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    This will be a build thread someday, but for now just enjoy some pictures of me at the Davis show with my new HRE wheels
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    Hey @Burn-E, want to park beside each other some time?
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    What is your car? What are your goals? What are you current mods? Have you done a stage 0? Will you continually be modding the car or do you want one tune and to be done? VAST is run by an individual that frequents these forums. He is easy to work with, responsive, nice, and offers the absolute best product/tune out there for our Bosch 4.3/4.4 systems. He has base tunes but also offers custom tuning... with logging and many additional features. Check out the website: http://vasttuning.com/ IPD has had good success since the 90's with their off the shelf tunes... I had one, it worked great. But if you are going to try and squeeze more power out, or want to tune for the mods that are specifically on your car you cannot customize it. ARD - I had a few of their tunes too. Some people have had issues, others have not. Some have found that their 'custom' tune only had the boost turned up and nothing else. Some have not. I personally never had issues with my ARD tunes but I can say they weren't as smooth or powerful as my VAST tunes. My 0.02 - IPD you'll plug in and it will work great and then you may want to slap a large turbo on your car and then you are stuck selling the IPD tune for $100 on the forums and will either tune yourself or go to VAST or ARD. You get a ARD tune and tell them what is on your car and you slap the tune in and done - you wont know what is done to your ecu. VAST you work side by side with them, you log pulls and they can tell just how well/poorly your car is running. They will take in account for the mods/injectors/maf size etc. and custom tune your car. The tune will be for your car only. In your climate, your elevation. Your pump gas you use. etc. etc. Personally, I would go to VAST in any circumstance for a 94-98 Volvo Tune. I wish he was making these tunes back when I first started modding my car because I would have saved a lot of money, headache, and been faster sooner ;)
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    Anything 18T and above will require greens or better.
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    Going to look at V70 T5 this weekend. Might be back in a P80 for a beater. Until then...
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    Steering wheel and fire extinguisher mounted. I also had paintless dent repair done to the whole car. For $400 all six panels look like glass. I cannot believe how good it looks. 23 years of dings and dents gone.
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    As for feel/benefits; somewhere around the >300-350HP mark with my stock ignition, I had a lot of issues with spark blowout and consequential loss of power. You know, the "BRRRRT" sounding exhaust with a very distinct lack in acceleration. Re-gapping, new plugs, new wires etc - it helped a tiny little bit, but I kept hitting this wall. When I switched to COP, it was like a whole new plane of existence. I could reach higher loads and have not seen blowout yet, with loads of over 15ms. When you don't have blowout or weak spark issues, I don't think your engine will feel any different - it either goes or it doesn't. Mine didn't, now it does.
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    Dug this out... getting back in to P80's again. Kept forgetting I had this car.
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    Speed Density tune on Volvo S60R GT3582R Dyno 692/580 awhp/torque tuned by urbastuning.wordpress.com Gustav aka Contrast https://urbastuning.wordpress.com/
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    Somewhere, Faultywarrior is jealous.
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    post some pics of your ride!
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    Pulled the trigger on Vast last night after more research. Thanks guys cant wait to get everything squared away. Working with Aaron was easy, he was very responsive and helpful.
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    Weather has finally gotten muuuuch better here. And its warm enough to drive with the windows down. Car now has a Hilton Stage 2 software upgrade and it's a night and day difference. Something I always wanted to do with the wagon but never did.
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    Put the wheels and tires on the E36.
