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    There are a lot of Christians that give other Christians bad names.... like Grant you give gays a bad name. Nathan is a homosexual but he is a good guy and is not one of the characters that makes sure he gets attention by letting everyone know he is gay. Some Christians are the same way. There are soooo many extreme people out there that are judging people because they are not of the Christian faith that they give other Christians a bad name. I do not care if you are Christian or whatever you are. I know who I am and what my faith is. If you are not the same... whatever nothing I can do but answer questions you might have about Christianity
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    So the Russian chick is hot, and wrong. Judging all religious folks on a minority is like, I don't know, judging all homosexuals by every NYC queen they see in Greenwich Village...
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    Wasn't that decided like 3 years ago.
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    Great point, Justin. God willed this life to be a test. If He showed Himself to His creations, then everyone would believe. However, he has placed signs throughout the earth and the heavens, and even in our own selves...in order that those WHO THINK and PONDER may recognize God and His inifinte power. An amazing observation to note is that even the biggest self-proclaimed atheist when faced with death in the most desperate moment of his/her life (for example, a plane crashing or a boat sinking) will call out to God by saying 'Oh God!!' Never will you hear them say 'Oh Monkey!' or 'Oh Darwin!' This is something that God has instilled in our nature...deep down inside, we all know there is a higher force no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise. The truth of the matter is that God has sent Messengers throughout the human era in order to guide the people unto the truth after they have strayed. And all of the Messengers, ie. Prophets called to the same thing, which is the worship of One God. They would tell people: 'Don't worship the stones and statues, don't worship each other, but rather worship the One who created you and everything around you...the only One who truly deserves to be worshipped.' I don't wish to keep going (because I could honestly go on for hours, weeks, and months about this topic)...but, if you truly believe in the existence of God, then don't you think that He will guide you IF you sincerely ask Him? The call out to Him could be as simple as: "Oh God, if you're out there, guide me unto Your path!" It has to be sincere, and leave the rest up to Him. Wishing you all well!
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    this has been on a regular basis, I tried to sell wheels there and it was an issue like this.
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    lol CC paid off.. now what?
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    eeeehhhhhhhhh... yeah that is a good idea I might just take it to my shop to get them to see why it is leaking trans fluid. Only $85 for an hour of labor. Adam said it might be something with the torque converter of my AT... some say it might be the driver's axle seal. Not sure but that is what they are there for. haha it needs CRUCIAL wash also. of course I might not spend any of it on car stuff.
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    This might help you understand (very simple topology) Volans are on the S70... 850R has comets... I might switch them out some day when my leg is back to normal :D
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    do NOT connect to a public WiFi network
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    It is easy for someone to sit at a Wireless Hot-Spot and pick off your network connection. All you have to do is see who is using what computer and usually those vendors DELL, HP, GATEWAY have a default config for all their computer names and wireless devices... so you just clone YOUR computer as if it was a wireless router and sit there and wait till the users connects to your computer thinking it is the wireless router and then you sniff ALL their traffic that is going through your computer to the real wireless router to the internet... you can pick up everything. FYI Very easy to do :ph34r:
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    The middle man can figure out the MAC address of the router (very easy to do) and then make their computer MAC address the same (called MAC spoofing) and then change their credentials to the same as Panera's router and tada. So I hope you do not have PHI stuff on this laptop or work stuff on this laptop... fuck... or cookies that have saved passwords or stuff like that.
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    prefixes? so now your iPhone is connected to the Panera hot-spot? lol yikes
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    lol, it would be worse if you did not have a job.
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    $190 is not that bad Matt. I just went to get an Air-Cast from my Dr. It would be $300 w/o insurance and the Dr visit alone only cost me $10 co-pay... if not it would have been $500 for the visit NOT including the boot... and that was just a visit about my leg. Do not get me started on the MRI I have to get soon... two of them. lol so $190 is nothing in the jist of things.