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    My build thread is locked so posting here. I blew up another m56. Same as my old one. Shifted into second in full boost and lost all power to the wheels. Going to fix it and sell it. Meanwhile I was vacationing in Hilton Head over the last week and found this gem. PPI checked out out and I have plane tix to drive it back home in 2 weeks. I'll still keep my VR for daily duties. Needless to say, I added a pair of k24's to the fleet.
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    Non-Volvo content, but it's a turbocharged 5-cylinder AWD: 2018 Audi RS3: Mods are stage 1 software: 521awhp/495awtq, stock everything else except for forged wheels
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    Sure thing Greg. Yes it came with PCCB brakes. Its an 04. Heres a few more.
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    It has been buffed and ceramic coated 😊 I’m thrilled with how the fresh paint and ceramic coating all turned out! I’ll take some better (non-iPhone) pictures but heres a quick preview. The ceramic coating sheds water like it’s glass, and the way it has improved the depth and gloss is hard to capture in a photo, but it’s very noticeable in person.
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    Renewed the registration. Drove it a good bit around. Bought a new sunpass sticker for it lol. And then took all the stickers off of it.
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    Hey guys, Rob here. I figured it was time to go ahead and make a thread since this car has been around the community and finally down here in FL for the last 8 years. At one point this used to be my daily, now ive moved on to a 2018 S60 and it has become more of a project/fun/love/hate car. It's had a lot of work and a lot done to it so I guess a little back tracking is warranted. Originally a 1998 s70 2.3 T5 Automatic. Around 2010 I added a OBX Exhaust system, 18t, WideBand, ARD blue custom Tune, various other little things. Around 2013? it went from a 18t to a K24, Manual swap, and RN swap. The RN recieved a rebuilt top/bottom using new parts and seals before install as well as the tranny. (Lol Tranny) Eariler this year (Feb 2018), I managed to kill the engine coming home from a large volvo meet in Orlando (over 120 volvos so I guess thats large) (enter the new daily thanks to winter park volvo (chris is my new bestie)) Ordered up an 02 2.4LPT engine since there were no 2.3's in stock anywhere, and it sat in my garage with the s70 for close to 8 months... (Hey at least the detail I got before the meet in Feb lasted 8 months riiiiiggghhhttt?) After finally getting tired and life back on track from a number of bad events, I sent the car and engine off to Maitland Importers (enter Alan <3 ) A week and $2k later, I got 1 s70 back with almost nothing for me to worry about, new control arms, endlinks, engine professionally installed, etc. etc. And this catches us up to now. October 2018 :D Current plans / set up for the car. (bold installed) (not bold not installed) 2002 2.4 LPT K24 Turbo OBX 3" downpipe / cat back exhaust 2.5" Intercooler piping with front mount M56 Snapp intake pipe 3" MAF (Currently looking, likely hit a JY for this part) COP conversion VastTuning Tune 800cc Injectors (waiting on the mailman) W200 Fuel Pump (waiting to see what Aaron wants to do for base map) Water Meth System (Would love some input on what to go with) Suspension IPD springs Koni Yellow Struts Blisten HD rear shocks Upper UMP Strut Brace Trunk Brace IPD brace that goes under the car (yeah I totally forgot its name) Extras 320mm front brakes (have brand new brakes, pads, lines, brackets, just need rotors and wheels) New wheels because those wont fit with what I have </3 sad no more comets or porps New Headliner (wonder what pattern ill go with this time around) New sunroof assembly (have it just need to swap old one) New boost gauge (cant see my prosport during the day... weird af) Pictures <3 [/img] Finished the COP install last night. Pretty quick install. I'll keep posting as things happen.
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    DW200 is in and drove it to work, first log is today on the way home. Getting excited as it comes together.
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    When the moon’s in your eye.
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    New dash, kick panels, steering wheel, dolby speaker cover, glovebox, and windshield.
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    Before it really gets cold...dynoed it to have a comparison before/after - see signature. Put on winter tires, washed the summer ones before waxing and storing them away. Bye bye summer...
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    Unfortunately many of the pics went bye-bye when PB stuck us in the ass for $$$ server fees. The ones I did get to download have all had their meta-data wiped by the PB fuckers, so I really can't arrange many of them in historical order - esp all the permutations on IC / piping setups & motor work :( At some point I will start going through what I have & fix what I can. The last couple years have been mostly occupied with fixing a house for my Mum so she could move close by, work on my old house, and body work/paint on my X1/9. That car is my major project car now - next up is a Honda K24 install. The days of heavy Volvo mods are pretty much done, I'd have to say.
