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    Is this good or bad... Is it now safe to buy a new Volvo? What year will china begin producing and what will they be bringing to the table as the new owners? +1 to safety or -1? Im very curious if I should stick to the pre ford buyout models. IE 850, 960. , or the new china buyout .
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    Oh my god, this game looks absolutely horrible.
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    maybe with the help of the chinese volvo can prove to people how good they are, because when volvo was owned by ford i felt like the brand was restricted or ....maybe they didn't know how to manage the company ..... hope this change will be for the best maybe its not going to be that bad... MAYBE lol
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    the worlds going to end in 2012 why worry ?
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    Hmmmm.. :unsure:....We owe them a shit load of money and now they stole Volvo!! It would be a perfect time to go to war :lol:
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    So anything aftermarket is ricing your car out? Thanks.
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    I'm just gonna reference the BS meter in your Sig in response to how i feel about this. Anyone else notice the airbag DIDN'T EVEN GO OFF?!??!?
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    Ok well does anyone know where the cars will be made? I mean Ford owned Volvo and was an American company but the parts and cars were all developed in Sweden by Swedish engineers right? So what's to say that this new Chinese company doesn't just leave a good thing alone and just pays the bills for it? I thought I heard somewhere that the company was only going to sell if they could continue to develop the cars in Sweden but that could just be a rumor and completely not true.
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    Obviously negotiation been on the table for sometime now, but with Saab going, I think this is not a wise move now - all being equal, people actually look for alternative and being (the only) Swedish is a hell of a way to differentiate your car brand imo. That Ford have in fact bastardize the brand already since owning it is of course debatable.
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    1st. I wont ever own a Ford Volvo. 2nd. some how im doubting I will ever own anything other then a volvo now that I have tasted the 854. 3rd. Ehhh cant rag on china to much. Emissions Due to rapidly expanding wealth and prosperity, the number of coal power plants and cars on China's roads is rapidly growing, creating an ongoing pollution problem. China enacted its first emissions controls on automobiles in 2000, equivalent to Euro I standards. China's State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) upgraded emission controls again on July 1, 2004 to the Euro II standard[6]. More stringent emission standard, National Standard III, equivalent to Euro III standards, went into effect on July 1, 2007.[7] Plans are for Euro IV standards to take effect in 2010. Beijing introduced the Euro IV standard in advance on January 1, 2008, became the first city in mainland China to adopt this standard.[8] MPG The average fuel economy of family vehicles in China is already higher than in the United States, mainly because cars in China tend to be considerably smaller than those in the United States — and are getting even smaller because of recent tax changes. So what does that mean? Wed be seeing volvos that get 40mpg in the USA? IDK, it would be nice! regardless of the safety I would buy a 40mpg Volvo with a 3 star safety rating then a ford or bmw with a 4 or 5 star. and only 20mpg. 4. Im driving my 854 till she cant go no more. then getting a turbo. haha! I figure if a car can take 300k miles and still keep the mpg up in the 20s. its a good car. Either way, I cannot see myself purchasing a Volvo that was not built by the swedes unless it can rival the mechanical standards of my current Volvo. Let me know when they do that, then ill be a volvo china fan. or a volina fan.
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    I should also add that I encourage all of you to contact Ford and express your displeasure. Cheers, Madman of the People
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    Here's the e-mail I sent to Alan Mulally through Ford's website concerning the sale of Volvo to Geely. https://secure.ford.com/footer/contact-ford/contact-us-email?contactMainTopic=GeneralCorporate A message for Alan Mulally. Alan, I have owned three Volvos and two Fords and I am writing to express my anger at your company's decision to sell Volvo to a Chinese comapny, Geely. If you sell Volvo to the Chinese, I will never, never, NEVER buy another Volvo ever again. In addition, I will NEVER buy another Ford, either! I can understand and appreciate the reasons why you might consider selling Volvo. (although, given Ford's recent return to profitability, I don't see why you have to sell Volvo at this time?) But, knowing how the Chinese operate, I see nothing good coming from the sale of Volvo to a company that is simply an extension of a brutal, totalitarian Communist regime. Rest assured, if this sale goes through, neither I or anyone in my extended family will ever buy another Ford product ever again! Also, I will encourage all my friends, relatives and business associates to avoid Ford products in the future. ************************************************************************** I know it won't do any good, but I wanted to vent my anger at Ford for letting Volvo fall into the hands of the Chinese. Damn you, FORD! Madman of the People
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    I'm a little concerned with the general conception that anything from China is made with quantity in mind, over quality. Not to say they couldn't produce a high quality product, but it's seems to me it's just a different mentality and/or approach there. My guess? Volvo cars will become more affordable, while loosing some quality and safety ratings. Ironically enough, I remember someone remarking that the new S60 looks like it had it's butt influenced by a Japanese car... the civic. I agree, and will try to keep my turd on the road for as long as I can.
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    Lead paint and lead gasoline? No, lead alloys. The only thing softer than an OEM volvo rim Lead pegs... when you thought they couldn't get heavier.
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    also if anyone is curious? http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKLDE5BM0VB20091223?pageNumber=1 its about the buyout
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    I tottally feel you! Ive seen your videos and DAM your car hauls @SS bro! Your car looks like it wants to throw you into the next lane of traffic A lot of people on here look up to your build and are really appreciative of the information you bring to the VolvoSpeed community Not me though...jk Well good luck, and dont be droppin the clutch at 600000rpms anymore!:P
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    thanks to ford and their being stupid and buying up great euro car companies and jacking up everything with those companies and cars ( ), now the Swedes are Chinese.
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    8 Days 7 Nights All Inclusive OceanView Suite 2 Jacuzzis (one in room one on balcony) Adults Only with a Butler service
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    Christmas present I gave to myself...and the credit card.... ...and I guess it's the bf's present too! ;)
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    Punta Cana... we are going to Europe next year also for 4 weeks so we did not want to go all out. We did the secluded stuff... it is nice and relaxing but eh Yeah, you could say that about a lot of things. One of her friends just got back from the resort and she had an amazing time... clean, awesome beaches, views, tours and what not. Also the latest reviews on Trip Advisor and other places said it was great. Only $1500 a person for 8 days 7 nights all inclusive so not too shabby... real money will go to Europe and my goal to see 5 EPL games and 5 countries :)
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    It is funny... my younger brother called a bunch of their friends and now they want to go OUT OUT OUT and I am like... how about pool and beers... this could be another piss on the table night for me :/
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    Quite honestly I believe some of the resentment that I have read around the internet regarding the Geely deal is based on racism.
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    well from what i've heard they'll still be built in sweden but the ones for the asian market will be built in china. and maybe the performance and mileage will go up. example. skyline gtr, nissan gtr, it could go either way but atleast its out of fords hands. thats why american car comapnys suffer cause our emissions and mileage are to bad to be sold over there. and to say that cause its made in china or japan you wont buy it just makes you sound like a dumb a@@. look at your trans along with plenty other parts on your car that are made over there. china has got to be doing something right besides cheap labor to produce pretty much everything you own. so dont go believing everything you hear like that hoax about global warming. merry christmas every body. jk and i'll take asian quality over mexican quality. cough cough vw!!!!!!! who cares who owns them thats like saying the camaro is a american muscle car when it was designed in australia and built in canada. " sad trumpet noise"
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    if he was an idiot he would be :arob: