactly the same from what I can tell, and the 074 is the base map I'm working from, since that's what my car came with. But I got a little bored... I stumbled upon an eBay seller listing about a million different tune files for Volvos, from 850 to X70/60 and beyond (there's things like FH12/16, FMs and FLs in there... 😮 ), for 5 bucks, so I thought I'd give them a whirl in Motronic Suite and see what was actually there. Lo and behold... these don't look bad to my admittedly relatively noob eyes. They actually look pretty darn good - actually makes me wonder where they came from - there are maps edited in there that we don't know what are, but consistently and pretty conservatively edited, looking like someone actually knew what they were doing. But before I try running any of them, I thought I'd see what you guys think. So take a peek, and fire up the torches. 😉 627 eBay "Stage 1" vs stock 627 file from Motronic: Boost map: VE map: Ign map, PT: MAF limit across the board is set to 255, which I gather doesn't really mean much other than that the ECU will never hit it, so that's fine. Check out the list of maps/tables that have been edited: Changes list, eBay: To me, the 627 "Stage 1" looks like it's targeting 1 bar of boost, and a pretty standard BSR/RICA (or iPD) 275~280 HP tune. I've also looked at the 074 files, and they've been edited like these - seemingly correct to me, with fuel/ign/boost all appearing to be pretty safe maps... The 074 map seems to target about 11.5 psi, up from ~8 stock, and peaking to 1 bar on overboost. What do you guys think? Stolen, "legitimate" tune files? 😮 - S
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    Thanks man, I really appreciate that! It was a blast, incredible cars and really a great, supportive environment. Everyone there was so cool. My best trap was 139.23 mph. I could have improved that if I were a bit more aggressive off the line and in 1st gear. I didn’t want to break my car in the middle of the California Central Valley, lol... I still had to go to the Davis meet Sunday and drive home to Portland after. I expected about 10 mph better, but there were dozens of cars slower than my time, so I can’t be too disappointed. This car shines from a roll, it’s always gonna struggle from a dig.
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    You guys both need to paint your wings. Sincerely, People with sanity
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    Installed my iPd springs and drop spacers for the nivomats. The car's sitting SO much nicer now! Before After
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    Your car looks amazing inside and out.
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    show us your tits Susan
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    Are you sure? Looking at un-modified 607_rev5b.bin, I'm seeing the same code pattern (including 0xFFD9) at 0x7F0D, that I see at 0x7E93 in the 608 bin.
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    Of course. From Mercuric's drivecycle log file I tracked down the IAT fetch and send code and identified the RAM value location of FFD9. I then traced the code in the binary and found FFD9 at 0x7E93. The accelerometer RAM value I found from the DAMOS file. But the DAMOS descriptions are mostly in German. 'Accelerometer' in German is 'Beschleunigungsmesser'. I found this is shortened in the DAMOS to 'BS-Sensor' at RAM location FB25. From looking at other ecu binaries it seems the RAM locations don't change between the software revisions and should work for the 607 (and 609, 611, 612 and so on). The location of FFD9 is different in the 607rev5b though. In the 607 bin edit address 0x7EF2. In the 607rev5b bin edit address 0x7F0D Please forgive me if I have not used the correct terminology above.