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    If you're not experiencing any problems with your current ignition setup, you will not notice much difference after installing COP. But if there is a tendency to misfires/spark blow you certainly will. I've benchtested original Bosch, Beru and Proparts coils. The Bosch and Beru performed equally good, the Proparts ones were rather crappy. www.meditekst.nl/cop/COPcomparison.wmv There appeared to be quite a difference between these two: the proparts have a much shorter charge (dwell) time but the primary current did'nt get nearly as high as the Bosch COP's. Therefore the original Bosch can produce a much stronger spark. I found the optimal charge time for the Bosch and Beru to be 2.6 ms at 13.8volt. The bad reputation considering cracked and malfunctioning ignition coils of the early ME7 volvo was mainly due to wrong charge times being too long rather then that they were of poor quality. I've been running Beru's over two year without any problems, I used 1.9 ms @ 13.8 volt just to be at the save site Although I've replaced them last week with D585 truck coils due to the fact that I started to experience spark blowout while reaching a load of over 13 ms at only 3800 RPM These coils do have a much stronger spark, although the Beru/Bosch aren't bad at all. Although they reach their maximum primary current at 5 ms, I'am using a charge time of 3.9 ms @ 13.8 volts for now. That's because the people who designed them have implemented a rather strange safety mechanism: When dwell is excessive , the coils will sense a charge overcurrent and self discharge in advance of the ignition pulses's which could potentially destroy your engine when this happens at high RPM. But hee, who cares...... the coil is protected. But with a charge time of 3.9 ms they will produce a strong enough spark anyway , much stronger then the Bosch coils, without the danger of self-discharging.
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    Hi Everyone, My first post in here. I did some searching but could not find a specific answer, hope you can help. I recently purchased an 850 T-5R with manual conversion, OEM Titan's and BBK's - front is Porsche brakes and rear is from an S60R. The car is lowered and sits on Koni oranges (8750 1060) and IPD blue lowering springs. In order to fit these BBK's there are quite a bit of spacers in place. Rear spacer looks to be 25mm. There are two spacers in front, in order to clear big brake kit from Porsche. One is DSX - 15mm and the other is H&R 1035650 - 5mm. My current tires are 205/45/17. They do rub a bit in the front on full lock. Fenders have been rolled, but it still touches fender sometimes when cornering. I am thinking of changing tires. My question is, if I go with 215/45/17 would they rub even more? (I assume yes) Has anyone installed 215's on the same BBK and spacer setup? Thanks in advance.
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    Discs have nothing to do with what type of calipers your running. The 993 calipers are compatible with 330mm s60r discs as well.
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    im running TD 1.2s on 225 35 18X8. kW v3s lowered more than any non-coilover set up. stoptech BBK in front and S60R conversion out back. NO spacers up front. 15mm H&R spacers out back (but only for stance purposes - they are not spaced for clearance issues). fenders are rolled. i dont rub.
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    Thanks for the pictures! I know for a fact people have used 16.5MM spacers with titans and 993TT calipers, which is what I plan to do. It looks like you aren't running 993TT calipers though, so there's a chance yours may be a bit wider. I know this to be the case for 997 calipers. If you think 16.5mm spacers might work, you can try contacting ben at https://www.bneshop.com/ He doesn't list them on his site for the P80's, but he might have some in stock. 4mm's isn't much, but it may help a little. It looks to me like your wheels don't stick out as far as mine. I am running 215/45 and I surprisingly have no issues, but unfortunately my experience is a bit useless to you due to the difference in springs. Sadly I don't think you're going to get a definite yes or no answer here. To my knowledge, no one on VS has ever ran your wheel/tire/spring combination. Either way, I will post back when I get my titans/brakes installed. This is the only Titan/Porsche picture I've ever found, and as you can see she's sitting pretty high.
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    Thanks for replies! Both, front and back have very minimal clearance, front even more, I was not even able to stick a thin screwdriver between a wheel and the caliper. I am attaching pictures of both, front and back brakes to show clearance, quality of the pictures are not great though. Tires do not stick out much, I would say front more than back, front tire is kind of flush with the fender, rear wheel is more inside fender than the front - pictures attached. I removed front 5mm spacer and tried to mount Titans, but the wheel would not turn, so 20mm in front is probably the very minimum spacer(s) width that is needed to clear Porsche BBk's. Any suggestions, shall I try and go with 215's? My guess is, they should be good on the back, as there is still some space between the tire and fender. In front, 215's will most definitely touch on full lock and I am worried that they would stick out of fender and touch it on every bump...
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    i run 215 tires with Eibach lowering springs and Koni STR.T orange with stock brakes, and i sometimes rub at full lock. But I do like the look of the 215s. Make sure to replace your struts as soon as they start aging. I had Konis, and after 5 years they lost just enough strength that I would rub badly (chewing up tires and/or wheel wells) on speed bumps or driveway entrances unless I slowed down to a crawl.
