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    Any comparison between an American president and a fascist dictator along the lines of Hitler is a huge stretch, as much of a stretch as my sarcastic remark about how communist the pledge of allegiance is (not a song i know ). But something like forcing kindergartners to learn and recite a pledge to support the government everyday is a little whacky for the land of the free wouldn't you agree? What if it started out "I pledge allegiance to President Obama..." It's a nationalist song and he is our leader. I am not saying that it encompasses life in a communist country; a pledge like ours would probably be the least painful aspect of it. I do like how the media and everyone else use the word Czar though. It just proves how ridiculous some things are in this country.
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    I was referring to the Pledge of Allegiance... it was ingrained into my head as a child and I said it because I was brainwashed into supporting whatever the flag stood for on that day. I said it the day the DOW Jones hit 10000 for the first time, I said it on September 11, 2001, and I said it the day George Bush lied to the United States about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Sadly, each day the song had the same words and I said it as blindly as the day before, given some days were sadder and more important than others. The Pledge of Allegiance should be the song everyone is freaking out about, not some stupid black history month celebration of the first black president. I forgot how many things in this country have double standards I guess. Talk about singing praises to Hitler: And seriously? Compare Obama to Hitler? To compare any current world leader to Hitler, especially Obama (downright racism), is to downplay what happened in Eastern Europe during WWII. Have some respect for the millions that died at the hands of Hitler's policies. At least compare Hitler to another genocidal maniac like Stalin or someone. On a different note, how many people would support a military engagement in Iran considering the news? If our military has the support it needs, I would. I don't know what the chances of another Israeli hail mary (or shema to be PC about it) bombing run would work like it did in Iraq.
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    Dave - 3 days for these posts, and plenty of others like them.
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    I dont understand why your car is so clean ALL the time :tup:
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    yeah that was not good... there was shrapnel on the seat
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    soo Obama did a bang up job getting the Olympics to Chicago :lol:
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    The Off-Topic forum just has a small set of rules that you follow. For the most part, they are logical and probably don't even need to be said. They apply to all other sections of the forum as well. There is to be no discussion/endorsement of illegal activity such as copyright infringement, and drug use. This includes marijuana. The off-topic section is NOT the racing or for sale section. Please post in the appropriate section. If a supporting membership is required to post in the correct section, then it is time to get one, or keep to yourself. You may not post here instead. The swear filter effects those without a supporting membership. No, you aren't allowed to try and bypass it. Not Work Safe [NWS] threads MUST be marked as such. An example would be opening a thread and seeing naked people immediately. If the topic creater has not marked the thread as NWS, you cannot post NWS material in a way that we must view it. If you are trying to post a NWS image in a clean thread that seems relevant, please use URL tags, not IMG tags and label it as NWS. Please review (and feel free to help update) the Big List of Popular Topics. Do not duplicate these already existing threads. Also note the Joke, Video, And Funny Picture Thread. There is no need to post simple links to a funny picture or video in their own thread. It craps up the OT thread table. Please use the above as it also provides other users a good source of streaming entertainment. Simple statements/blurt outs belong in the chatroom, or the Official "Off Topic" Thread And lastly, play nice with others. If you see a violation of these rules that you feel needs to be brought to the attention of the moderators, you can PM anyone on the moderator team, or use the Report button and a moderator will receive the report.
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    Hit boost 4 times on the way to work today... I forced myself to hit boost :D