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    Porsche Calipers showed up today. They are near mint, but Im still going to sand them down and paint to match rears. Untitled by britt edward, on Flickr
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    Hello guys, been a long time since i got a chance to actually build something volvo related. Been trying to get back to whiteblocks for 5 years and now finally managed to do that. What started out as a simple naturally aspirated 5 cylinder swap to my "daily-beater", so i could have a little fun with it, has come to a point, where when i get what i want from the engine, i'm going to swap it to a proper chassy for drag use. So to make long story a little shorter - here's my beemer 5 years ago: Meanwhile, it has had several engines, starting with 1.8 83kw stock engine, then 3.0 v8 engine, then again 1.8 engine that ran on 2,5bar of boost, then 2.0 6 cylinder with turbo and finally what the thread is about - whiteblock. So about the "thing" itself - Regular e36 body, minor mods in the front suspension, mostly everything rebuilt few years ago. So far i've used it for dragracing and also drifting as my own entertainment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-tc4J13qEI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnyuSwJJvnc Sad part is.. my best ET so far is 13,625@162kmh with my 1.8 engine and 0,9bar of boost, so i haven't succeeded much But this year not should, but WILL be different So the engine.. i started the swap with B5254S from my old volvo 440, got to drive it just a little around garage when its life got ended due to oiling error. That sorted out.. new life on the chassy started b5204T engine i picked up. Looked for specifically 2.0 due to 81mm cylinder, so it would handle more power I will not bother you with every little detail i have made, so i'll let the pics to the job (dynosheet is in KW) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HP5sSOPZgM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibOjNT2byjA Engine: B5204T ECU: Megasquirt 3v3.0 Turbo: Holset HX50 Wastegate: from Audi AAN Injectors: Siemens deka 825cc Fuel pump: Walbro 450lph FPR: Turbosmart Clutch: tdi pressure plate with bmw disc Gearbox: Getrag 240 For drag season, on the shelf i have forged rods, crank from D5 engine waiting, and also plan for better clutch and double-VVT(for now just exhaust cam). Been to dyno 2 times.. first time was just to see if things work like they should and get some idea what kind of power it'll make.. second time went to turn up some boost The result is 340hp/378nm at the wheels so about 360hp/400nm from engine at 20psi of boost Exhaust manifold is stock at the moment and is also next thing to be replaced... doesn't flow at all So new header incoming and then i'll go for 400whp with yet stock internals
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    VVT solenoid blockoff plate. An easy option but not the best for performance though. Aaron’s tunes can have basic control of VVT on RN-swapped M4.4 cars and it makes a noticeable improvement in spool time. Go check out his latest Instagram post showing the difference in spool times on @B_Dub‘s wagon.
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    Wow! Now those are some impressive numbers!
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    That's a little improvement over the 4T4 setup!!
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    And just like that two becomes three... Wrapped up a lot of small things, like:replaced the driver's side seat belt with my old modified one (has a passenger lockable buckle and belt wound onto a driver side case), completed pedal box swap to add the clutch pedal, clutch master and piping, shifter in, carpet back in, headliner back in, some trim pieces in, main wiring harness in place but needs to be modified to remove TCM, finished heater core, heater lines, turbo coolant and oil feed lines, Not major things, but they needed done. Waiting for the downpipe to complete the exhaust, three weeks out.
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    Did some more work on the R tonight, trying to put a list of parts together so I can get them ordered. I was able to get a good look at the back of the engine from underneath and, while I can't confirm that it's the only leak, I can confirm that the turbo drain seals are bad and need to be replaced. The other smoking gun back there is the passenger CV axle seal. Got all the intake stuff out and some other stuff around the drivers side of the engine bay. Good news, besides being all greasy due to ptc and pcv issues, the turbo still seems to be in good shape. There is very little side to side shaft play, and virtually zero in/out shaft play. Spins very free by hand. Not sure if it's the original turbo or not, but it certainly doesn't show any signs of ever being changed. This is very encouraging considering the car has 214k miles. Besides a handful of terrible repair decisions, it seems like it was in general well taken care of for a large portion of its life. The exhaust however is the most haggard together thing I've ever seen up to and including a rear 02 sensor delete... Yep, that would definitely explain why there is a CEL for the rear o2.. It's just gone, and they wire nutted the ends of the wires to cap them off.. Freakin retards. I found this tucked up underneath the airbox.. Does anyone make an exhaust system for the AWD that isn't a million dollars? I've used the OBX on FWD cars before and it does great for the price.. But no such luck for AWD cars. I like the idea of using a 2000 VR setup to get duals, but can't seem to find anything else that's cheap.. I might end up welding something up temporarily, but the section over the rear subframe does not look fun at all! Anyways, I'll just keep chipping away until it's all fixed. Here is a shot as I'm getting ready to call it a night, I do love this car: