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    Attention: The first 30 or so pages of this thread are outdated. Please refer to the M4.4 Wikia article where all the relevant information is currently being collated. Before asking any questions please read from at least page 30 on. I know there is a lot of information in this thread, but I can almost guarantee any question you ask has already been answered! One of the things lacking in the Volvo community is easy tune-ability for cheap. So, for the past month or so I've been working on tuning M4.4 for free. Work has been done in the past with MotronicSuite, however development stopped halfway leaving a mostly unusable product. I have created an .xdf definition file for TunerPro with the most important map and scalar locations. It is not finished, but should be a good starting point for anyone willing to experiment. If we can get a good base of experimenters we can figure out the most effective tuning methodologies and how the maps play together. Together we can make freeware tuning a reality! So far I've been successful in modifying a S70T5-M .bin file for green injectors, increasing the requested load, disabling the rear O2 checks and making the timing more aggressive. I'm still working on how to disable the SAS checks. I do not have A/C so I have not worked on making the A/C commands play with an originally equipped M4.3 car. Therefore flashing a M4.4 tune on your M4.3 could ruin your A/C! I'm not exactly sure what happens to the A/C when a M4.4 ECU is used; if anyone can enlighten me I can look in solving the problem. Alright, now how to flash your M4.4 ECU. You will need TunerPro, the .xdf definition and an appropriate .bin file (all linked at the bottom). The .bin file is the contents of the flash chip from an ECU. It contains the code that tells the ECU how to interpret sensors and run the engine. It contains assembly language instructions along with look up maps and scalars. The .xdf is a TunerPro specific file that contains the addresses of the maps and scalars. Open the .bin and .xdf file in TunerPro and you will see the items that you can modify. A word of caution, modifying some of these values can cause catastrophic engine failure. Don't modify something unless you have the appropriate monitoring ability (Wideband, EGT, etc). It is possible to flash the ECU in the car using a cheap VAG-COM cable. However, in order to flash the ECU you must pull pin B8 on the ECU to battery voltage. Having pin B8 at battery voltage when the ECU is turned on causes the ECU to enter bootloader mode, this allows the contents of the flash chip to be erased and written to. The switch on top of ARD’s ECU’s enables bootloader mode. To do it yourself you can open the ECU box and wire a switch in between pin B8 and A12(ignition power). Or you could just solder a long wire to pin B8 and run it to the positive post on your battery. Flashing M4.4 requires fairly high voltage (13.5ish) so your battery must be fully charged and healthy to flash! My battery is old and I do not have a very powerful battery charger so I flash on my desk. I use a 15 volt power supply and connect the VAG-COM cable and power connections using jumper wires. I have simplified the whole process quite a bit, if you want more information please just ask. If anyone is interested in adding additional items to the .xdf I can provide a DAMOS file for reference. Updated 3/10/13 10:44PM : TunerPro .xdf for non-immo bins Checksum Plug-in ECU Flasher Plug-in Manual .bin Auto .bin Forgot to mention, there are a few maps labeled NTBD. There is a problem with these maps, most just don't have the axis internally linked.
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    No snow getting on these.
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    I think you will find that the trank mats are the rearest..
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    Very much icing on the cake at this point. A shift boot made from pieces of and R seat.