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    Just a little something Ive had made whist Im unable to do anything else. Based on Razorx's design from a few years ago
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    Yes, do! Like both of those wheels, but yeah, comets are the best looking stock wheels IMO.
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    Another summer has come and gone. Besides a few small quirks that are persisting, I haven't had too many issues lately (KNOCKING ON WOOD AS HARD AS POSSIBLE AS I TYPE THIS) and have been driving this daily most of the summer. Over the past weekend, it was time to put it back into "winter mode". I jacked it up, applied nearly a gallon of Fluid Film to the undercarriage and inside of the rockers and every other orifice possible. (this is an annual thing I do, but I forgot how much of a pain/mess it is). Anyways, that should slow the rust down as much as anything. Also changed the Comets out for Andrasteas with Dunlap WinterMaxx tires. Also swapped the R-bumper out for the beater XC bumper (which I still haven't got around to painting). Going to stay prettymuch as-is until spring. I may work on some stereo upgrades and replace a blower fan that is on it's way out. Once spring is here, I'm going to be changing up the front half of the exhaust and downpipe, replacing the dead ABS hydraulic unit/pump, and maybe getting a tune. That is all.
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    Shem uses instant gasket in them now and it works fine
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    If I remember correctly the BMW housing doesn't have a chamfer were the sensor fits in to allow for the O ring on the Volvo sensor so I either fitted a thinner O ring or made a rubber gasket but I can't remember.
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    You gonna put a 997 front end on it or just never walk around the front of the car?
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    How about more old volvo wagon content! Replaced oil cooler lines, brakes, endlinks, tie rods. I need to get a damn lift, crawling around is getting old lol.
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    Up for sale is my 1998 Volvo C70 Coupe M56 T5M with approximately 161,000 miles. I purchased the car in January 2017 as a 2.3L 16T HPT car with the M56 but upon first drive, engine went. At this point I had Ben from Rolling Motors swap in a 2.5T from an ’06 S60 w/ 110k miles- here is where all the fun began. The car sits now with a TD05-20G custom setup, and freaking rips. Here is a breakdown for the car: Engine: 2.5T RN motor from a ’06 S60 (approx 125k miles on it), all new seals at the time of install Mitsubishi Super 20G turbo (Installed brand new, approximately 10k on it), custom DV FiveO Motorsports 550CC (@3bar) Fuel Injectors (couple thousand miles on it now) Custom StevO Tune running 20psi, with some room still to go! Transmission: Factory M56 5 Speed Transmission Genuine Volvo R Clutch Kit Genuine Volvo Single Mass Flywheel Exhaust: OBX Catback Exhaust (Custom tip shortened so doesn’t stick out) Custom 3” Downpipe to work with 20g (pie cuts, beautiful) S60R Exhaust manifold machined for better flow with 20G Overall a bunch of custom work was required for 20G, receipts on hand from Rolling Motors do88 Intercooler RIP Kit Intake: Snabb Intake Pipe 3.5” BMW 540i Housing Bosch OEM MAF (couple thousand miles) iPd intake box (not yet installed) Suspension: BC Racing Coilovers (just installed, few thousand miles on them at most) OBX Front Top Strut Brace Kaplhenke Subframe Bushings New control arms, new axle seals, new wheel hubs, reman Napa axles Just aligned this past week, drives perfectly straight and smooth Brakes: 302mm Caliper Bracket Kit Newer Zimmerman rotors and Akebono Pads all around Wheel/Tire Setup: Enkei RSF5s 18” 18x8 (have one full size spare as well) , also have spare 16” steel winter wheels Vredstein Ultra Vorti Tires H&R 15mm rear spacers, 10mm front spacers Exterior: Depo Jewel Headlights OEM Jewel Corners V70R front bumper (missing center grille) C70 Jewel Taillights (also spare set) I have receipts for all work done, from each nut bolt and gasket to all the major work all from Ben at Rolling Motors, all of it totaling upwards of $10k. I am sure I am forgetting some stuff so please just ask. I have pages of receipts to go through. I’d rate the exterior and paint overall a 7/10, it is a 20 year old car and shines and cleans up very well but of course has its fair share of scratches and paint chips. The interior overall is pretty clean, some tears in the drivers leather seat but passenger and rear seats are in nice shape for the age. I installed an R cluster with approximately 20k miles more than what I had at the time so cluster mileage is approx 181k at the moment. The car runs great and really is a blast to drive, absolutely sleeper. At the moment, it really requires nothing and is ready to rip. The car does have it’s creaks and some rattle in the cabin going over crappy roads but is to expect. Only light on dash currently is a CEL for a MAF code to do with ECU tuning, still currently trying to track down with Ben and StevO, however does not impact drivability whatsoever. Shouldn't be an issue for emissions as the car can have multiple monitors not ready due to year, I believe. $6500 OBO, no trades. Located in CT Drive it and I know you'll take it home. More pics here: https://myalbum.com/album/ienXeqMdDSJa
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    some like vag. some dont.