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    bit of porn 😎 ttv flywheel and mfactory helical lsd. also focus m66 and matching shift box and cables to go with it. gotta work out how to do the shift setup, not even sure yet if the cables are close to being the right length or if my p80 ones can work. my cables are already fitted with delrin bushes to match the shift throw mods to the gearbox so the size of the ends isn't an issue
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    Oh man. BBS RK. I love those wheels. Bought my 2000 VR with a set because it came with them... but eventually found hairline cracks on all wheels, usually at where the spoke meets the barrel. Check them once for me, because I would hate for a wheel to come apart. They are crazy lightweight.
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    i think i like the silver bbs the best the car looks great!
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    thanks guys! Next step is to start tuning it. Photo from the Davis drive by Steven Cox.
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    Might be the most clean well put together build on here ever. And probably the most powerful. How do you launch it?
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    thanks , we expected higher torque that with hilton tune and about 700hp to wheels, which is what it did...pretty happy with the result , expecting the auto trans should crumble at any moment now...lol...all hardware is same other that the MAF is gone since it is a first speed density conversion tune which runs BPS before and after the TB which is the first SD tune on ME7 in north america and 2nd in the world ... aaaand the engine does have additional 10,000 not so pampered miles. :)
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    I think you are in the wrong vehicle section. If you have the slots locked on the back of cams and the crank is in its spot, your timing is good. Once set, just turn the engine by hand a few revolutions and ensure the marks are still lined up. Charge your battery until it is nice and hot, then try again. If nothing you may not be getting a cam or crank signal. Either will prevent the engine from firing. Sounds like you are confident in fuel source. Also research "lawnmower syndrome" - essentially poor compression that can be improved by continuous starting cycle.
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    NewAge cabinets in taupe. The bad part... NLA! BTW: In the past there was a garage topic but I can't find it anymore!
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    Thought I'd share my build of this car with you guys. A little history of why I wanted to buy this one: Many of you guys probably remember my 850R which I have shared with this community since 2003 until I had to crush it about 3yrs ago. I needed another fun project Volvo for all the parts I have hoarded over the years. John from this forum decided to sell his beloved white 98 T5 which he had owned since the early 2000's and did a manual swap. He took really good care of it and the body is about as minty as you can find on a P80. I also bought this car right after buying our first house with my wife Melissa. Since I have a detailing business - I had to spend 2 days cleaning up the paint. At this time I put on some 19's I have and upgraded the suspension more. I thought 18's would suit the car better... I started upgrading the interior here and fixed the damn broked firewall mounts. New wheels time! And some sticky rubber for the anticipated extra power. And here we are... winter 2018. Since this is a summer car only it is time to start upgrading the motor and finish the interior - at least thats the goal before it warms back up.
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    No longer for sale
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    Bad left knee and I just inherited my son's 2007 S60R project car, 48K miles and it seems to have exhaust gases in the coolant. I'd actually get rid of the S60R and keep the S70! I'm going to get pictures posted tonight. Matt
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    Some interior progress. Coming together for Carlisle.
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    2000R is a unique transmission, and they're all on borrowed time as the failure rate is quite high. There aren't other auto transmissions that are compatible. So you can have a transmission shop rebuild it or just use this time to do the manual swap. They'll probably cost about the same at the end of the day.
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    If I can't go I'll definitely miss hanging with you and the rest of the VS crew at Carlise
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    Eibach springs, ATFflush, and plastidipped the wheels black just to see if I liked it, and I kind of do like it. Not sure if I'll actually paint them or go back to silver, though.
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    Because Saffron R whoring. What I wish it looked like right now. What it actually looks like.
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    8 years of ownership and this is the first time I’ve ever had pegs on the Saff. (They were free and I’m having the Heicos refurbished.)
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    A man and a woman were waiting at the hospital donation center. Man: "What are you doing here today?" Woman: "Oh, I'm here to donate some blood. They're going to give me $5 for it." Man: "Hmm, that's interesting. I'm here to donate sperm, myself. But they pay me $25." The woman looked thoughtful for a moment and they chatted some more before going their separate ways. Several months later, the same man and woman meet again in the donation center. Man: "Oh, hi there! Here to donate blood again?" Woman: [shaking her head with mouth closed] "Unh unh."