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    Working on a few upgrades for the XC70
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    What's up guys, I've been a member on here for over 10 years (thanks Eric for the thread reminder :) and figured I'd do a brief history of the car that got me into volvos and also what I currently have. My wife thinks I have a problem but she wasn't around when I was really into the hobby. When I would wash the car once a week and constantly be tinkering with the car. My first volvo was actually a grey 240 turbo wagon. This wasn't the car that got me started with Volvos but I should have known it would be a precursor. This was the family car when I was younger that got passed on to me when I finally got my license. As with any young kid, all I cared about was having a loud sound system, and that's what it got. I spent $1000 I had saved up when I was 16 and put (2) 12'' Pioneer subs in along with the other necessary goodies. Needless to say it was quite fun and quite the joke with my friends, rolling around in a volvo station wagon, rattling the windows off lol. I had that car for about 2 years and then moved on to something else. I won't say because I probably should have stuck with the volvo (cough cough nissan maxima) When it was time to get a new car after that, I started looking around for something at European cars. Was looking at Jettas at the time (I wasn't that cool even though I was trying to be) but a family friend had a volvo shop where he also sold volvos. After some negotiation, I walked away with a red 1997 850 T5. I didn't know how cool they were at the time, but I'd soon find out. Being a forum junkie, I immediately started searching the forums. I landed on Swedespeed first and started reading lots of threads. Then I came across VS and my mind was opened. So many possibilities. You could pegs on an 850? no way! HIDs! wow! IPD is so cool! I'm going to search eurosport tuning and dream about all the cool things I can do to my volvo. These were all things going on in my head and what all the cool volvo kids at the time were doing lol. I eventually did the standard VS mods and loved that car everyday. How bout some pictures... After the standard PEGS and Koni's with IPD lowering springs I ended up getting the car completely repainted along with R bumper. Also painted the pegs black along with the inner bowls red. Did a couple of shows with my buddy Ben However, all things must come to an end. The clear coat on the paint job failed (was a partial home job and we found out later there was a defect in the clear coat used as it also failed on another car that was painted at the same time). Once that happened, the car sat for a couple years with sporadic use. I ended up driving several different cars that are not worth mentioning. I also got married during this time and had a daughter. I finally had to let my first love go. A friend of mine that had done a lot of work and that helped paint the car ended up taking it from me. I gave him a good deal as I thought it would be cool to see it stay in the "family" (he's good friends with Ben who has the black wagon) Leaving on the trailer (wasn't registered at the time) This is not the end of the story however. Knowing I was going to get rid of my sedan, I had to find a replacement so I wouldn't be volvoless (for shame). I had slowly been working on my wife about volvos and showing her pictures of cool wagons, I finally convinced her. I searched for a while and wasn't really set on a wagon but a very nice 855R wagon came up for sale locally that I couldn't pass up. And it also happened to be...RED and with Charcoal interior. SCORE! 145k miles. Well taken care of even if it needed some maintenance and there were signs the valve stems seals needed to be replaced. Last month I did a full stage 0 including valve stem seals, all hoses, ignition system, heater core, etc. This thing runs like a top and the wife is super happy with it. Gotta say she looks quite hot driving it around lol. Not to be without a volvo myself, I started looked for an 850R. I started looking locally but began to expand my search to southern california. I found one in SoCal that I almost pulled the trigger on but during that time one of our very own decided he wanted to liquidate his 850R as he wanted to get something a bit less cool and slightly more ricer-ish (jk Gary). Gary (yellow95) posted his car for sale on the fb group and it was exactly what I had been looking for. Having been on the forum for quite some time I knew of Gary's history with cars and the care he took with them. A couple of phone calls later and a talk with the wife and I had sent a deposit over to Gary. I actually didn't even ask for updated pictures cause I knew how solid it was. I sent the remaining payment over and scheduled shipping from GA to CA (for anyone interested, I was able to get it done for $1000 total). It was here the next week. And what do you know...It's RED with Charcoal interior :) Getting loaded up And here it is after I cleaned it up I gotta say I'm really happy with the experience of working with Gary. Solid dude and very honest. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another car from him. I'm also really happy with where both cars are at, at the moment. Neither need anything and my wife is growing more and more fond of the wagon. She actually mentioned the other day shes been getting compliments on the car as she drives it around with the kids. I guess I won't be leaving VS anytime soon :). Thanks for all the support over the years.
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    ErikS today is my actual 10 year Volvospeed anniversary... 3/1/07-3/1/17 and I agree with everything you said in your post haha and I am in the same boat lol Side note... I want to thank Volvospeed and the majority of its members for all the help over the years. I want to thank my mom, my dad, the academy, my manager. god. To getting this baby to Carlisle this year:
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    On Saturday, we took the Saffrons to the last local Cars and Coffee meet of the season. It was kind of gloomy, but we got some decent rolling shots courtesy of my brother.
