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    thanks to ford and their being stupid and buying up great euro car companies and jacking up everything with those companies and cars ( ), now the Swedes are Chinese.
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    BuMp Does anyone not realize SS on aluminum is semi-rare and nice looking.
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    This is true. But it is barely noticeable on a T5 . I have Titans 27lbs and Td 17lbs, The Titans are actually better as the additional weight at the lowest point of the car helps avoiding wheel hop and gives the car a more neutral cornering feeling. Just my .2$ Anyways just my opinion, Spanky: sorry for cluttering your thread.
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    Hopefully it will be on Xbox cause I don't have windows.
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    * One-piece cast aluminum wheel with highly polished stainless steel face 25lbs, So lighter than pegs or titans. I guess if you have a Glt it would matter Nice rims Btw. Gl with the sale. A buddy of mine has them on his Audi, They look Sharp.
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    Yup, I have to use my folks car... Should be down there at 1pm
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    well from what i've heard they'll still be built in sweden but the ones for the asian market will be built in china. and maybe the performance and mileage will go up. example. skyline gtr, nissan gtr, it could go either way but atleast its out of fords hands. thats why american car comapnys suffer cause our emissions and mileage are to bad to be sold over there. and to say that cause its made in china or japan you wont buy it just makes you sound like a dumb a@@. look at your trans along with plenty other parts on your car that are made over there. china has got to be doing something right besides cheap labor to produce pretty much everything you own. so dont go believing everything you hear like that hoax about global warming. merry christmas every body. jk and i'll take asian quality over mexican quality. cough cough vw!!!!!!! who cares who owns them thats like saying the camaro is a american muscle car when it was designed in australia and built in canada. " sad trumpet noise"
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    Quite honestly I believe some of the resentment that I have read around the internet regarding the Geely deal is based on racism.