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    I have been doing a lot of research about the front big brake kit calipers that will fit the 850/x70s, and since there is a lot of misinformation out there I thought a thread with solid answers and part numbers would be helpful. There is some stuff I am unsure about so if anyone has info please post it. Also, if you know of any other calipers that will work please post that as well. Porsche 993TT calipers (also known as "big reds") The part numbers for the front calipers are: 993-351-425-10 (left side) 993-351-426-10 (right side) 36mm/44mm piston sizes Note: The 993N/A calipers WILL NOT WORK. They will not accept the larger sized brake rotor. Porsche 928GTS calipers (also known as "big blacks") The part numbers for the front calipers are: 928-351-423-03 (left side) 928-351-424-03 (right side) 36mm/44mm piston sizes (if you want to use these you will need to swap the bleeder screws & cross-over tubes - very simple) The 928 non-GTS calipers below WILL NOT FIT!! (Thanks Gary) M030 calipers (928 S4 calipers) (also used on 944 S2 M030, 944 Turbo S) 928-351-421-03 928-351-422-03 36mm/44mm piston sizes The 993TT and 928GTS calipers will mount with IPD brackets, and will work with S60R rotors as well. The two calipers look very similar to each other. Depending on what wheel you are running, they might require spacers. Porsche 996TT calipers The part numbers for the front calipers are: 996-351-429-10 (left side) 996-351-430-10 (right side) These calipers are significantly thicker than the 993TT and 928GTS calipers, so you will have to use a larger spacer to run them. I am unsure if the IPD brackets will work with these, and I am unsure about the rotor size. I'm not sure about 996 non-TT calipers. I know Brembo f-40 and f-50 calipers will fit. There are a few members running those. I don't know any specific info about them though.
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    Undeniable proof that God exists and has given man a gift.
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    My God, I don't understand your logic at all. Selling your pegs to help you replace your engine isn't good in your mind because your perfos neeed tires?! WHO CARES about some cheap tires and some played out dime a dozen pegs. At least you'll have a running car again, or be closer to it. You can always get the tires LATER, or get some cheap discount tires! And your ABS module is super easy to fix, if you take it out and send it to me, I'll fix it for you for free and send it back same day. I did mine, all by myself, no writeups as a guide or anything more than two years ago and it's been as good as new. It's seriously super easy to remove and install. Sorry, I just hate seeing a really nice S70 go up for sale when it can be fixed. And I also hate guys who don't man up and take charge about situations, on their own, but need advice from their girlfriends about things that are going on in their life. Get it together or GTFO is my senitment right now.
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    This doesn't make sense to me. But then, I'm not 17. You messed this car up, and you can learn to fix it. You're just being a little betch. Sell the rims, sell your butt to Grant, and you can fix your car.
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    what did you buy at and sell at? shares?
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    Do it. I've don nothing but present evidence that this administration is guided by subversive legends and socialist hero's. And if you cross reference this administrations behavior and policy with those of The Wiemar republic in the '30's, and the Stalinists of the same period, you will see the parallels and know what fascism is. Don't be so vague about who your talking about. A vast majority of the opposition party voted right along with Dubyas wishes. They had plenty of opportunity to stop funding and return the Soldiers. Hmmm, why didn't they do that you may ponder? Job security, not conviction. They were so concerned about losing their jobs, they went along with all the spending and appropriations. Don't you get it? Not a single one of those bastards in D.C. do whats best for the country(rule of law), they do whats best for themselves and the special interests (rule of men). It's about power, and keeping the masses as cash cows to support the habits of power, and enslave the other 3rd with handouts and entitlements so they continue to elect the candy givers. Kinda like the Matrix, to be a little contemporary, if you like. They used to say religion was the opiate of the masses, but now it's Big Govt. Pay attention, it's gonna get worse long before it gets better. If they got the hell out of the way, we could do it ourselves. I'm massively reducing my debt, locking and lowering interest rates, not spending on goods and services. His plan will fail. Shoulda handed out $400k to every family. They would have known where every dolar went, we would have paid of mortgages (housing crisis solved), bought new cars(car crisis solved), and paid off our mortgages and unsecured debt(banking crisis solved) Govt is not a buyer.
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    I didnt say you said that. OH SNAP!
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    no... bought a picture of a sailboat for the new apartment.
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    not saying Bush was good but Obama makes his economic skills look brilliant (and he was BAD) so just imagine how bad Obama is? Seriously what make Bush so bad Obama is doing but on a scale far far greater.
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    I prepared my car for a trans flush... but I am too tired.. so I just walked back inside
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    yeah, I just did not want to concentrate on it... I am exhausted from this weekend... so I just laid down and watched The Dark Knight
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    what are you using for all that space?
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    no... got 3 gallon jugs.. marked them out 1/2 qts (which was hard because I am a perfectionist for accuracy) then I checked my oil... haha
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    Jos A Banks stuff... Green and Red Blue and Gray In Black In Charcoal
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    thats not funny, they're so dead.
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    So let me get this straight... he does not support or condone same sex marriage (as said on his campaign) but he supports the benefits for same sex marriages... am I missing something here? CNN Same Sex
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    it is for carting fat chicks around... holller