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    Big set of images from the swap. Just fun to see it all taken apart. Thursday night engine on the ground. Center console and auto shifter removed. No cutting done yet. neat to see the orginal engine block shine still. This is where the oem block heater mounts up. Car is summer only and doesn't live in the arctic circle so it can stay off. Working hard Friday with the auto trans off. For sale througn RSAS if any one needs a perfect working 4 speed. So long ATF Torque spec X + 45 degrees? Trying to determine what parts go back into the sub-frame bushings. The top and bottom plates go back in with this design. Spot the problem! We put two bottom ones in one side. OOPS Difficult step in this process. Placing the new collar gear on the transmission would be impoissble with hand tools. It took the two of us holding it up to the 20ton press and then some one else lining it up and another person working the handle to get this seated in place. NO one suspects the Volvo Some strong armed cursing and the transmission is in place Had a moment to wrap the rest of the Downpipe. Engine bay selfie Left in as much center console plastic as I could but it takes a lot to make it fit. 3>2 Blue > Black Did a full t-belt service while the engine was down. Andy doing some dirty work lining up the engine to the car. It shifted a good 1.5-2" while we were working. learning the hard was these go back in. Late Saturday the engine returns home. Cleaned the tunnel and replaced the DS. This was post 4 hours of electrical errors we had to sort out. Wheels on and time to drive! Later that night with the legendary Steve0 Steve go the car working well enough we maxed out the stock MAF. Switched in a 2004 S60r manifold, flashed the ecu and off we went. Car is a whole new experience.
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    So I've been a member 10 years, and my one Volvo I've had the entire time is still not where I want it to be. I lack motivation, yes, and I am to blame. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem.
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    What the fucking fuck? Its Erik with a "k" god damn it.
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    AnotheR one Rejuvenated.
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    Sorry but.... 280HP on a 13T ? That seems a little unreachable :)
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    aaand that is why I don't let shops touch my cars. lol Glad you got it together
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    Hi guys, this is my first post and I post it right here because it's about ME7. I have a MY2000 C70 T5 cabrio and missed some real power. I decided to bring my car to a tuner to find some extra horses. But then I read on the dutch volvo forum about some people doing DIY tuning. I didn't know that was possible, so I send an email to Maarten, who offered to help me. He told me what I needed and I bought a VAG cable, spare ECU and his famous logger. In the meantime I also sent him the bin from my car. After a few weeks (where I did some reading about tuning ME7) I drove to Maarten and while having a cup of coffee, he cloned my ECU and builded a "bootmode" version. He also builded a XDF file for my bin and had allready adjusted the bin for a little more power. He wrote it on the new ECU and placed it in my car. After the first run Maarten thought my wastgate actuator was too loose. He tightened it and we did another run and log. The car allready had much more boost and I went home with a big smile on my face. After playing around a bit with the settings and overwhelming Maarten with questions (sorry Maarten ), I asked him how I could run leaner then lambda 1. That wasn't possible, but he did wrote a new map where I could easily see and change lambda settings. However only beneath lambda 1. Yesterday I received another bin from him in which the lambda protection would be cracked. I installed the bin in my car and indeed the car was running lambda 1.05! So I am gonna experiment the next few weeks with some settings. So if someone is interested in results I can post them here. And offcourse thanks to Maarten who spent a lot of time in making the logger, building the xdf and hacking the bin. Greetings, Roger
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    Field measuring a potential acquisition for a client earlier this afternoon. Despite the snow/salty car, it was a balmy 60* out
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    Excessive posting of anything Kentucky related will result in bans
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    Customized the loading screen on my Pioneer headunit. Maybe kinda corny but I really like it
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    Lol yup. Picked up this munchkin yesterday. Meili is a purebred GSD. She is going to bed big. Probably going to outweigh bandit by a good amount since her paws are already the same size.
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    Off topic, but that Volvo looks like it's going to be discovered just like that 50 years from now when the post-apocalyptic raiders are combing the ruins of industrial areas looking for supplies.
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    I actually got the car back on Friday Evening, what a weekend, wont go into too much detail but here are the footnotes: Was growing impatient with my mechanic, and was expecting the car back Wednesday, then Thursday and then Friday... Mechanic kept calling on Friday every 20minutes, finally I said did you want me just to come down, and he sounded extremely relieved... Left my office, got changed, headed down to the shop Got there at about noon, and by 1:30 I had decided to pull the plug on the whole operation... I had had enough of watching one capable mechanic and his absolutely useless helper(s), and me all supposedly working on the car... I said I will have the car towed back to my house, I can finish everything up myself, no point in paying the mechanic, his helper(s), and the rent for the shop with a lift, when it is no longer needed... We pushed the car out to the parking lot, tow truck brought it to my house by 8:30pm Friday Evening Here is a list of things that needed to be done: Fix Brakes (they forgot the spacers for Porsche Calipers Install Shift cables correctly (they had them reversed) Install SNABB Shift Plate and SS bushings (this was additional, but figured I would do it at the same time) Finish Installing the pedal assembly and wire up the cruise control, and vacuum hoses Install Shifter Assembly Cut Shifter Handle by 1.5" (I like having less leverage) Re-install interior (center console, all trim, driver's seat) Do the wiring portion of the swap Fill with Coolant. Check for leaks Did very little on Saturday, but got the bulk of things done on Sunday, and just some final touches today So car started on first crank... I took it for a quick 10 minute drive, and what a blast... Car feels way better with the manual and its not sloppy at all, its awesome!!! just got back from the test drive, will go finish buttoning up some last minute things and take it for a real test drive...
