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    Apparently the Washington Times and the New York Times who received these emails to this date have not dismissed them as being false. You may have our own opinions but that is what makes America great, so check them out for yourself. "On 20 November 2009, emails and other documents, apparently originating from with the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia. If real, these emails contain some quite surprising and even disappointing insights into what has been happening within the climate change scientific establishment. Worryingly this same group of scientists are very influential in terms of economic and social policy formation around the subject of climate change." Alleged CRU Emails - Searchable
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    What change? The change we have in our pockets after he taxes us to death to pay for the pork.
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    my parents both worked for Ford my dad 31 years my mom 17 years i drive a volvo now because ford owned the company my parents will be spinning in there graves now...........and so will henry ford, he helped volvo in the 20's. his model T was a big inference on volvo FORD IS PISSING ME OFF WITH THIS DESICION!!!!!!!!!! i was looking at a f150 for a truck bye ford hello dodge
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    I hope and believe Geely will take Volvo further upmarket - if they are really smart RWD will be back in the Volvo portfolio. I could see more upscale Volvos being built in Sweden(and Netherlands?) in small volume hopefully with many customization options with mass market FWD/AWD Volvos being built in China. Volvo should go after Jaguar and BMW and steal the high profit low Volume sales. I think the current S80 could get a RWD biased AWD system and really go after the 5 series/CTS/E-Class market - with a properly promoted relaunch. I personally think the current S80 should be AWD ONLY with a more powerful base engine at least for the North American Market. Shoot for higher profits per unit with increase selling prices versus volume. I currently drive a 1998 C70 and recently test drove an S80 T6 (first gen) and could NOT believe how much the ride floated and reminded me of a 1980's Cadillac - it was NOT confidence inspiring (maybe a set of Bilstein HD would fix much of that). Admittedly my C70 ride is ROUGH but it is confidence inspiring when pushing it hard.
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    Have you seen the difference in the crash safety of the Ford F-150 pre and post Volvo? I'm not saying that it's directly related, but... Pre-Volvo: Post-Volvo: There are already factories in China churning out Volvos for the chinese market. They have been building and sourcing parts in China for a few years now. The difference is that these Chinese sourced and manufactured Volvos have only been for sale in the Asian market. All of the Ford-Volvos for sale in North America have always been built in Europe. From what I hear, that is going to be one of the hot topics within Volvo in the upcoming years...whether to continue to maufacture cars for the North American market in Europe, or to start exporting Chinese made Volvos to North America... Higher perceived (or actual) quality on one hand, lower cost and potentially lower sticker prices on the other hand...
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    Source: http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/volvo-unions-call-for-geely-investigation/?AID=10546635&PID=3323800 Corresponding with news that Ford and Geely are close to closing the Volvo deal, Volvo’s unions have expressed skepticism towards Geely, even going so far as to ask that the company be investigated. An ownership company based in tax havens, a history of trademark theft, and minimal transparancy have all worried unions within Volvo. Swedish Engineers at Volvo and the Metalworkers have expressed worries over the lack of information regarding Volvo’s future within Geely. “There’s a great information vacuum” says Magnus Sundemo of the Engineers. “We know very little about what the consequences will be if or when Geely takes over Volvo – We need to have more information, and we need reasonable time to examine the information” he continues. There are several questions around Geely according to the union, one being the company structure. The company Ford has chosen as the preferred bidder, and possibly buyers of Volvo, is Zhejiang Geely Holding Group – a privately held Chinese Company, which in turn owns Proper Glory Holding (what a name!) registered in Virgin Islands (they must have some humor at Geely…). Proper Glory owns 51% of Geely Automotive Holdings Ltd, the car manufacturers. Geely Automotive is listed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and has its HQ in the Cayman Islands. A further eight subsidiaries are registered in Cayman Islands, and seven more in The Virgin Islands. “This in not something that enhances the image of a ‘nice’ company, and the question is where Volvo is positioned in this structure. An unlisted company in Cayman Islands needs no tranparancy, and no accountability. That worries” says Magnus Sundemo, who also complains about the lack of good information around the financing of the deal. In a meeting between Volvos unions and Geely management last week, the unions demanded there’d be hired a special employee-consultant to examine the deal. He should be granted 200,000 euros and 5-6 weeks to be able to examine the deal properly. Volvo management granted 50.000 euros and 2-3 weeks. Volvo’s Olle Axelson comments: “Volvo and Ford have already answered all questions asked. These are just repeated questions.” John Fleming, CO at Volvo says he understands Volvo employees’ concerns, but assures them that Ford has been a good parent to Volvo, and is certain that Geely will be too. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t have chosen them. – But nothing has been decided yet.”