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    damn we post a bunch of old volvos and wagons in here then you two come in here with 9-11 second cars. in the nicest way possible... gtfo. jk :p
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    Sure is! I've been enjoying my Audis immensely, my wife now daily drives the 2016 S3 I used to drive on the weekends. Best 0-60 I've achieved was on Hoosier DR2's, here's the Dragy results: Currently on APR Stage 1 software. Very happy with the fit, finish, and the power train; the 6 month wait was definitely worth it. Never imagined a 5-cylinder AWD car would come out from the factory capable of breaking into the 9's with software, downpipe, and intake.
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    Just enjoy the hell out of it for now. It came mildly upgraded with HR coilovers and sways. I'll do an exhaust on it sometime but wife would kill me if I start tinkering already lol. She let me get this with our first kid coming in Feb so I'm not pushing any buttons!
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    I bet thats a hoot to drive! Drove mine home from Houston over the weekend. Its an X50 car running a 1.1bar tune. Comically fast.
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    Thanks <3 Time dependent but likely put the new bulbs in the fogs and fuel pump in tonight. Leaving for the weekend tomorrow mid afternoon from work so yeah nothing going on this weekend. </3 After that its time for logging and fixing little stuff like new headliner, new sunroof assem, and some misc stuff. Fuel Injectors came in today. :)
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    Congrats from portugal,your s70 looks good
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    Not much happened over the weekend. Installed new cops. Buttoned up the vanity cover Pulled the bumper off to replace fogs and check to see where I had put the ballasts (need new bulbs apparently not ballasts.. so new ones will be here tomorrow.) Cleaned up the wiring a bit which isnt pictured. And drove it a good bit, even the base tune feels nicer than the old tune that was in it. Oh and I added a sticker because that adds like 500hp on its own and were going for big gains. Picked up a stock airbox to figure something out with. Need to either find mine, or a new ecu box cover so I can clean that up. Looks like injectors are in the mail so pump and injectors will go on at the same time. Heading to Jacksonville this weekend so nothing will get done this weekend.
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    Finished COP install along with new tune last night. Got a set of brand new Coils today in the mail to put on tonight so I can toss the painted ones lol. Waiting for the new 800cc injectors to come in sometime... And pretty much just waiting on Aaron to reply to my last email to continue.
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    Some more context: http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/159506-tuners-rejoice-free-tuning-for-m44/?do=findComment&comment=2326481
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    I still have these, if anyone is interested make me an offer!
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    Pieced together my 05 center console. Found the black console from an S60 in the JY. I had to buy the atacama armrest, shifter plate and silver cup holder as new old stock. I've tried to buy one of these used for the last 5 year with no luck. When I bought the atacama armrest it said stock was "very low" but, they are still available.
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    It seems like the non volvo content gradually increases in here. Haha. Unfortunately I can't help there. Have had the e30 out and driven a couple times to work with it. A few minor things need attention, but it's working.
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    this might give someone an idea on how to upgrade stock fuel assembly with a high flow pump and a direct 10 gauge wiring for p80
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    Likely the starter solenoid. But easy enough to verify with some testing; see if pwr gets to small green (IIRC) wire going to starter motor as soon as key is turned to start position. If no, problem is upstream (ign switch, relay, trans prndl switch, etc.). But if you do get pwr to the green wire as soon as key is in start position, then issue is at the starter; either the solenoid, or internal to the starter. Also ck for loose connection where battery cable is tied to the starter with a nut.
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    Got an uber from home to work and drove the s70 home late last night. Going thursday to get it reregistered. The different between the s60 and s70 is very interesting to say the least. Now the tuning and mods start piling on this weekend and next week. Officially joining the E85 crowd I guess.