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    Extended my trip in NH another day for the 'blizzard'!
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    Here's a quick comparison of my QA1s with kaplhenke vs stock V70R height. This is lower than I'll be keeping it, just an initial height.
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    done slapping it together ...in midst of tuning with http://beust.spintek-poi.com/ - Aaron
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    the old p80 VC awd had a 3.31 ratio.... the haldex awd had 2.56 later 2.57 (IT) i dunno if the changeover p2x VC awd has either the old or new ratio... i guess they might have changed to the never ratio already - beacause the rear diff is more or less the same.. but i never prooved greetz
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    Pic of 3 of mine.
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    12 years and almost one month (Feb. 6th) as a member for me... and only now am I starting on the fun vroom vroom engine mods. With all the Carlisles, shens, meets, that's gone on in that time, it's been pretty good so far I guess. :')
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    I'm coming up on 15 years, but not with the same car, although I only had my 93 850 for a short time before I got the S70. The S70 is almost where I want it to be, just needs final tuning. I've just been preoccupied with my other cars.
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    I am coming up on my 10 year anniversary in April. 17 Volvos later.
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    You ever try and put down more than 400WHP on FWD? Shit, with even over 300WHP traction is terrible. I've never had a problem with my AWD, and being able to never break traction is an amazing advantage. Not to mention the handling characteristics of a multi-link rear end is much more predictable and neutral than the delta link setup. Replace the fuel pump ad bushings before putting in the subframe, and you probably won't have to worry about it for the rest of the lift of the car.
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    If there's no reason to believe it has failed, and it isn't ultra high mileage (300k+ maybe?) I wouldn't replace it. If it hasn't been running good lately, figure out what's wrong first.
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    So much respect for guys who do this themselves. Took me a week to polish mine. I would probably send it out next time lol.
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    Of course it was, but then it was converted to bhp via aforementioned method. 280 whp would be a bit silly for a single stock 13t of course. Just to summarize a little to make things a bit more clear. Whp is the power generated at the wheels. Bhp is the power generated at the crankshaft. Whp is always lower than bhp due to drive train losses. An engine dynamometer can measure bhp directly, but a chassis dynamometer (like the one you used) cannot. A chassis dyno can only measure whp. Bhp is then calculated from this number using estimations for the drive train losses. The exact drive train losses are not known and will vary wildly depending on who you ask. To top it off, drivetrain losses are also quite non linear, so to assume a fixed percentage for the conversion is really just a silly oversimplified means to try and calculate bhp. bhp figures from a chassis dyno are therefore unreliable, and bhp figures from different dynos cannot be used to compare cars. Whp figures will also vary between dyno's but with a bit of wishful thinking and looking through sunglasses with a particular shade of pink one could assume those figures to be somewhat comparable. More so than bhp figures anyway. That's why whp figures are a bit more informative than bhp figures, which is why I like those better.
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    Started tearing down a 100k whiteblock.
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    Before I moved some of the stuff out to the shed for long term storage. Untitled by John Van Cleave, on Flickr While in progress of bagging the S70 Untitled by John Van Cleave, on Flickr Untitled by John Van Cleave, on Flickr
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    Started mocking up a smaller racing sim. Not gonna do a crazy monitor setup since I'll get the next gen VR. Gonna upgrade to some more Fanatec gear also.
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    You've probably noticed, but I'd lengthen that silicone hose on the intake pipe a bit. Looks like a pretty bad kink from this picture.
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    Got the Blanking Plate and BOV installed today... Blanking Plate Pics, what a pain in the.... Wish I had the foresight to do this while the turbo was out, you can see how accessible it is from the pics below: Pics of the welded on BOV:
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    slowly started putting it on ...still have to redo my PCV to 5/8 ID and wait for intake to MAF housing silicone hose.
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