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    maybe with the help of the chinese volvo can prove to people how good they are, because when volvo was owned by ford i felt like the brand was restricted or ....maybe they didn't know how to manage the company ..... hope this change will be for the best maybe its not going to be that bad... MAYBE lol
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    So anything aftermarket is ricing your car out? Thanks.
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    Volvo is a long long way from the safest car. Its average at best for its price class and size.
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    Here I come Subi or Audi :lol:
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    I'm just gonna reference the BS meter in your Sig in response to how i feel about this. Anyone else notice the airbag DIDN'T EVEN GO OFF?!??!?
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    China doesn't play fair, never have, and quite honestly anyone who believes China will keep expensive Euro labor/factories/suppliers is profoundly naive. My guess is that Volvo as a brand will be either radically changed phased out, with the Chinese primarily interested in Volvo's intellectual property, and apply it to Geely cars.
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    Eh, I'm not too confident in Geely's saftey http://www.youtube.c...h?v=8vAN2cx2UIE
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    Cheesy? You bet. But just hooked it up and now I don't want to get out of my chair. Thanks to the back problem, just about everything waist to neck is a mess, so this suddenly becomes important to me. Plus I think my girlfriend is sick of me asking for back rubs Picked it up for $35 off craigslist, owner lived a few miles from my place, and it was practically brand new.
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    Hardly any what so ever in JY's around here. <_<
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    dang I do not have pictures upper rad hose drain plug drain plug washer Air Pump Gasket ECT Flange Screws for t-stat dipstick upper engine mounts XC90 spring seats OEM Strut Mounts lots of bolts and nuts
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    No, I'm not kidding. Should arrive on Wednesday.
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    Agreed. I'm not very interested in new Volvos, and it'll take a good while before anything really changes from the consumer's point of view
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    Based on the picture, Geely more or less rips off everything out there?
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    don't complain too much guys. VOLVOSPEED is currently under serious negotiations with a Chinese exhaust company.
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    i was rooting for BMW to get them, although i understand that was probably unrealistic anyways. My question is this: Even for those of us who don't buy new volvo's...the current parts we buy from stealerships come from Volvo. We already saw that the new brake pads come from india correct? What next? Or better yet: Will they discontinue selling products for our cars and we'll be forced to the junkyards forevermore? I was told by some RWD people at a VCOA meet they still sell tons of the old parts for those who restore them etc etc...would this change? Under ford it didn't seem like an issue. Like stated above, i'd never buy one after 98 myself. However, i need parts and if quality in said parts drop...well...then whats the point to the volvo? Other then that i wouldn't care hahah...
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    I just go to the Junk yard! lol
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    be careful... dont screw on the oil filter that tight :D
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    Yeah right now. Mobil 1 filter is leaking... tightened it too tight :(
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    Tires in the attack? You must not plan to use them for a while. You got a full size garage right? What gives? Time to get a shed.
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    I Didn't buy a Volvo for performance and aftermarket. I bought it because it was the safest car on the road. If I had wanted to rice my car out, I would have, and would still, get a Honduh (which I will never do). Anyway. I refuse to own anything ford made/owned (1999 and later). I love my 1998 S70s, and wouldn't go any other way. I hate where this shit is going. Fuck China, we should put a biodome around there and let them greenhouse gas themselves to death.
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    Hmmmm.. :unsure:....We owe them a shit load of money and now they stole Volvo!! It would be a perfect time to go to war :lol:
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    Quite honestly I believe some of the resentment that I have read around the internet regarding the Geely deal is based on racism.
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    well from what i've heard they'll still be built in sweden but the ones for the asian market will be built in china. and maybe the performance and mileage will go up. example. skyline gtr, nissan gtr, it could go either way but atleast its out of fords hands. thats why american car comapnys suffer cause our emissions and mileage are to bad to be sold over there. and to say that cause its made in china or japan you wont buy it just makes you sound like a dumb a@@. look at your trans along with plenty other parts on your car that are made over there. china has got to be doing something right besides cheap labor to produce pretty much everything you own. so dont go believing everything you hear like that hoax about global warming. merry christmas every body. jk and i'll take asian quality over mexican quality. cough cough vw!!!!!!! who cares who owns them thats like saying the camaro is a american muscle car when it was designed in australia and built in canada. " sad trumpet noise"
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    the worlds going to end in 2012 why worry ?