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    get it properly tuned . http://vasttuning.com/
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    DAT WALL DOE^ Here is me racing my 855R, "Wait, I have to connect my battery. Wait, I need a jump. Ok, wait, my throttle plate gets stuck sometimes, ok wait im not finished tuning."
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    I just wanted to say thanks for this recommendation. I didn't know there was a product out there like this. and it has honestly saved my wheel from the recycling pile. ( or refinishing the whole set) I cant believe how well this stuff works. I got the ItonX. and while there is still some work and scrubbing needed. the transformation is honestly shocking.
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    i'm growing tired of the bi-weekly "what kind of LED goes where" kind of stuff. figured i'd just make a thread about it. hopefully this can be stickied. you can really buy these LED's anywhere you wish, i'm just showing an example of where you might be able to find these. i have purchased LEDs from V-LEDS.com, autolumination.com, superbrightleds.com, and ebay. the ones i purchased already had resistors built in, cause i just wanted something "plug and play" essentially. but i will give you the website for where you can find these. what i have noticed though, is that v-leds.com sells them by the pair. so dont think that they are overpriced! so. the list goes like this: Turn signal indicators, malfunction indicators, mileage and info cluster the bulb/LED type is 74 You will need: 2x for turn signals 1x for mileage cluster 2x for info cluster 20x for malfunction indicators, although not all indicators are used the blue bases are for these kinds of bulbs, they are the ones that fit T5 leds. T5 LED is on the left. what i recommend is that the single led like below should be used for turn signals, malfunction indicators, and the mileage cluster. the info cluster you should have a multi SMT (surface mount technology... look it up. i'm not explaining it )LEDs to make even lighting. Where to buy http://www.v-leds.com/24-74-NEO-LED/c122298-1-2//page/1/checkForLanding/true http://autolumination.com/74.htm http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/index.cgi?action=DispPage&Page2Disp=/mini-wedge.html Gauges, and license plate lights the bulb/LED type is 194 you will need: 4x for the gauges in the cluster these are larger bases than the 74 one. on a side note, these are the same type of bases that you can use in your license plate. i dont have a picture of the bulbs, but your LED's should look something (not exactly) like this Where to buy http://www.v-leds.com/194-168-158-LED/c122170-1-2//page/1/checkForLanding/true http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/index.cgi?action=DispPage&Page2Disp=/mini-wedge.html http://autolumination.com/194.htm Climate control this is kind of a special case. i tried for a very long time to find the right plug and play replacement for this, because the shaft of the original bulb is extended with a 4mm bulb. the base is also somewhat unfamiliar because it is in between 2 common sizes. the bulb/LED type i was able to find is NEO 4X size="4"]you will need: 4x for the CC Where to buy i could only find them on one website http://www.superbrightleds.com/cgi-bin/store/index.cgi?action=DispPage&Page2Disp=/specs/NEO.htm Radio the bulb/LED type is T3 i believe these are slightly special. the ones from autolumination are the smallest i could find that could fit You will need: 5x for radio bulbs, but i recommend buying extras, as these are delicate. other sidenote; if you are going to change over the radio to LED, the diffuser that spreads the light around needs to be milled down a little bit for the bulbs to fit. it is a VERY tight fit they look like these Where to buy http://autolumination.com/74.htm scroll down and look for the ones i just posted headlight switch & other toggle switches Headlight switch, Dimmer, Info switch and Heated seat switches the bulb/LED type is T3 again for these al other switches use T4 You will need: 5x for the T3 LEDs 6x for the T4 LEDs the T4 leds are right next to the T3's, obviously Where to buy http://autolumination.com/74.htm scroll down, you'll see them that is all the info i can gather for plug and play. the other parts like the window switches require soldering, someone on the board i am sure is more familiar with that than i am. the other thing is the gear selector for automatic transmissions. this was the only ghetto part i could rig up, because the bulb they use is unique to volvo. i just took an extra 74 type LED and plugged it into the socket, wires just slid in. it looks terrible but you cant see it cause it's all hidden. and then i just taped it in there. all done! the only part i need to fix is the radio. the LED's i used are very old and i need to mill the diffuser out a little more and put some newer ones in. another thing is that i need multi SMT led's in the info cluster because the gauges are SO bright. next up for me is gauge rings and front lit LED's. check it out. my fingers are tired. enjoy!
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    I hope to have my T5R looking pretty enough for next year. Someone needs to convince Timo its worth it to come down though.
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    ha, no but i would eat Filet on every meal if i could. I'm just in the we should collect everyones guns camp.